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  1. Okey, maybe there are magic/phisic tank/dps but psionic power isnt magic and phisics, its mental source - its closer to be like energy KI but not at all. I workin for nice conception for all while Im play in Dumgeons&Dragons with my friends. Soon will be more.
  2. Why not just wand 1handed weapon and offhand: 'books' for mages and warlock, 'symbol' for priest druid and shaman and skull for necro. Stats of wand + offhand = staff. This cound bring for players to decide how they look (or specific stats to force to more support class then dps).
  3. Rase: Psionic Psionic race are knowed as this who take his streght from body and brain. ______ Classes: 1) Psionic Warrior This Psionic are specialized in fight in melee distanse, with a weapons and force. They use special catalizator wielding on arms, and when focus on force, materializing into phicics form. Psionic Warrior can wield: Katars, swords (2x 1h and 1x 2hended), shield and/or orb. They are using Plate armor. _____ Ability: 1) Slash Cd: 7 Cost: 10 Simple slash. When enemy have debuff 'mental pain' he are also slowed for 1/2/3/4/5 sec (depend on rank) 2) Mental attack Cd: 5 Energy: 7 Forcing enemy to cast empty spell. (stun rly short, like casting something without any effect) Aply effect "mental pain" for 3sec dealing some demage over time. 3) Provoc Taunt 4) Inercial armor Cd:30 Energy: 15 Protect for 5/6/7/8/10 sec from phisical attack with 50/55/60/65/70 % chance. 5)Mental Protection Cd: 30sec Energy: 20 Forcing body and spirit for do extreme thinks. While effect up Psionic take 50% more dmg, but after time go, healing him for 120/150/200/250/300% taken demage. Experts: ____________________________ 2) Psion Psionic focused on his/her mental atribute. Invoce imagination force to become truth. They can use staff or wand and orb. Using lightcloth armor. Ability 1) Psionic bolt 2) Psi-Storm Attackin enemy with lightining dealing dmg 3) Whispers Puting in to enemy head a bad whispers dealing DoT (forcing enemy to selfcut or something like this) 4) 5) Experts: 1) 2) Psychosis Cd: Energy Select Area, all enemy are stuned. 3) Mind fcuk Cd: 15sec Energy: 30 Become invisible for selected target and creating halucination himself attackin a target, this work for 1/2/3/4/5 sec. ____________________________ 3) Monk Support who can fight using Ki power. They are wielding staff and midarmor. Frontliner. This is just pure edition (include: bad english) of idea what i will work with to make nice idea for future when its become finish. Read this like its version 0.1
  4. http://orig02.deviantart.net/99cc/f/2014/127/1/b/mountains_by_zerthi-d7hghkt.jpg
  5. Hi, lets post Yours ctrl+v without chenges. Main is: "C2H4OH"
  6. Hello, im Zerthi... Ive played alot of games on PC. I started with Ultima Online, so I belong to older players. I planning to play WarSpear, but i dont know exacly witchone class to choose, so my questions is: -DK's are playable with shield for start solo game? -on EU server are guilds who want have new player, like me?(i like PvE and PvP) -I love Role Playing (RP), relise fantasy spirit, and play without emoticon, speakin as a character, not a player(if u know what i mean). How ever i want play DK or Necro. Dk becouse shield wielder, Necro cuz DoT but dont know witch one are easlier for get know, exp and feels of a game? Last question: mobs dont give exp, or its just cuz start island? If u want know somethin about me, ask below. Soon i will finish webpage where i put all my exp about whole games what i played, and what I do.
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