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I'd be the queen of England! (again not a bad idea as I'll be able to execute Jigs :spiteful: )




Male question (only reply if you are a Male)


If you were a female, what would you've done?

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I would only be able to answer if we were assuming that I knew I was a man before I turned into a woman. And to that I say: Get a therapist and try to come to terms with such a sudden change to my life before I start to question who I am and my identity, and enter a dark depression which would eventually lead to me commiting suicide because I can't cope with this existences anymore....


assuming of cause.




- Exercutions were banned in england hundreds of years ago.

- The monarch no longer holds such power of control over the county any more.

- You are a man

- I am a God

- Come at me



If the earth was a lolipop, what flavour would it be?

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