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  1. Over 30 players from my guild are having the same problem. The same problem that always happened in WARS now is happening even in GvGs. Its ridiculous and unplayable , PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVERS. This is not a internet provider problem , every single guild i've been talking to is having THE SAME PROBLEM. Our server ir BR - TOURMALINE;
  2. I dont get your point at all. They would not be rendered irrelevant at all , that player has already achieved all that , theres not a single reason why he would need to achieve it all again in the same server (if on the same account ofc). The only thing it does is make people way less prone to trying other classes. Completionism is something of great relevance in every single MMORPG i have ever played , and so is on Warspear Online , and that is one of the reasons why people will literally keep playing a class that they do not enjoy anymore , for the sake of not losing progress , which is a counterproductive mechanic. Again , Legendary achievements are achieved by the players , not by the character , if that player has achieved a Legendary Achievement in his past character , theres no reason for it to not be displayed on the character that he is playing atm, as it was ACHIEVED BY HIM. Again , i don't see your point at all , its an MMORPG , its always creating new content , and new mechanics, there will always be more things to accomplish , more maps , more outfits , theres just no reason for a player to have to Achieve again something that he has already Achieved before. Especially when some of the achievements take YEARS.
  3. Yep , just the achievement , so people won't abuse , using multiple characters with max crafting ofc.
  4. STOP TIMEGATING PLAYERS Bounding achievements to character and not Server has no Plus for the game's longevity. Most MMOs , ARPGs and RPGs in general avoid as much as possible having anything that time gate players , for the simple reason that it discourages people to try new characters , and consequentialy it decreases the potential time/money people would spend playing the game. Every character from the account , from the same server, should SHARE ACHIEVEMENTS. For example : World of Warcraft has Account Wide achievements , and in the last 2 expansions have started ending almost all time gate mechanics , because players were playing less and less , for the simple reason that they knew if they had to try another race/class , they would need to complete "Y" time gating systems before reaching the same spot their last character was in. Guild Wars 2 has account wide achievements. Elder Scrolls Online has account wide achievements. Runescape has account wide achievements. Diablo 3 has account wide achievements and Diablo 4 has already stated that almost every single mechanic in game is going to be account wide. Because those companies want people to Play as much as possible , and not to feel as if trying a new class is a terrible idea. It is common that after years of playing an MMO , you'll get tired of "X" class and will want to try something new , but when trying something new means having to leave behind all the Achievements you've attained over the years , and stop progressing , most people will give up, and keep playing a character that they do not enjoy anymore. On my server BR-Tourmaline i personally know dozens of people on that exact situation. The game releases new classes , people want so badly to try them out , but they simply won't for that reason. AIGRIND has to take into consideration that some achievements will take YEARS , not weeks to reach , and that theres literally no point in keeping them character bound. Examples : But what about the ranking system? Have the last Lv28+ character logged before the reset appear in the ranking system. What about legendary achievements? Follow the same rule as above. Achievements are achieved by THE PLAYER , not by the character. Wouldn't that just make people keep jumping to the "meta class"? People will still need to re-do talents , level up , buy new items , amp new items , buy new books. Which takes a lot of time , effort and money. "Meta" is always changing in every MMO , by the time the player is done with half the class talents , meta will be completely different from what it was when he first started leveling it. Please share this with you friends !! @Holmes @Dr Strange
  5. Rogue Hi , my character is God , from Tourmaline server , and i have played Rogue for over 5 years, but ended up quitting the class for the lack of guild utility , as i am the guild leader of <KINGDOM> and that is my main focus on this game. I am back to my Rogue , so i decided to try and help a little bit the people that still play this class after all this time. It is known by most people that Rogues are really looked down from a Guild perspective , as they lack Team Fight techniques compared to most DD classes , such as Warlocks , Hunters , Chieftains and DK. On Tourmaline 95% of active rogues have switched classes over the last few years , as Warspear's focus has turned towards guild content , and you pretty much need a high level competitive guild to be able to enjoy the entirety of the game , and i believe that is also the case in all other servers. On this guide i'll try to show people a build that might just make Rogues a lot more viable , so people can find guilds for now , until the class gets a rework that takes into consideration what the endgame competitive scene has become. For the last few years Rogues had only 2 very niche spots in guilds : 1 - Attack Party on Mermen 2nd stage (A few of them to try and get an easy kill on the enemy pilon on some really specific situations that you can get a Pilon without defenses) But they are incredibly outmatched by their counterpart , the Seekers (As Seekers have a lot more movement speed and damage) 2 - Scouting (They are the best Legion class for scouting , as they can get easy access to most areas in GvG content , and can get a few easy kills , that can help a lot in Mermen , if you have a really tight score) But , there is a way that you can actually have decent DPS/CONTROL in Full Team Fights (100x100) , and that is by making use of 2 Rogue abilities : Ricochet and Poisonous Blades. The Basics : Basic Rotation : Gear : Test : Always a work in progress as i am still studying the class. I hope it helps some Rogues out there.
  6. If anyone in the area could drop noone would go there, because you would put a lot of effort in killing the boss , and players from the opposite faction , so a random person would get it and sell it for their own personal gain. If the drop goes to an specific set group , that Auctions it , and divides among everyone that participated , obviously people would go because they know that no matter who drops, they are going to get their share. No one likes to waste hours so 1 person gets a valuable item and goes away with all the profit , it simply wouldn't work
  7. I see as the complete opposite , years ago only 5 players usually farmed Eng and Elm. It was a 10x10 competition at the very best Nowadays the competition is between entire factions ,drop prices increase every day ,it has never been so active and fun to compete for raid bosses as in the last 1-2 years. The only difference is that years ago players that HELPED IN NOTHING AT ALL , could just swipe their credit cards and get anything , and now that isn't the case anymore , fortunately. I don't see any reason for it to change.
