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bees or roots


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Hello, I am very new to this game and I need help setting up my skills. I know im going to do lightning and heal but I cant choose between roots or bees. I know bees hurts them and slows there attack but roots stops them I am very confused what too pick. the reason I ask is because I'm a lvl 4 and I don't want to screw my guy up.


p.s if you like please give me your opinions on bark skin.


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in my humble opinion, better if u leveling up ur root skill, because root is rock for arena n pvp .  :good: bees lvl 1 will also hv a pretty good dmg if ur wpn hv a high amp.  barkskin is good for hunting mode, but it doesnt really useful for arena or pvp, just wasting time when u busy heal n shield ur self, while ur enemy keep attacking u with his skill, unless ur a priest, shield/holy shield lvl 5 is a must  :)

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What would I pick if I wanted to be an all round druid pvp, pve, farm, boss farm, and since ima lvl 4 questing


wait the new magic skill change update, but for top druids in us saphire they have 5light,5heal,5root



5light=max dmg

5heal=max heal

5root=max disable



barskin 99% druid for farming only

bees 99% druid for farming/pve

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Best is roots absolutly..i know mine last for long and makes me Deadly!!! Anyway with the new update bees lost most of they power and became quite useless!!!

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