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  1. Bruder, what kind of device are you using? Let's get some things straight
  2. They do work, but server keeps shutting down once in a while, like right now for example EDIT: Try it now, Test Server is on
  3. Ok. Update! As i said, they keep doing it, and no one cares about them or about the hard work of the players that do it in the fair way.. Here how arena 2v2 looks like right now.. sad, i got no words really, the progress from yesterday until today.. https://prnt.sc/t8inut https://prnt.sc/t8io07 https://prnt.sc/t8io7z Almost 300 matches using a Bot to spam 2v2.. And not simple demands, they were being blocked for 5 hours, so they could have done maybe 500-600 demands in all that time if my people will not act at the right t
  4. Hello everyone, i think it is a first one for me and pretty weird as well, first time i come here in 7 years to complain about the game, but here we are and i am kinda dissapointed that such things happen. I got last year in Halloween back into the game after a very long time of pause from the game, i started playing back at the end of 2012 in December and since then the game got me.. Now the thing is, i started arena 4 Seasons ago when it started to be like in the hell for me, meeting guys who actually do not care for the people that work their asses off for an arena r
  5. I am impressed by the fact that YinYang has made you to spend hours thinking about a meme, means we mean a lot to you 🙂 You even censured ur character in that photo xD
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