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  1. warspear lost 60%of old players within this 4 updates
  2. stupid moderators dont hav mind to operate game, banning pplz and not giving their ids back, wat are they gonna do off that , i think the will put all banned chars in their ass :diablo: fcuk u :aggressive:
  3. wtf kuz buzy fukin mioco and noob smurfur making their porn vidz i think thats y u all so bzy assholes :nea:
  4. wtf is wron with ur stuck ass cant u reply to a players querier or help him if he is Hacker dont u hv the rights or u cant do anything without kuz order i knw he Is ur boss but u cant b so dumb sitting in support sections its been 1 month i m Waiting for my id Fuk u noobs Thanx
  5. Moderators are really very careless guyz dont invest too much on ur id, If u loose it either by getting hacked or some other reason u hv no chance of Getting it back, thats wat their monopoly is dont return ids and let ppl make New id and fill up their money bags. The moderators are too lazy and they sux they are unable to reply or return my id Since 1 months wtf lazy noobs wake up
  6. i cant play the game on my symbian nokia E72, always an error data catching , plz fix it up
  7. Before posting on forum i post tkts no reply till now :bad:
  8. I hv written atleast 6 posts to supports yet no reply so i hav to add on forum Mioco see my posts its frm the first date
  9. My id was hacked since 5 dayz and its sold to another player Is it a fair thing i worked so hard behind my char and support dint bother to see wats going on It wont b gud if i dont get my id bak i invested 100000 mc behind my char and its sold by someone in just 5000 mc Either delete my char fizaa or return it bak Fizaa eu emerald I want answer kuz
  10. At last updates but i know still no mercy for indians, thanks kuz cant write more tired of sending too many sms for mc replanish :facepalm:
  11. Taara u look very preety :good:
  12. need cooler names too %)
  13. someone explain. What weapons do they use? Potions? Or do they have spammable skills?
  14. each update should be aimed at an overall growth - new content, bug fixes, balancing, even improving eye candy.. When a new person joins game its usually the feel of the game that makes him stay on... And i dnt knw if u guys agree but i feel questing as a new char has gotten harder... Green mobs nw need regeneration after every kill, takes lot of time..
  15. thanks! :) @Justy ho jata he yaar! :( haha thanx anyway
  16. why do elves never even try to invade?
  17. Whisperer of fire and ice but only one skill related to fire and none related to ice.
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