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  1. Разве не было бы лучше Trimming вместо Уклонение?
  2. Exactly. Or even if it is a combination of the two mechanics the current one because it works for lower levels and light damage per second like a small poison. At the moment I can only efficiently tank with the class due to the fact that it is a walking "library" as the class itself is not fulfilling its function. It just goes to show how weakened the class has become.
  3. Кровавый барьер Obviously it needs testing, but we have to make it clear to the DEVS that this skill will only work well if the activation value is 25% to 30% instead of 40%. Тёмный щит A change in the mechanics of this Skill also becomes extremely necessary. Instead of the current form, the reduction should be in % based on defense so that the skill follows the game evolution and is actually useful. Something like up to 20% Damage Reduction as a limit if you reach 10,000 physical defense.
  4. Something interesting would be the activation of the second part of the skill if the first part is resisted. Considering that this is the main source of the dmg mount, it's extremely tacky when an entire skill is resisted.
  5. I believe that after testing it will be something close to 30% but it is still something easily recovered with Vampirism and healing from team support. I say this from experience, in my dk because of books I become almost immortal in both PvE and PvP, with this talent I easily see myself soloing a Tower Mermen. Also, Saturation has become essential as it takes 10% off max hp and gives 25% vampirism. But we won't really know until after testing it.
  6. @Holmes Чрезвычайно удовлетворила эта замена Холмса. Это очень поможет классу. Единственное, чего действительно не хватает, так это преобразования% снижения урона вместо текущего.
  7. If we go further and follow the Death Knight parameter in Rpgs, ours is very close, with the only difference of using fire and not ice. The Death Knight's idea is to be a heavy armored wizard / necromancer with specialization of enemy control and life stealing. In Warspear the class already has the Life Steal and Group Control, however, the way it is the Tank characteristic of the class has flaws. If there was a change where the Wings become a reasonable % Damage Reduction and the Blood Shield had a longer duration or a shorter cooldown, it will correct the fault that the class currently has. @Holmes @snorlax Qual a sua opinião sobre o assunto?
  8. I agree in parts. Obviously the class needs more ways to withstand the damage taken, but the healing must come from the group's Healer. Vampirism is made exactly for solo content. I'd much rather have an effective damage reduction coming from Wings and Blood Shield than a "Self Heal". Regarding the fact that "Overpowers" DKs with 15 books, on the contrary, it is a great parameter to understand the limits and flaws of the class. Even myself with all the books I own, feats, +10 items, the most powerful relics in the game for example I take massive amounts of damage in mythical dungeons. Which just shows again the need for an improvement in the damage reduction received. If this happens even to me, with a DK in development and 20X worse...
  9. As I see it, an adjustment to the Wing to be a % damage reduction bonus based on your defense and a passive to Blood Shield that leaves the skill active if it reaches 30% hp. DK's cure comes from his Vampirism.
  10. Seria interessante um pequeno buff no atributo de dano magico nos Martelos Magicos de duas mãos para se equiparar com o dano fisico da Lança. Seria um buff indireto para as classes que utilizam esta arma pois geralmente são Tanks e não possuem tanta facilidade na construção de dano mágico devido a escassez de equipamentos com tais atributos e tornariam as mesmas mais interessantes para Tanks de construçao mágica.
  11. This is my DK currently. Obviously a lot of what I can do with it is due to the investment I made in it. However I would like to pass on my experience. To my understanding DK is not a Tank but a Fighter, the reason why their defense skills are not as durable as BrB and WD, but rather quick defenses or that are more effective if they cause damage. This becomes clearer in group battles where the more damage I can deal, the more I can survive. This proposal has become clearer with the latest changes. Using a two-handed Magic Hammer I can easily do 4,000! with the fire of the Knight's Curse, that's not counting the damage of the Hurricane of Steel and the Call of Death. To be a tank I use the construction of physical DK, because like it or not, it's still the best when it comes to PvE Tank. In PvP it is extremely useful and strong a construction of magic items, several times I am the biggest damage dealer and I can survive for a long time. In Colosseum, SEA Mitica and Mermen dungeons I can do without healers just using a healing pet. This all using the same Abilities build.
  12. A classe precisa apenas de pequenos "reworks"nas habilidades defensivas.
  13. Galera que tem os outros books que não estão nessa lista se puderem colaborem.
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