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  1. Me!! This pic is taken today, sorry I only had this polo that looks properly!! :D
  2. Always the coolest people that are punished the much!! The real scamms are never caught!!!
  3. People sometimes are hard with others feelings because a screen seperate them from reality... :drinks:
  4. Druid is a very hard class and not the most OP...and now update decreased our strength..even in +8 we can still be weak and i hope they will be a better balance between druids and shamans!!!
  5. Dadz

    bees or roots

    Best is roots absolutly..i know mine last for long and makes me Deadly!!! Anyway with the new update bees lost most of they power and became quite useless!!!
  6. Dadz

    Favony's rings!!

    How much can we sell favony's rings? Like a lvl15 favony's ring with 5% sun amp?
  7. Dislike me??The term is not right u always create perpetual conflict with me each time u have a occasion to critisize me..Anyways everyone knows am not a liar and that im one of the most trustworthy [email protected] just admit that i have my place in the list ..
  8. Indeed ioki is a strong lock and not a easy pvp but i won many times...he lose hp very fast with my high moon..and still i know how to use my timings to own a lock!! Believe me or not ...im honest man!
  9. @Darkzain says i got owned by ioki? Damn u rlly hate me zain..everyone knows its not true...i own moreb or 3/4 warlocks..i fear only 2 locks and i wont mention them here!! I am one of the druids that has the biggest moon yes!! Thx for your recongnition guys and for suport!!
  10. 273 heal, rlly i think its more than enough for now :give_rose:
  11. I thank you very much Raislin for the reason that you saw the work i did on helping people for years already, i do still help as often as i can but many pm's so i cant help half the people due to time and i regret that!!
  12. After Jayrox's revelation i start believing it really bad!! I thank jayrox who showed the proofs and facts!!! I warn also people to tell u not to make business with darkzain, he always pay lower price and try to take profit of newbies...i also had a bad time with him..he offended and humiliated me in front of dozens of person..he was telling lies!! Did u others had similar situation? Post here :drinks:
  13. Yes you killed me after using 6pots minimum, if i used pots too i think we would stay 1hour fighting..really using pots is like a way to escape of fatality!! I can only say wait and see!! :drinks:
  14. I wont bother talking to a wall...but for an advice...use glasses..i think u really need them!!
  15. Best mage of Eu..i would say Theok,meggido and Magesaver!! :drinks:
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