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  1. Nope, need add barb 1 heal vs pala have 2 heal much with pot castle Charmer have 2 heal much, don't add heal no more Otherworldly Blessing Tank 1 heal vs Magic 2 heal max for work pot castle
  2. @Reivenorik @Peony @Peter_Munk new add topic up
  3. EU-Emerald 910 Повреждения 13K Обороны
  4. Nope, pot heal castle problems China know save seal hard attack heal cant die, this problems potion of lifeforce castle
  5. Barb why need party heal ?! don't need heal ! no one party op heal how ? this problems pot castle dead class damage Barb skill combat fury not work pot castle
  6. 1: If yy 12 lvl guild skill resis too, don't say guild 2: u can use scroll resis too, or can remove scroll resis castle, me no problem 😉 3: u can use book resis too, don't say book
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