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  1. Lyzois

    Bladedancer's Sap against mobs and Bosses

    almost every stun is nerfed against bosses, not just bds sap. It's just fair, who would like to do engineer with 5 locks anyway :[
  2. Today also few of my guild mates didn't receive chest from beholder event, dutchrogue, smolderx, lilchicken (wcduckk maybe) didn't receive and they were atleast 1 min or more in area, smolderx was there tanking about 10mins and he still said he didn't get... event was about 8 hours ago *EDIT* it happened again, abt 3min ago from now
  3. Lyzois

    Improvement for charmer

    charmer = solo tanker, stunner/ healer, or damager, your choice, even works on right set \/ . | \
  4. Lyzois

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    I can gift you pink Fairy ;-;-;-;-;-;
  5. Lyzois

    The over powered classes

    Wtf BDs are then joke too ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;
  6. please..... Old.... Hotkeys and menus back..... I can't click new ones I missclick everytime 😫
  7. Lyzois

    hello i was speech banned..?

    oh now I know why it's important to learn decimal point at school
  8. Lyzois

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    I luph chickesns too ;-; Kuzmitch ! ( I miss you and hope you will reply but it's 0.1% chance and I want alex to tell me where is he but nvm ;-;-;-;-; )
  9. Lyzois

    hello i was speech banned..?

    4 years rip ;-;
  10. Lyzois

    Phishing sites!

    Power-leveling? What's that
  11. Lyzois


    I'm using honor 7 lite, android 6.0. It appeared 2 times since snow event till now, so it's not big chance to get it. Another bug is that my phone screen gets blurry sometimes while playing and I have to slide taskbar or lock screen or close app for get rid of it almost everyday I'd like if it's possible to fix
  12. Lyzois

    Best class poll

    good topic! But wtf guys dk.... Ok nvm :D *votes charmer* (ok dk is good I have too ;-; )
  13. Lyzois

    why the game make my phone power so quickly

    if u play while charging, it damages battery and ur battery will end faster, I had to change my battery like 4 times per year just bcs that, another reason is because of phone temperature changes too fast, like if you're outside and then go back to home and start play without 30min break ur phone will probably get damaged from it
  14. Lyzois


    I think Illuminati got me too ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;