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  1. No buffs for those who haven't encountered or touched an enemy player during the duration of war.
  2. Thank you guys for supporting me on fb likes. Bless everyone. Long Live The Legion!
  3. Lol thanks. it just happened that i got a lil imaginative. i appreciate tho. thanks
  4. It was there when it all began. It was there when Garaan seized the spear. It was there during Orin's transformation. It was there when Arinar trembled under the Legion's advances towards the God's Grove. It was there when Garaan released his last breath. Behold, it exists, still. Garaan made his final incantation. On the Spear's fragment which he managed to keep during his last battle, he smeared his blood making a vow with the shadows to avenge his imminent death. It all came back harshly to him, he is defeated, crippled, and dying. Great anger and revenge took his whole bei
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