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  1. I see very many people complaining about the inequality that's persisted for a long time now between the classes of mc side and elf side. Many people (including me) feel like elf classes are very overpowered when compared to their mc equivalent, e.g. rangers being the best damager in the game, warden being the best tank and BD being the best... everything? I mean what even is that class at this point, tank? damage? lol. Anyway, to come to my main question: Is there people hired at Aigrind that specifically do the balance changes for skills/classes? If not, it would maybe be something to think
  2. I guess so, yeah, r0land said it has regular resi bonus also, so i think it will have normal arena gear stats
  3. Yo, what does "best" mean in your opinion? The amp or the skill? The arena rank or pvp's? In my opinion, pvp shows who's the best, neither amp nor the rank, that's just spamming and requires less skill than win a pvp vs. an almost same-strong-enemy For me it's Oblivioin. He's the only one who clearly beats me in pvp lmao, Legionner is just unfair with his level 9 bow & just spams a lot, that's what he is famous for. Calamarket is a good level 6 too, unfortunately he's kinda inactive nowadays :/ so back to my question: Who's the "best"? The one who wins the most pvps or the one who's equi
  4. ahh just 127 people reading this topic, ready to read "maintenance over" and log asap
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