  8. I mean , obviously the company has nothing to do with that , and it isn't against any rule , if you don't agree just make a strong party and take it from them , and deal with the consequences. Every player has the right to try and get the boss. What they are doing is the only way to get a lot of people on the boss and make it so everyone gets some profit. Theres absolutely nothing to do with Greediness. The drop is Auctioned , and split between people that participated. And rule 8 is obviously created so people that actually help in bosses get the books , and noone tries to make extra profit out of it by buying it cheaper in the auction and selling it for more gold later on , which makes total sense.
  9. A Lua não deveria receber o atributo atordoar do personagem. E a Árvore precisa ser nerfada !! Fora isso acho que a classe está OK , povo exagera!
  10. Vai ter um guia aqui em breve!!
  11. Hopefully the class will have some balance changes by Christmas , because at its current state it is Absolutely broken. It heals as much if not more then all healers. It damages as much if not more then all dps. It has AoE skills. It has incredible survival/kiting capabilities.
  12. I think that would be of great help. It is close to impossible to maintain production at a pace that is enough to bear all the demand. I have been trying to find a solution for a couple of years now , with no success , other then asking for more bag slots , as yourself. What i ended up having to do was choosing which itens to sell. Which is terrible , because it means some of the potions/scrolls won't be available for purchase.
  13. Yes , but people responsible for Skylore's part are on Skylore's Forum. And its almost unheard of developers answering on forum nowadays , thats why i said that your best chance is Nolan.
  14. I think your best bet is asking @Nolan , though i'm pretty sure even him wouldn't be able to disclose such information.
  15. It all depends on what is you goal. Tanking , soloing , pvp , pve , GvG , arena. Also your playstile has to be taken into consideration. You have to explain to us what you are looking for in a class before anyone can help you with choosing.
  16. I agree with your goal to the post , as the objective has always be to create a better envinroment to the main playerbase. IMO 1) COMPETITIVENESS They should either put in place 2 arena sections. Casual and Ranked. Casual being available 24/7 but not counting towards any RANKING SYSTEM. Ranked being available twice a day for 2h. To avoid any loss of revenue , they could just increase the cost of each entrance proportionally. or Limit only the first 50 games daily to count towards ranking. And after that all you would get is Arena Points , not counting towards Ranking. That way every player would actually have a chance to compete. 2) AFK The AFK problem is really tricky , and i don't think the game has any system put in place to actually detect that The ideal would be for the game to detect players that are not moving/using skills for an specific period of time. And give a 30min punishment everytime that happened. 3) BOTS That one i don't see a solution , because realistically , all the bot developer would need is to change code , and bot would work around any changes to the menu/system. So any changes to that would just be temporary , until code was updated and worked again. Even the biggest and most succesfull MMORPGS can't deal with bots.
  17. Incrível !!!!! 😍 Gostaria de saber mais sobre : Como você entende, a ilha da Liga-Sem Correntes não é um lugar onde você possa sobreviver sozinho, contando apenas com antigos conhecimentos e habilidades de combate. Escolhendo qualquer um dos lados desse mundo multifacetado e mutável, esteja pronto para aprender novas habilidades e abrir novos talentos, além de um novo sistema de hierarquia.. Esse SISTEMA DE HIERARQUIA. Algum spoiler pra matar a curiosidade? @Nolan
  18. Esse tipo de solicitação tem que ser feita através do Email do suporte , porém acredito que a mudança de email não seja procedimento padrão da empresa
  19. This has to be corrected , it also greatly affects Faction War as guilds approach enemy's flag using Guild Blessing and start spamming Reverse Flow , making it a lot harder to protect the Flag. XRecorder_Edited_20072022_201816.mp4 In these 2 examples we can see Reverse Flow being used by players during the effect of Guild Blessing , that way players from the opposing guild are pushed away from their formation , turning into way easier targets , easily killed the second Guild Blessing is over. I'd like to see all skills to be completely unusable during the effect of Guild Blessing. XRecorder_Edited_30062022_032230-1.mp4 As you can see here , the player is unable to even run down to his formation , because Reverse Flow will not allow it. Please fix this. @Holmes @Nolan
  20. Arthas

    Battle Pass Bug?

    AIGRIND is probably already aware of the problem , but it doesn't hurt to let them know again right?! @Nolan
  21. Na minha opinião tiraria boa parte da "fantasia de classe" , cada classe ser visualmente diferente da outra é algo bem importante no Warspear. E a aura faz parte do design da classe.
  22. Problem is , that is something that would probably me impossible to manage. That could impact really poorly on other servers, with random players just migrating. I think its too big of a risk , could potentially ruin other servers. You have to remember that WARSPEAR does not have a huge playerbase , and has a small number of servers. So a migration system would have a way bigger impact then in Big Games such as WoW. It isn't impossible , but it would certainly be a hassle.
  23. LOOOOOOOOL. Thats a pretty weird AD. There are a few pretty good ones on instagram , the official ones. Those will certainly grab attention of new players , if they are cathered to the right audience.
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