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  1. i was able to use the reputation exchange even though i haven't reached the maximum reputation yet, (I've only finished the moon challenge) this wasn't possible at ths beginning of the event, has it changed or is it just a bug?
  2. Help warspear to be a better game, always report scammers,, account traders etc..
  3. Fact #144 this game become less enjoyable after norlant swamp update Fact #145 before the swamp update ur reward was based on ur skill after it came out ur reward was based on luck.. Too sad even tho i got about 2 millions from swamps alone
  4. roland is thhat u on ur profile picture? XD bcoz ive seen people using this in other places, like youtube for example
  5. Useful in pve ??! Never, when u hit sm1>>> ur stacks removed whats the point of buying these damn skills then?! And about warlock he propaply cant even stack his new skill bcoz he keep taking dmg... Zzzz
  6. So if u use retribution against bds u will die even faster lol
  7. what about bds counter attack for example ( im a bd and im pvping a rogue,,, i use counter attack and attack him,,, he will hit me back with his retribution stat so he will have a chance to get counter hit)
  8. damn man this video under ur name annoy me
  9. U can put smthing like "buy ....... Item pm me" better than spamming
  10. Retribution is making barbs stone and rogues dodge useless skills smtimes the stacks be removed before even the enemy hit u so why would i buy these skills fix that gm
  11. Who suggest to add bow user or gunner class for mc side and hunter or smthing for elf
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