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Way to get rid of AFKs at war and encourage participation

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How many times has your faction lost that one hour war because half of the population was AFK at the first town? 

Do you want to get rid of this problem in an easy way?  :intrigueddoge:


Here's a good way to do just that!

First we must answer the question, why do people afk at war anyway? why dont they help their faction try and win?


The answer: there are no extra rewards for more participation..

My suggestion is that we add a new currency, maybe called glory points/ war points that would serve as a currency used to purchase items from a specific shop.

This particular vendor or shop could sell weapons for pvp with ferocity, armour with resistance + resilience stats, even accessories with different special attributes.

Some fun additions to the vendor could include potions, scrolls, War specific minions, War expert skills and costumes related to warfare and battle.


Now you may be wondering how one could grab hold of these glory points?

By participating, its that easy. Could be measured by many many things, but what exactly the algorithm would be must be kept secret to avoid exploitation.

This could involve player damage to other players, damage to flag, players killed, time spent in flag zones, time spent on enemy territory etc..


By actively participating in these ways, you can gain points on an experience bar, which would be a gauge with a percentage on it.

The higher the percentage participation at the end of the war, the more points you get, and the more rewards you can reap aside from the usual 3 stars.


What this would encourage: 

1. Battles would be more intense and exiting.

2. Players could have a certain time period they could look forward to for mass pvp.

3. Make use of the large open pvp world that irselnort already is.

4. Introduce new items and skill sets to the game to freshen it up.

5. And most importantly, players would have a reason to go to war, to actively participate and try their best (Even when losing) to do as much as they can to help their faction.


Thanks for listening :christmashello:

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The issue with introducing a new set of pvp items from a new location is that would make a 3rd set of gear people would have to get, good for devs, annoying for everyone else. If the existing or any new arena weapons (only) were made to be gained with war points or whatever and new varied arena sets to the arena it would light up activity in both areas, can't put everything there or arena would be more dead than it is now.


Other than that I like the idea, they could also make a new map that's accessible only to the winning side to hunt during the after win period, also during those invasion events if the same process is applied, cosmetic items like skins, costumes, hairstyles, yadda yadda could be added to npcs for purchase to avoid the afks on both sides during those events also.


War participation should also give guild points along with other points as that will attract people also. A commander costume (receiving with buffs) given to the person with the higher war points on each faction would also be good but should time out and be removed from the character and account after a week to reset the process and give others a chance to acquire.

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On Monday, April 16, 2018 at 11:23 PM, Blossoms said:

The answer : they are lazy.

I have a frind he good player always active and he somtimes stay afk the reason why is simpl ..the war at 4am in his town..somtimes he join other time he just stay afk for stars... and of curs many are just lazy yea hehehe..


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