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  1. Hi..try put back the switch hotkey icon to the left..cuz while pvp many missclick on the left as usaly to switch hotkeys..but the stat panel opend and ruin the whole things..
  2. Lvl up so borin .i always start a new char and i stop at 20...cuz it so borin go do same quest .i wisg evry town u complet they give u good gift...as a smile or costum...not just som pots or cards..and i also sugest already mini games lik poker or domino..u play them for gold vs ur frinds or random players...it bring much fun...
  3. I have a frind he good player always active and he somtimes stay afk the reason why is simpl ..the war at 4am in his town..somtimes he join other time he just stay afk for stars... and of curs many are just lazy yea hehehe..
  4. I agree .it will be helpfull if they add an icon when ready to activate again ..or an info..idk...
  5. I Did try it..and the reserv skill give same hp bonus either u under atack or not..it stay the same..it will consider ur hp regan amount while u r not under atack...
  6. Dk and thread cd should be less..cuz the mong cd mak the relics useless..cuz u will only use ds 1time or 2 in a pvp mean u hav 1-2chance to active relics..while bd pary or rugue dodg hav beter chance to activat usfull relics lik imunty relic
  7. Will i have a dk..idk abt this relic in this skill..cuz to be this relic usfull u need hav good mag dmg..and if u hav low mag dmg. It will be usless cuz it will crit lik 200dmg..witch usless
  8. Barb not alone..the locks too..locks cant use any defnsiv relic and cant use any buff emp relics...evil gm
  9. This update will be only good for high lvl guild..and it will unbalnc the pvp and arena.
  10. Btw...when the update..next week? Or still far?..and wat abt locks..cant u guys give him a defensiv relic.. many good empr relics cant be used by locks :(
  11. Good news... for high guild mmbers only ... So now i guess a player in lvl3-5 guild can never win vs a player in lvl10-"12" guild with full buff and new "exclusiv" relics..idk i liked the part of new interfac and i was excited abt the relics..but i get despointed to know that i wont hav chance to hav it..i think this updat good..but it will give more strenth to the strongest ones .
  12. Soo we was in arena ..and i was with a lock and he ask buffa for pvp .but they gank him..and buffa dont wanna admit it and keep sayin that the lock never ask for a pvp...soo here is a lil prov for u buffa to see that lock did ask u for pvp :)
  13. Rip my stam and ly chance of drop..it always def for me..but wat if this run was my lucky run...pls gm fix the server to not kick us sudnly...at least give us a warnnin
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