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  1. Arthas

    Conta Banida

    Esse tipo de informação você só vai ter acesso através do e-mail do suporte . https://warspear-online.com/en/support/other-issues Contate-os e com certeza farão o possível pra esclarecer suas dúvidas.
  2. I mean, i don't think Random drops is a bad thing. BUT , i think there should be 2 systems in place , 1 random and 1 not. For example , you can get a rare book with a 0.1% drop rate in every chest at the end of a dungeon, BUT , if you finish that dungeon 1000 times you get a special chest that has a 40% chance to drop that book. That would atleast give players a reason to keep trying.
  3. Skill balancing takes A LOT of time and effort, if it happened monthly devs would do nothing besides that. We wouldn't even have updates to map/mechanics. This is not a multi billion dollar company unfortunately. Ressources are limited. Every single MMO has balancing cycles , specially those with this many classes/skills.
  4. Well , maybe some new mechanic that allows "free players" to get that "server transfer" without spending real money. The real problem imo is the actual server. I think it would be really hard to maintain such a "Mega Server" stable. Considering that sometimes even the ones we have right now suffer.
  5. I think that is probably the main reason. They just have too much regulation over everything. It would be really cool tho . Would certainly bring a lot of new players.
  6. Really cool! Its always nice to see Art related to the game.
  7. Questão de preferência , você tem que testar e achar a build que mais se adeque à seu estilo de jogo + equipamentos. Por exemplo, se você já tem uma porcentagem alta de esquiva, talvez não compense upar a esquiva 5/5.
  8. I agree 100% Really hope that something to change equipment and builds quickly is implemented. Would certainly make player's lives much easier.
  9. I mean , AMP always means a lot , in every scenario. But not only amp. Build , relics , books , strategy , gameplay , practice and a lot of other variables. I do agree that charmers are indeed really strong at arena content because of how versatile they are , they can have a really high dmg output and keep themselves and allies protected at the same time. But its not like they are unstoppable , considering that arenas are not about 1v1 .
  10. Seria interessante. Espero que vejamos novos biomas no mundo de arinar. Uma terra de gelo com gigantes de neve e mobs do tipo também seria bastante interessante em um mapa de nível alto. Imagina as possibilidades de Bosses de Raid com essa temática , muito bom.
  11. Hmm.. Acho que Bárbaro está em uma situação boa tanto no PvE quanto no PvP. Acho que o ideal é você falar com bárbaros e procurar dicas , ideias de mudança pra sua build/equipamento. Com certeza vai conseguir achar o ideal pra tankar todo o conteúdo do jogo.
  12. I mean , i really consider Charmers OP for arena , considering DOGS not only are amazing at killing , but they can work like a wall that protect Charmer's teammates. But on GvG scenarios they aren't really good , atleast not on my server's comps. Because on 100x100 dogs will do nothing but serve as healing bots to enemies with vampirism. Most guilds don't even accept charmers anymore.
  13. If you want to heal as much as possible , get "Great Potion of Lifeforce" from any castle. Those will buff your healing by 60% , really good!
  14. Arthas

    New Start

    Chieftain isn't the best at anything , but it is really good at everything. So i guess its your best pick. One of the best classes in GvGs , which is the most important content in the game nowadays. Good/Decent at arenas , and pretty good at Dungeons.
  15. This is a suggestion that i see a lot ingame nowadays. Set 32 Active skills should not be turned off everytime we leave the arena. And those should not be taken off our skill bar everytime we take part of the set off , should be treated like potions (be "blurred" to represent its over/inactive) and back to normal once we had it equipped again , it would be WAY more convenient and would certainly be a huge "quality of life" improvement. @Nolan
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