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  1. Level 32 Mermen armor is good, i wouldn't call it superior than others. I doubt that someone plays with mermen set against a druid for example or a priest or event a necro. These kind of sets are situational. You are going to use mermen set heavy in PvP against dps classes because that saves ur ass sometimes, but it is never in your advantage to use it against all classes, so in my opinion it is not superior or the best gear for pvp. Also in this topic you should also consider the skill build, Vla is complaining here that as a barbarian with full set greatness with Defeat skill 4/4 can't beat a barbarian with Mermen set in pvp that uses Fury 4/4... every person that has a bit of knowledge in PvP knows that you can't stand a chance against a barb with fury 4/4 if you are running defeat 4/4, but that's only my opinion. In conclusion i consider this topic unnecessary and inaccurate..
  2. He wants to make Ivoo's channel more famous through me bro, no problem i allow that
  3. I am not sure i understood your issue, that a castle can be captured too fast by a guild or that it is hard as a weaker guild to take part at siege castles. But anyway, my suggestion that i have been holding for months was to make a simple change in the castle siege system. If i'm not mistaken and if i do i apologise, every gate has same hp (250k) and every throne has 50k hp no matter the castle, t1-t5. An amount of 30 people can destroy a gate that has 250k hp in less than 20 minutes, imagine 70 people that have to defend the same gate with 250k against 70 other people that could just nuke the gate pretty easy. We all know that a castle defence is much harder than attacking and capturing a castle. There is no point in changing or limiting the skill of any guild because it does not change the play style... after all, the best guilds should have their castles, no point in making it fair for example a level 3 guild is trying to attack a level 12 guild and for that the skills should be limited. It has nothing to do with Mermen or any other event where the skills are really limited. In my opinion Castles are a much more serious subject than Mermen and other stuff and guilds shouldn't be touched, what should be changed is the hp of the gates, making it fair for 70 people to defend a gate (t5 castle) the same way 30 people (t1 castle) would defend. In my opinion the gates should be changed and would make a big difference in the Castle Siege System in a good way.
  4. oh wow, hi mum i'm famous!
  5. Most enjoying GvG i have seen so far in this event, hope you like it!
  6. Slap


    He wants that the arena System put him up in arena more often and because he is not up that often, just down he thinks this is a bug. EU-Emerald has this dumb thing "Demand 5v5 UP WIN" and it's an agreement made between all people in EU Server to win always if you are upside of the arena, and if you are down you are supposed to afk/ to lose and to do nothing at all, just to look at the enemies from up killing you... that's EU-Emerald my friend " UP Win" people don't fight anymore in it, and when they get too much down side they complain and say it is a bug, because they refuse to fight for the win, they like to gamble up wins. Like in this example, i am up in the arena, that means i win no matter what and the ppl down lose/afk/do nothing. That's why he is complaining. Not a bug or anything like that
  7. Slap


    Bro, you are complaining about a deal that is made in this server, it is not a server problem that you only get down and the deal is up win because it is all random, other servers are fighting for their wins, no matter if up or down.. Solution? Fight for your wins no matter if you get down or up in arena, or just gamble for up wins until you are done with all 25..
  8. Meanwhile with the bugged book.
  9. They are powerful but that's why they got nerfed smh tbh, what is the point of having all the potions and scrolls of a castle in this game, if you can not use them in fights?
  10. Bruder, what kind of device are you using? Let's get some things straight
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