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  1. double drop rate of skill books from raid bosses? :[
  2. Say mc offer to stop ignoring me ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;
  3. Amp is broken

    my charmer's magic mace took only 40-50 sets for +9 - +10 when I had 200 set ready for make it +10 ;-;-;-; and in row +8 - +9 tech xbow 2 signs \(• 3°)/ and I hated amping before
  4. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    mohmed came back in horror, in that time berserk was lv 5, and doesn't matter whatever he did, he got reputation as being scammer in past (scammed Drakoth, trief scam finalssuse, scammed 3x yy people in row asking their logins from previous char he scammed, also tried scam finalssuse, used elasiris guild for get gold, sold many accs and recovered them), and what he did in berserk was his own choices, he also asked my guild to go vs berserk in tour during end of horror event bcs he got kicked from berserk cause of inactivity for 2+ weeks. mohmed didn't do much gp, so it's not as "mohmed made it from 3 to 7", because in the end gp is most needed thing and hardest to get for level up guilds
  5. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    such funny thing, u know why? Mecha made the guild to lvl 3 before mohmed came back from his break, so ur logic once again fails... ask how we know? Maybe cos we been there with dami, toto and vrillon for not waste gp of other guilds, and there was 3/3 hp skill during that time so :) just learn to speak truth I know it's to u easier to make own truth than tell how things really are but anyway
  6. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    Sorry multipost I'm lagging cutting grass
  7. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    yeah bullshit, he helped TSK to tour, been leader of TSK and so on so better stop this topic. All I can say, mohmed did his own choices it's not crime to give away then wanting it back when regrets something, nobody forced anyone to gift anything. Reporting bug is different than talking about chineses join to guild, I remember etea joined berserk after previous arena season and berserk were already 7lv in that time, so yeah.. maybe you knew forum is not right place to continue your drama or lies, I have alot of cool screenshots also, adding the ones where you act gm in game as you got power to ban anyone just because of can't win in arena, now same things because can't win tours.. just send your screenshots here it's cool if I see finally you turning from words to action
  8. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    what about yandex? If I'm in right there was 45-52 dollars per 30k mcs, it's not fraud?
  9. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    so do Russians get cheap miracle coins too :[ fix it too 45$ for 30k mcs there puuuuuke!
  10. still I miss the bosses at sanctuary, snorlar, binewinged, beholder, any boss which is enough difficult to kill and drops cool costume
  11. The over powered classes

    unbeaten for 3 bds, try 3x magic paladins xd sadly there is not many good palas now at high lv, but it works, banners get reseted when pala dies, and their old banner still hits 5-6x if pala dies, also their jump is pretty good. 2 palas 1 mage good too, mage's immunity skill resets each time mage dies, also mage got skill to pull enemies out from seal
  12. The over powered classes

    idk if u belive or not but... shaman>barb, with full def and heal build, resi set resi skill def book xd lordxx won vla in eu without resi skill, jus need magic crystal instead of fero in pvp vs high dmgers, it's like x can't win y and y can't win z but x can win z (._.)/
  13. arena reward and more

    yeah and who charmer wants go again for full set after won 1 full set already with magic? ;-; painnnnnn do it asap (._.)/ also palas with magic dmg reward so I can make pala :33333
  14. Suggestions about skills of bladedancer

    Lock nerfed maaaany times when it got released, before expert skills came. abt charmer stun a skills, Do you think charmer's stun skills are op at 1/4? They have as many points to set as other classes, so can't make 4/4 to every expert skill..... And about bds counter do u think it's fair in war just hit twice a bd and die? Because it was exactly like that xd