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  1. Even if women sometimes dumbs but i still #respect_wamen
  2. When is unity signs sale ? U give us guild discount but no usigns sale ? Be real
  3. Look up if I started any insult here I'll pay 1000$ to ur PayPal close topic idc but before u do that look up who start to insult also with school meme I just reply to who insult me made me the bad guy here ? Or everyone here just want mention my name to get attention idk anymore I even said at topic no drama or kids so what else u want me to do ?
  4. not just barb but dk charmer are broken asf let us start with barb right now miss.vlagina bd couldn't move till animation gone look again but use glasses this time so u see well
  5. Idk how ur brain works dude but I posted another video just after that guy posted a video and he never show up after that so get ur facts together stop being childish Lmao u telling me I started insult u? Xd u insult first by sending that meme about school xd cuz I proved u wrong so go ask ur owners for better come backs
  6. I got faster fingers than ur pet on full speed if u have one so dnt tell me I click on stones I did that and I click on ground pretty fast still I couldn't move and why too much barking ? Do video prove I'm wrong and live in peace or cry is skill for berserk ?
  7. Everyone ? Dude everyone here is mc and all from berserk or magna which are allies xd your owners asked you to cry here at forums or get kicked I got video while u get just bark do it in video and prove I'm wrong how about that ? I can't reply every noob who bark got stuff in real life to do get over ur self when u hit 18 years old I'll reply u be nice till then
  8. In the video u can see that I touched area lot of times and couldn't move its proven alrdy but u just mc side player and want to save ur bugged skill brighter darker leave that for artisits we just simple ws players
  9. I do respect them if y watch pewdiepie u gonna know xd
  10. Get insults by wamen doesnt hurt me at all its make me more gentleman I'm gentleman ask sai
  11. I never said I don't respect wamen by my self lol and u cant change the way of my life the way of #gentleman
  12. Dude lot of guys doesn't respect women worldwide that's why ppl made that hashtag and u know that we all need to respect women so much and yah I treat women In a different way than men doesn't matter if that man is my boss at work or anyone else ofc I do respect men who deserve but for women its Inst respect
  13. No no no no no I dnt accept that guan yu custom is there but not LUBU add LUBU custom pls I'll pay lot to get him. remove guan yu its okadd him and put his price for 10k coins so only I get him
  14. nothing sis but that hashtag is always with me everywhere I say #respect_wamen
  15. I respect all wamen cuz they wamen to know her personality take times so u saying disrespect her till u know her personality ? My view of respcting is better well said how we can beat barbs when their skills bugged ?
  16. Yes ban all who talking about personal stuff and not topic it self u can see them I'm sure #respect_wamen cuz bladedancer is love bd is life
  17. in case y didn't see it his video was about animation will be there while u can move on this video I proved as long as animation is there I cant move so strike still 6 secs its proved
  18. And y didnt see my video ? Guess he went quite after I did xd check up i did another video after he talked
  19. Well said even u are gay but u talk truth 100% yah I said no drama pls but berserk keep doing childish drama prove me barb strike ain't bugged and I'll stfu I dnt ask for much
  20. they reply me on Chinese cheap coins and they promise to fix it yet nothing happened so no point but letting ppl know about bugs using my channel is good stuff for me and all of us to learn more about game
  21. don't ban me julia I respect wamen and why necro? Cant I be blade posting? I hate necros tbh Dude u think Devs will reply to things that make them money ? They buff class and Nerf it after 1 year ik they won't fix it till next cap lvl just saying and also nobody force u to see my topics u can just ignore it when ever u see my name but u really wanna be there xd
  22. So its hate after all ? I can make new account with new name and make topic then nobody will cry ? But no I'm always honest and i won't hide in new ACC's I'll keep on reporting bugged stuff so Maybe just maybe one day ws will be good as before
  23. Julia it wasn't my topic before read who make it and here I just reported bugged skill is that illegal?
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