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    I think it would be cool to get a bit of gold for killing the enemy faction as then at least in a war it could cover the repair cost any one elselike this idea?
  2. i like this idea today i spent many hours trying to get there and just never made it :facepalm:
  3. well in my opinion thanks to all of the negative opinions the chance of good stuff has significantly dropped why would you complain? you had a chance as much as "noobs" to get the same drops and if you already had them you could sell/trade them.... who cares if the price dropped if you already had all the lv 18 gear you probably already had lots of gold for selling one item at a huge price. so overall i think you were just complaining that you were being threatened that you wouldnt be the strongest anymore.... well at least now youll have more of a challenge
  4. i am after all lv 18 rogue armour except the moccasians which i have i can trade lv 18 robe of violent storm and vambraces of impenatrable shroud pm me in game ( roguej) thanks items sold and traded 8/10/2012
  5. i love it high xp from quests and dailies there quest item drop awesome i got sudden doom weapon :yahoo: only thing i dont like is random teleportation andto many hard mobs
  6. wow thanks heaps so useful:D btw did you know u can test it with blind if you are a shaman by making enemy mc/elf/knoll walk through it
  7. i know what should happen ;D announce release date tommorrow ( for me the 4th of september) then release it on 5th of september it will make the best birthday present for me :lol:
  8. i have dodge of about 17% and one peice of eqiup that gives me very low percent parry for some reason i seem to get more parrys than dodge shouldnt it be the other way around... :fool: does anyone else have this problem?
  9. Roguej

    priest in arena

    wow i like this charcter in arena as i am just so hard to kill with healing and shield skills ;D what are your guys thoughts?
  10. the day of the update :pardon: mc leeward island talk to ingolv
  11. maybe they are waiting to update because of wars going on and they just want to sell revives and repair scrolls :'(
  12. i know ill choose forsaken :drinks: cause i have mc chars but i dont know which one i will choose. but itll defintely have to be the one closest to a rogue :lol:
  13. I cant wait to be a preist :lol: though on the bigger russian server will there be more chosen or forsaken?
  14. searched most of day and NO ONE!!! would help me complete the quest fever must be over lol
  15. last one i did for mc was near salt hill u talk to the abandoned village guy that gives u daily quest :rofl:
  16. Some times when in arena my team mate fully disapears even when in party.. it is usually with a rogue with invisibility but i should be able to see them and i cannot also see them on the arena wats wrong?
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