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  1. WHAT THE ACTUAL .. 7% pene and 7% atk speed/dmg BUT taking 30% more damage and losing 35% of your max HP at 1/4? Is this a joke? Using this skill only makes you die faster lmao whats the point of even using it? This skill is basically useless at all levels, especially for 1h (why the phuck would a barb need atk speed?) Its only useful at 4/4 for 2HAND and even then, 2h sucks for barb, so again whats the point of even USING this skill?
  2. You know what sounds broken as hell? being able to permastun and deal a shit load of damage(bladedancer), being able to permastun and heal a shit ton (druid, charmer) Seekers are not better in a 2vs2 scenario, not even close. Besides that we didnt talk about 1vs1 directly.
  3. This is not to make seeker broken, its to give seeker a chance to survive in pvp. Have you seen seekers in pvp? Once they get stun locked, they are a sitting duck waiting to die. Seekers got very good damage, which is nice but they are lacking in defence. They are easy to kite and the attraction skill is clumsy.
  4. Not sure what you exactly mean because bladedancers get 40% dmg on their autoattacks.
  5. Skill name: Haralds Instincts Type: Passive Description: The seeker gets a boost in dodge and resistance. This bonus is drastically increased in combat. Effect: Dodge: 2-4-6-8% Resistance: 2-4-6-8% In Combat: Dodge: 4-10-15-20% Resistance: 3-6-9-12%
  6. I think thats a bit too much dodge and accu packed in one skill, lol. I suggest making it 20% accu and 25% dodge at 4/4 and instead increasing the duration to 15 seconds and the cooldown to 30.
  7. Skill name: Sharp focus Type: Active Cooldown: 40 seconds Description: The seeker activates his sharp instincts, gathering all his focus on the enemy. For a period of time all seeker attacks are impossible to avoid. During the time, the seekers resistance parameter is also increased. Effect: 4-6-8-10 seconds, resistance increase: 10-15-22-30%
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