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  1. I think the game isn't as fun and interesting as it was when I started playing (v.1.0) With each next update there were more and more disadvantages than advantages... But only since v.1.9 the game is completly not enjoyable for me and some of my friends... I'm not playing anymore, maybe I will check the game on next update. But probably not, because AiGrind tends to discourage Warspear players. Wake up devs!!
  2. 8.11 and 9.11 [Firstborn]- Melia (somarra tribe village) and Chris (Nornakon Center)
  3. Jak na razie zauważyłem, że za wygrane walki 2x2 jest 40 lub 45 pkt. 4 wejścia darmowe, więc dziennie max 180pkt można zarobić. Może za walki 5x5 dostaje się więcej, nie sprawdzałem. Czyli żeby zdobyć dobrą broń (bo tylko broń opłaca się z areny kupić + ewentualnie pas) trzeba z miesiąc grać ;/ Pod warunkiem, że zawsze zwyciężysz :D Porażka...
  4. I think devs are listening to our suggestions - and adding to the game completly opposite functions. Examples: -we wanted more options to spend gold --> they made gold harder to get (lower loot selling price) -we said cc quests are hard, so we do only "relic" quest. And we wanted easier quests to get cc faster --> they lowered reward for easiest quest :( . -we wanted arena for ranking pvp battles --> no comments, just two words - arena tickets -we wanted option to trade with another fraction (MC don't need bow in backpack, really!) --> they deleted only way MC could trade with elves -we wanted something like storage for useless loot in backpack --> they reduced free backpack space and forced ud to buy [extra pocket] -we wanted more skills --> they added more, but lowered the number of skill points Any other examples i forget about? I'm sure, there will be more...
  5. It seems to me that every new player can make only 1 character on 1 of the servers. (1 hero per profile) Maybe devs just forget to add "Create new character" option to Character selection menu... Or maybe I'm just blind and can't find option to add second hero:D
  6. I really don't like this line " Arena Ticket. The ability to fight on Arena as many times as you wish!".Arena isn't free ? :(
  7. Prawdopodobnie ceny itemkow z areny dowala takie, ze z tydzien trzeba bedzie zbierac :D Ale jestem za - zebrac pare osob i stoczyc kilka sesji na arenie w celu zdobycia pkt :)
  8. I still don't have this cloak :D And I want it! Red is my colour :D
  9. But finally, at the very end of our action "Halloween-Shadows time", all Elves and MCs who stay to help, fight braverly for both sides :) So each and everyone of elves and MCs have their own pretty, little mirror :) Thanks to: Chirikkk, Katerine, Mokrapacha, Rocco, Mrewan, Palurah, Cuelborns, Mileypl, Alpexz and all of other players who helped (except noobs like dgray, wizards). Sorry if I forget write your name :D
  10. Mattek - Ranger - Firstborn Mortis - Barbarian - MC They need shadows too :)
  11. Sell/exchange 250cc weapon (gladius, broadaxe, rondel or shield). PM me.
  12. I already posted suggestion about Special Bag quests... But now I see, that the whole thread was deleted (probably by Mioco:P) So, short version of my suggestion is: Add 5 more bag quests on first island, so new players will get 40 bag spaces when leaving 1 island. It will give new players the same chances as old one have.
  13. mattus

    The FoF Clan Book

    Hi guys! Maybe I can join your big family ? :) My nick is Mattus - lvl18 druid :) I'm sure, some of you saw me in game :)
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