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  1. I saw it long time ago too :c
  2. How barb nature worked wrongly?
  3. it depends on situation, theres many players who doesn't think clearly (I'm one of these) and missthinks and asks for example Google to refund credit Incase the mcs came to wrong account instead of support to transfer these (and u didn't spend any mcs cause u know it's wrong), just message to support, it's not 100% sure u can get back ur acc, but u can atleast try. Learn from mistakes, it helps at anything u do, I'm thankful to our support anyway, they understand our problems :)
  4. it makes screen buggy often when I walk 50% distance from each possible ways to attack a enemy, and after it (just some kind of guess, um) system chooses the nearest way but the character won't change it and keeps going same way unless I relog, same thing happens in any area where u have possiblity to run around the area (like escaping from engi you need slow bit if u run around the area). also in the end I walked 1 yard and used stone while it, (like during half sec) used stone body, so it seems moved 1 yard but when relog it's still in same place :o
  5. It's pretty easy ach, it counts even if you amp items xd
  6. THANK YOU :) Btw yes skill slots, could u add em or is there already added more (than the 8 current slots)? : D ty ty
  7. All good there? Or problem in my phone?
  8. So if recovering character costs 3999 mcs, unblocking account costs 20k mcs? :[ Just joke, good option thanks for it, now I can afford "loser delete acc" -pvp sometimes :D
  9. Noob ganker kill low level:(
  10. I've tried find 10lv 15%hp cloth boots job for 5 days, always missed doesn't matter if I changed my sleep time or so, I see other jobs coming like 2-3 times per day (12lv craft armor for example). Is there a job really sometimes and I'm just missing it or?
  11. I liked irselnort event cause even we got chance to win there, this 400vs100 starts to taste bs :/ I wish you got plans for irselnort event
  12. there's for full atk speed + dodge with enough good crit accu and pene, but ye notice lesser hp, there's also rings with hp accu dodge but these rings is lvl 18 so your choice. If you want more dmg, you need give up on dodge. You don't need dodge if you're not the tank. So you could pick horror amulet and cloak with dmg + atk speed + life stealth Incase you want max dmg as well. I chose 22 set for explain cos there's cool daggers I like + there's not much different between 26, same kind of equips, 26lv daggers with atk speed is only horror ones (dagger of bloody Earl, but stun instead of crit), also there's 22lv amulet with mana regn If u don't mind hp, but no dodge (you could add more penetration to rings then).