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  1. Thanks @Nolan, I updated the topic with the videos. In case it's too confusing, also the previous video sent by another DK that shows it more clearly. When using Breath or Emanate, a statue absorbs the debuff and not just the damage. This is an almost unfeasible arena for a DK the Templar because it is such abilities to be resistant, blocked, in addition to the dodges being also the statues that should only receive damage. The post sent earlier was from the link: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/302797-habilidade-do-templario-estátua-de-deyti-não-funciona-como-na-descri %C3%A7%C3%A3o/#comment-2101536 The post sent earlier was from the link: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/302797-habilidade-do-templario-estátua-de-deyti-não-funciona-como-na-descri %C3%A7%C3%A3o/#comment-2101536
  2. This error has been presented several times by us on the BR server. But just for the sake of clarification, is this in fact a bug or is the skill description wrong? It is clearly said that the skill has the ability to take only part of the damage taken by templars and allies. However, as seen in the video, in addition to the damage of the basic attack, the skill also receives the negative effect of the Death Knight's "Breath" Skill, completely disabling the DK in the arena with 1 skill. This without even taking into account the various other Class Control Skills. It was said several times by players on the BR-Tourmaline server and the post is simply ignored or removed from the forum. I await the answer.
  3. Muito bacana esse post. O mais interessante é que não vejo nenhuma reclamação agora que o Templario e Paladino ganham batalhas em grupo apertando 1 skill e controlando 5 membros de uma guild MC sem sofrer dano. Ou que templario consegue dominar um selo e ninguém tira ele de lá até mesmo indo os 4 contra ele. É muito bom ver seu empenho visando o equilíbrio das facções. Meus parabéns. Partindo do pressuposto nessa teoria, os elfos agora precisam tomar nerf para que haja o equilíbrio das classes né? Na realidade chega a ser até mais grave, já que antes os MCs dominavam 3, e agora os elfos dominam as 4 arenas né? @Nolan visando um maior equilíbrio do jogo, por gentileza avaliar tal situação. Creio que o dono desse post acha isso algo inadmissível no momento atual. De forma algum iremos aceitar falsa demagogia já que temos a explícita realidade de prints do rank arena.
  4. @Holmes @Dr Strange Much has been said about the possibility of unbinding Classless Skill Books, but it has become clear that there will be no such implementation. Over the years several players stopped playing, this made the rarer books even more scarce. Since it is explicitly against the rules of the game to buy and sell accounts, they could at least in this update unlink all extra-class books so that anyone who simply wants to change characters, or who has stopped playing has the possibility to make such rare books active again in the game? I believe this would be more than enough for anyone who requests the unlink or has created another class to enjoy something that is conquered with so much effort. The others will simply re-equip the books they use. Thanks for listening.
  5. @Holmes @Dr Strange I know there aren't any changes regarding the Death Knight's Sharp Shadow Ability in this update. But could you please consider changing the skill's Stun Chance from 80% 4/4 to 100% 4/4? Such a disadvantage in the past actually made sense, however, today most classes have the ability to resist the ability. In addition it can be resisted, dodged, blocked and parried. Apart from the fact that several Sentry classes have area control without even needing to select a target. Thank you for your attention.
  6. @Holmes I don't know if there was an error regarding the times because usually on the Brazilian server, GVG occurs at 19:30 and War and Castle Captures at 21:00 BRT. If not, these new schedules are much better for us on the BR-Tourmaline server, workers usually leave their work at 18:00. If there were any errors, please study updating the times to 21:30 and 23:00 because it would be perfect for us.
  7. There are two ways to do this with a magic construct. The first is to use Emanar before the Threads of Darkness, after rooting the skill cast is immediate. The second is with Shadow Sharp immediately after the strands. Remembering that the Threads of Darkness itself causes a rooting of a few seconds.
  8. Basically I keep the same control as DK PvP with the differential of the high vampirism of the Sharp Shadow + Saturation combo and the Damage in area of the Knight's Curse. It's very common in a War for example I don't die while the Knight's Curse doesn't end. On the BR-Tourmaline server, books and equipment sets are really cheap. Currently the most expensive Triton set costs an average of 3kk, but it is very easy to find parts or even the Distortion Book for example at 1kk. The most expensive book costs 21kk.
  9. The only complaint I currently have with the class is the Shadow Sharp not having a 100% hit chance. Not too much, a class is great. I think what you need is to try out new builds... Both in PvE and PvP.
  10. Seria bom opção de escolha entre Bau do Deposito pessoal e o Bau da Impunidade. Eu mesmo ja estou com Bag pessoal full e fica basicamente ocupando espaço na bag.
  11. E notório a crescente onda de jogos NFT que estão surgindo no mercado atual de jogos, o que torna cada dia menos atrativo jogos como o Warspear Online, em que há mais desvantagens do que vantagens quando se trata em Investir em melhorias no personagem. De forma bem resumida, o jogo se aproxima cada vez mais perto de seu fim se comparado aos lançamentos do mercado atual. Uma das formas de acompanhar tal evolução, seria a possibilidade de converter Gold em Miracle Coin, e a possibilidade de transformar o Miracle Coin em alguma Cryptomoeda do mercado atual. Obviamente, taxando a operação entre 5% a 10%, isso converteria o jogo em um Play to Earn. Além de atrair muitos jogadores, isso possibilitaria o retorno em um investimento no personagem, sem comprometer a jogabilidade atual ou quebrar regras e diretrizes do jogo. Afinal de contas, dificilmente o jogador se sujeitará a negociar itens fora do jogo se houver a possibilidade de transformar a moeda corrente do jogo em algo de valor real de forma segura e autorizado pela própria empresa.
  12. Exceptional Defense Talent is not working properly. 2-Handed Weapons are being considered as a shield due to the deactivation of the Shield Slot when used.
  13. The best. I'll make a guide based on your post if you don't mind.
  14. I agree in parts. Regarding Steel Hurricane in PvE, I think it's much more viable than the curse. In addition to dealing instantaneous area damage, it triggers Rage and Stun. Of course the Knight's Curse does a lot more damage, but the Hurricane is much more reliable. Plus the fact that it's useful in tank physics and DMG magic. In terms of saturation I think it was one of the best defensive changes. The interaction with Shadow Sharp is extremely strong, I advise you to try it out. Myself with all relics and books active I am hitting 85% vampirism, +50% damage dealt (350% shadow) hardly dying in 1v1 conflicts. The only downside is that the skill's animation is actually extremely poorly done. Regarding secret reserves, I still think it's a useless skill. It would only be viable if this 20% reduction were also PvP.
  15. Thanks so much for the tip, but what I'm complaining about is the fact that I do this at least 10 times a week for testing (Literally). As I said the change in Saturation was great because it's currently the combination I'm testing. This does not change the fact that the changes do not reach 100% of the goal proposed by the developers themselves. You can ask anyone on the forum and I'm sure most will answer the same thing... In terms of reaching the maximum potential, I try to invest in lots of Books and improvements, but unfortunately that's not enough...
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