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[2018.02.19] Might of Guilds and weekly ratings tournament

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Arinar is not a place to get bored, the festivity is always in the air! Welcome the event of the week, Might of Guilds, and a weekly ratings tournament. Level up your Guild and get great rewards!


- 10 winners of the Guild Tournament (counts for the "Neverfading glory" achievement):
   places 1-3: x2 Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament;
   places 4-10: all Guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest;
- A
50% discount on leveling up a Guild from level 1 to level 6 (less Guild Points needed).
- A
50% discount on learning all active Guild skills (less Guild Points, Unity Signs and gold needed).
- A
50% discount on renaming a Guild.
x2 Guild Points for completing all Dungeons.


Also, during this week any guild member can go to the guild Dungeon "Champion's Coliseum" of any difficulty level and get valuable heroic armor and empower relics. And it isn't necessary to have won the Guild Tournament to enter the Champion's Coliseum!


The event lasts from 19.02 12:00 CET till 26.02 11:00 CET.


What is more, there will be 20 winners of the holiday Weekly ratings tournament in the Guild Points category with great rewards:
place 1: Tsiantsi costume and 100 Spring Moon Caches
place 2: 75 Spring Moon Caches
place 3: 50 Spring Moon Caches
places 4-10: 20 Spring Moon Caches
places 11-20: 10 Spring Moon Caches


The tournament lasts from 18.02 23:00 CET till 25.02 23:00 CET.


See you in the game!

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3 minutes ago, Wajid said:

When come spring?:crying1:


Soon, soon. Have patience! :floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

55 minutes ago, ELASIRI said:

When is unity signs sale ? U give us guild discount but no usigns sale ? Be real


The unity signs' sale is always on Monday of the next week after the event. Usually it is like that 

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