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  1. vla-wot

    New 29 lvl arena

    Nope, barb have skill block no need parry If warden much block 25% max only no more
  2. vla-wot

    New 29 lvl arena

    Blade Dancer Base skill parry and helm, boots much more parry Barbarian have skill block need for block and no need parry, soon new 29 lvl arena armor and belt need add with block and new 30 lvl awards armor add with block too Here picture!
  3. 14k def and 20% block without buff
  4. Why Blade Dancer always all have relics, barb always without relic
  5. This old or new relic ? @Reivenorik, @Morgana
  6. vla-wot

    No fix icon ?

    Class all mc and elf no fix icon
  7. vla-wot

    [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!

    what happened 5x5 ?
  8. vla-wot

    Mac os x install warspear

    MAC OS X install and cant open problems
  9. vla-wot

    Arena char account spamming

    Madz101, liar 24/7