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  1. Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)

    (._.)/ so do I, I multied vs my rogue, funny who still says it's about net xd realized even if I spam dodge from distance it slows my rogue speed and after x time goes to different way to catch the runner
  2. Worst And Bess Class? (PVP,PVE,ARENA)

    Just about server then, guess there's not that pro rogues xd kick back makes enemy accu to 0% for 5 hits, that vs 40% dodge mmm... xd yeah ranger got 3 stuns ye but still rogue crits way more from stealth, it's like 2 attacks from stealth and that's it :p
  3. Worst And Bess Class? (PVP,PVE,ARENA)

    Never saw ranger winning a rogue with resi and full dodge mix, if they got 4-5 kick back and signals with it (yes it's fair start since ranger uses blessing, barb uses roar and bd counter), druid yes I agree if stuns would work 100%, but no they wont always. dodge rogues can kill even barbs if they got good dodge/reflection + some resi items, but the same skill build/ equipment set doesn't work vs druids that good, vs druids need more crit and resi, being a rogue you need different sets and many Oblivion books xd
  4. Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)

    Nerf every class then +10 Bds killin 99% of locks within 1 combo (IF THEY START), no matter if maxed dmg or maxed "stun build", but but.. we know bd sucks vs some classes... Even lock, charmer, some ppl complain when they do 1 missclick in pvp and enemy does 0 = not a real reason to make "nerf pls" topics... Also, as you can see, locks can't use these immunity/sleep relics, which is compared to stun somehow, wardens can use it on 2 skills, druid can bd can, also they all got immunity relic to use puuuuuuuuuke
  5. Why walk so much?

  6. Lyzoic Eu-emerald ReBorn Sorry my guild mate thought I won't have time to post here cos work so he said my name earlier

    again... Wish not same thing than year ago :(
  8. It would be better if also dealer unsold items were restored :[ I remember I had there much chests n 15 dealer slots ): (okay I'm not sad :troll: but just for info)
  9. Warden - monster or cheater?

    warden.... in pvp charmer,any healer, barb, rogue could, idk dk, hunter wins it if same amped and knows enough how to play and got good skill build, I'm just wondering why in wars 50 players with low accuracy trying to kill the warden first instead of killing other classes, it's like they're giving free heal to warden, compared to 40% dodge rogues kick back vs any 0% accu char
  10. Baiixinha - EU-Emerald

    gooood luck (/._.)/

    I saw it long time ago too :c
  12. How barb nature worked wrongly?
  13. My account is BANNED after refund

    it depends on situation, theres many players who doesn't think clearly (I'm one of these) and missthinks and asks for example Google to refund credit Incase the mcs came to wrong account instead of support to transfer these (and u didn't spend any mcs cause u know it's wrong), just message to support, it's not 100% sure u can get back ur acc, but u can atleast try. Learn from mistakes, it helps at anything u do, I'm thankful to our support anyway, they understand our problems :)
  14. Character Bug/Glitch

    it makes screen buggy often when I walk 50% distance from each possible ways to attack a enemy, and after it (just some kind of guess, um) system chooses the nearest way but the character won't change it and keeps going same way unless I relog, same thing happens in any area where u have possiblity to run around the area (like escaping from engi you need slow bit if u run around the area). also in the end I walked 1 yard and used stone while it, (like during half sec) used stone body, so it seems moved 1 yard but when relog it's still in same place :o

    It's pretty easy ach, it counts even if you amp items xd