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  1. Ill look at all the data later and change its rank possibly.
  2. As stated on topic , we are not using +10 as a basis. We are considering that Warspear balances classes on +6-7 so it takes every player into account and not only highend players.
  3. Chieftain’s area dmg is indeed good for GvG , and that is why its A tier. But arena it is indeed maybe a C , because of its ability to take Pala’s shield off. Arenas are team based indeed , and 1v1 is not relevant , BUT , what makes a great arena class is what they bring to the table. And control is the most important aspect of it. That is why imo chieftain cannot be in the same Tier as a Hunter,Ranger or BladeDancer
  4. Removing the Shield does get him to a higher position , but nowhere near a high rank Stun is king in the arena. Without any stun you have to completely rely on others
  5. It isn’t reliable , it would be MUCH better if the class lost partially their burst damage and got a stun in return i assure you. Damage alone does nothing without control And it isn’t superior to others with little investment , it just has Rugged Hide , which makes them able to take hits. That does not make them a good arena class. Whats the point of taking a few hits and staying alive if you dont have a combo to kill the enemy? You’ll be stunned until Hide is over and then exploded
  6. But that is the reason Chieftains are not high ranked in my opinion. No stun. It either 1 shots you , or doesn’t kill you.
  7. If chieftain is that high in your server then certainly our Chieftains are not playing their class correctly in arena. But i do not agree that Druids and Shamans are in the same level as Charmer and Paladin.
  8. On the contrary. As stated on the post ,1v1 is irrelevant content, i meant paladin vs barbarian inside a team composition. Paladin is the best PvP support in the game. If +7 , with a full +7 team , against +7 players it is going to be top tier. obviously against a +10 team it won’t. Ignoring abilities isn’t and won’t ever be as simple as that , if you participate on GvGs and pay close attention , you’ll see that inside 100v100 fights pretty much everyone will be locked down because of stuns on both sides.
  9. On Arena? 0 control. Control is the single most important thing in PvP, because you have to think of its kit on its own. Do they have a combo ? No , 0 control Do they have enough damage to kill without a combo (players in the same gear level obv)? No Do they have good healing? No What skill do they have that is really good for arenas? Rugged Hide If i were only taking 5x5 into consideration , then they would be higher tier because of AoE damage, but in Arena overall , they are bad A +6-7 chieftain has no damage , no control and no support. All it has is Rugged Hide , when it ends , he is done for
  10. But tierlists are taking into consideration build synergy. But the main focus is “what X class brings to the table” Thats why for example Warlocks , even being the lowest defense class in the game is still in a High tier , because his skills and interactions with other classes. In arena for example : Paladins are S because of how much of a synergy their skills have with pretty much anything. I do agree that every class should be somewhat viable to every content , but i do think that every class should be unique and need to have a specialization. ”the thing they are better at” Because you are not scaling down every class as said before. A +7 Paladin can’t do much against a +10 Barbarian. But it most certainly can against a +7 Barbarian. Thats the same at GvGs , you have to imagine that every character is at the same equipment level to compare classes and not specific characters SCALE EVERY CLASS DOWN and you’ll get it
  11. As said above , tierlists were made taking into consideration players of those specific classes perspective. Barbarian for example , was a 5 damage , 10 defense , and the goal is for no class to be a 10 at anything. So the suggestion is for them to lose 3/10 defensive power and ger 2/10 offensive power. And the damage would be increased by a focus on 2h weapon, which was the complaint common by all barbarians i’ve talked. The class to be as in most rpgs , a mix between damage and defense , and not only 100% defense. And remember , this is not about +10 players, its about +6-7, because it has been stated before that the game is balanced around those players. In PvP suggestion for example : Blade Dancers have 8/10 damage and 6/10 defensive , and Barbarians have 7/10 damage and 7/10 defensive. its all about perspective
  12. But every class if compared to specific guilds works the same way. If we want to compare classes 100x100 , we have to imagine all 200 being +6-7 and in that situation a +7 paladin would be able to do the same thing a +10 does against +10 players. You have to scale all classes down , not only the one you are mentioning
  13. Não sei se esquiva faz sentido pra classes magicas ou pesadas. Esquiva é algo especificamente para classes leves
  14. O cacique realmente precisa de uma skill de stun.
  15. Sempre bom ver conteúdo de classe aqui no fórum BR.
  16. I focused on the “optimal” builds , which force Hunter to focus on stuns. And i separated stuns from defense and support because if they were together it would be incredibly hard to explain their interactions. But i do agree that stuns do help in defensive power. As for Rangers AoE damage , i consider it to be good because in general cloth classes are the ones that can be incredibly annoying in 100x100 , ex.: Warlocks,Shamans,Mages,Priests , and those will be hit pretty hard by rangers. Paladins are S tier for their complete kit. They can tank a lot even at far from optimal amp , they have incredible support with its shield + healing. And when on 100v100 their stuns can literally hold everyone hostage . Watch most GvG videos and you’ll see what paladin’s combo : Sacred Shield + Fetters of Justice can do to a guild. As for charmers , Dog’s damage doesn’t seem to be scaling correctly , the class can pretty much deal the same damage of multiple players from other classes at the same time if stacked multiple dogs.
