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  1. I believe the "basic skills" are the skills we currently have. The expert skills is what was just mentioned and like they said, there is more to come :drinks:
  2. Very nice guide, well put and organized and I like how you even added a map. Good luck ;)
  3. All the quests, the 19xp, 20xp and 21xp all re-spawn the hydra with 1 mil+ hp which takes too long to kill and after a while, it disappears. What happened to the 300hp hydra?? Is this a bug the developers will fix soon? I would very much appreciate an answer from the devs....
  4. I'm lvl 20 and I haven't even gotten the Diderich the Greedy's Silver quest either. BUT!! After canceling Island of Lost Souls I got the quests, thanks!!
  5. When I go to Kotarava, most of the quests don't come up, such as the Shaman's Staff or getting Lapari Mucas. I canceled all my quests and these still don't come up. It's been almost two weeks now, why is this? I see other people get these quests.
  6. DEVS HELP YOUR PEOPLE!! Why did I lose my joker's card after hunting for hours everyday.... by the time i get it again halloween will be over. This sucks.
  7. Dear Developers of Warspear Online, I hope you receive this message at good health. I have an important question to ask and I need an answer as soon as possible. Please view this image below: My question? HOW DA HECK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET PASS THIS?!
  8. Geetting the card is a pain!! Either it is hard to get as drop OR its just too many people trying to get the card. I would suggest maybe making it drop more often? Also the pumpkins and the Horror Circus, there is just too little to go around. Maybe fast respawn for them?
  9. Interesting, thanks! Hopefully they will be used in that case, will make waspear more interesting :P
  10. I was wondering how many types of bars can you get from swamps and what are their prices? So far I know Bronze Bar sells for 250, Silver Bar sells for 500 and so on. I have seen mythril bar and some other types. How many are there and how much do they sell for?
  11. Faction: Mountain Clan/Forsaken Go To: Leeward Island Talk To: Ingolv Relic Final Location: Underground Passage (cave where there are sentinels) - Cave Crystal
  12. Yes I would LOVE to see this in Warpsear!!
  13. Wyatt

    Annoying Lag

    On the Eu-Emerald, I can lag REALLY bad and get disconnected. Now I know this is not MY internet connection because I check my browsers and everything, my internet is totally fine. A lot of other people even say they get bad lags at the same time. This has been happening for a while and I'm just wondering how come it isn't being fixed?? And what is causing these lags?
  14. Hey guys I made a new rogue account and so far I'm lvl 7. I'm going to max out the Merciless Strike skill. After that, should I take turns in upgrading the Stealth and Gouge (example, on lvl 10 spend one point on stealth, one on gouge, lvl 12 on stealth, lvl 14 on gouge)?
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