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  1. Basic Guide : Druids (Updated with Expert Skill)
  2. ddealer

    Druid's Root

    Dark circle works same as they said, but root is reduced 10% more... devs never said root is reduced by 20%..
  3. ddealer

    Druid's Root

    My question is why is root reduced by 20%? While snorlax said It is reduced by 10%... 4 days and devs haven't replied it yet!!
  4. ddealer

    Forest Song

    At level 3, It has 6 seconds duration
  5. ddealer

    Druid's Root

    Hi devs, After update v3.11 It says root is reduced by 10%, but Actually its reduced by 20%. At level 1/5 Entangling Root had 3 seconds duration, but now it has 2.4 seconds duration. Level 5/5 had 7 seconds duration, but now only 5.6 seconds.So, Is it 10% or 20%?
  6. ddealer

    Forest Song

    Forest song skill is nice, Its good against melees and rogues. But looking at other classes' expert skill, Druid's forest song sucks, Each support and Damage class got a damage dealing skill while druid got a stun which doesn't always work, Druids already have Root, and swarm which works fine against melees. no need add another stun :wacko: I would never decrease lightning bolt for forest song. because its useless against ranged classes. Mage Blazing ground - Ground in a specified area starts blazing. All enemies inside the area suffer from constant magic damage during the time of the skill effect. Priest Valor Aura - Priest creates an aura which increases physical and magic power. It affects to all allies in party inside a certain radius. Rogue Elusive Jump - Rogue rushes to enemy dealing physical damage. Shaman Lightning Shield - Shaman is surrounded by lightning shield. If the shaman gets any damage there's a chance that the shield will return magic damage. Ranger Fire Arrow - Fire Arrow released dealing physical damage and firing enemy. While the target is on fire it is suffering from magic damage during some time. Warlock Bloody Tribute - Warlock curses an enemy, which will be getting damage periodically. If the enemy uses a skill he will loose additional energy. The skill ends after its duration time, or after target uses any skill. Necromancer Fateful Connection - Connects all enemies inside specified area with magic threads. A part of damage dealt to one of them is transferred to others.
  7. I can add new skill on my mage now. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Nice :lol:
  8. A shaman wanted to test lightning shield. I started attacking shaman, He used the skill and i got hit 375 damage x4 times While shaman was just watching, he wasn't even attacking.
  9. Druid's Forest song doesn't fail because of slow connection or screen bug, but it fails because its designed that way. Description says "with some chances, may fall asleep".Druids already had a stun skill, Root and swarm for slowing down enemy, specially melees. No need add another stun which has some chances of working. While other classes get better damage skills.
  10. Why would druids decrease Root, Heal or dmg for a stun which mostly fails, and useless against Ranged classes. Druid's Root and swarm is already enough for melees.
  11. Druid's Forest song fails most of the time. even if it works on 1 nearby target, It stuns the target for 1sec. While shaman skill returns damage x4-5 times each time used :wacko: :wacko: I would swap Forest song for Lightning Shield any day. Shaman Lightning Shield - Shaman is surrounded by lightning shield. If the shaman gets any damage there's a (Higher) chance that the shield will return magic damage. Druid Forest Song - All (1 or very low chances of 2) enemies in the radius of Forest Song effect, with some (Low) chance, may fall asleep. Once they get any damage the effect disappears.
  12. ddealer

    valor aura

    No one really posts new topics at Class pages, Except vote for your server's best character of the class, and keep repeating it. The last reply would be 2-3 days ago, and topic like a week ago. Players don't take tavern page seriously, they will start replying with memes :lol:
  13. ddealer

    symbian update

    try here http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=103236.0
  14. ddealer

    valor aura

    Because few ppl read class pages, Its like 12 of them.. but many players read Realm page. so They get more replies and topic is discussed more. ;D
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