  17. Same here hahaha Took me a few scratches to realize what was going on
  18. THE ART OF WAR I've always had the curiosity to talk to players of all classes and ask them how they felt what was their classe's state , if it needed buffs , nerfs or anything really. And obviously i know that their opinions would certainly have a lot of bias , considering that they would certainly want their class to be as strong as possible , so in this research i tried talking to as many players as possible of each class (total of around 130 players from both factions) and ask them the following questions : How would you rank your class at PVP ? Ranging from F, E ,D, C, B , A ,S F being the Weaker and S the stronger Why? What do you think should be done to improve it? How would you rank your class at PVE ? Ranging from F, E ,D, C, B , A ,S F being the Weaker and S the stronger Why? What do you think should be done to improve it? PS.: All the data in the following TIERLISTS is based on other players experiences and opinions. Some of those rank higher then others because are more versatile and not only "one trick pony". PS2.: Best to Worst on TIERLISTS goes from LEFT to RIGHT. So if in RANK A theres 3 classes "BD" "ROGUE" "DRUID" it means that BD is the best RANK A , followed by rogue and then druid. PS3.: Expert skills such as “Magic Resistance” and “Magic Extension” were not taken into consideration because those would obviously increase any classes power by quite a lot and are not part of any class skillset. PS4.: The game is not balanced around players with +10 Greatness Set with 10+ passive expert skills, its balanced around the usual +6-7 player 1) ARENA 2) GVG 3) PVE 4)SUGGESTIONS Ps1.: Content here shouldn't just be taken to face value , this is the opinion of 120+ players with a touch of my own , and not in any way "absolute". Ps2.: I've had help of a lot of people from both factions and would like to thank them all : In special members of my guild CRIMSON (Warlord , Iamcrazy , Miraii , Zettsul and many others) and my friend's guild BANANEIROS (Beshanana , Lilypriest , araujonana and many others). I've had a lot of fun making this and hope you guys enjoy it as i did. I'm eager to hear all opinions , but please lets be civilized , lets show our opinions with due respect. DAY 1 CHANGES : Chieftain Arena Rating : Reconsidered after a lot of feedback from playerbase. Ty @TheWho for videofootage and data More to come... Lets all hope that the next Class Balance update at the end of the year brings the game that we love so dearly to a better state.
  19. Theres only 4 relic slots. You can use 1 of each type. That way you won't erase the one you are already using.
  20. Não mudaria nada. Já que o top 10 ficaria com uma patente mais alta, mas o pessoal do top 10 ja chegou la farmando junto , só vão continuar fazendo a mesma coisa. Então o rank seria estabelecido da mesma maneira. E todo jogador PvP/Rank tem mais de 1 acc , apenas usaria uma pra subir e garantir o rank e deixaria outra em um “elo baixo” pra blockar todos que tentassem subir.
  21. What i said is not that it should be OP because it is a lot of competition , what i meant was : Option 4 will turn it into 5% as usefull as it is now , and in so doing would certainly change how the entire competition for those bosses work. Is it really worth it ? To change how 3-5 players interact with the game? I'm not sure
  22. I never said it wasn't strong , what i've said is , nerfing as in option 1 , by decreasing is potency , is something that i would agree , depending on the %. Option 4 is just killing its usefulness, it would be incredibly easy to deal with it , you'd just need a bit of pvp experience and would certainly be able to predict and see a pattern. So i don't think that is something that would be done. Simple And i did not say that it could only be dealt with only by having it. What i did say was :
  23. I've seen multiple times it happen , because as you've said, arenas are team compositions not 1v1s , and even with that book it takes a lot for a BD to take a BRB down Nop , Barbarians do struggle against Druids/Shamans , ofc , a full +10 greatness healer, and specially against Paladins , they can easily deal with BRBs. Even BRBs built as DMG dealers, with 70% speed and 50% penetration, are still going to struggle. They might not die, but they wont kill either if the healer players safely. I do agree that 1v1 is irrelevant , but we have 6 of them total on our server. 2 Hunters , 1 BRB , 1 BD , 1 Seeker and 1 Paladin , so i've seen it work in various ways , and team compositions. And defense % does not scale that well.
  24. It really does affect a lot how a character works , for example BD vs BD , the one that has it will win 90% of the times if he has the same items/build. But people usually are not going against same class/build/strategy on arena , and that also is a pretty big component, thats why i said that it can be dealt with. Every class has classes that it can beat, and classes that it can't unless every star aligns (considering equipment is on the same level) A Barbarian will still suffer against a DRUID/PRIEST even if he has that book , because he will lack the damage necessary to outdmg their heal. A BD will still suffer against a Barbarian even if he has that book , because BRBs are pretty good against melee physical classes. The skill does give a pretty big advantage, but it doest not make you unbeatable. I think it does deserve a nerf , but not what was suggested in option 4. Thats all
  25. I think that if it cut the effect but 30% , it would ne a pretty good nerf. Usually people have 45%-55% Magic Def. So it would decrease by 31.5-38.5% debuff's duration. I mean , it doesn't change a lot on the game overall , but the competition for those bosses is big, and the whole fight happens because of how good the skill is. On my server factions fight for them most of the time. It is something that moves the game and the economy. Nerfing can have a pretty negative impact on the game , bigger then 3 players that get 50% duration in debufs. Distorion had become pretty common , this is unlikely to ever be common. Thats why i think the kind of nerf as suggested in option 4 will never happen
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