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Rogues are too much damn  OP !


They can do stealth anytime and anywhere,and their stealth almost dont fail. :shok:


So please do something about this and balance them.


Another crying noob that loses, just learn how to play with your class. Stealth cannot be used when in combat and can only be use if you gouge the opponent which almost impossible when is from mages or any range attacks.  :facepalm: :facepalm:


Rangers are worst since their ranger blessing can be used anytime and anywhere and does double damage, just cause you in the opposite faction doesn't mean you have to nerf others cause they rape you.

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Lol I don't understand why people complain so much about rogues... I have to admit I've met some challenging rogues... But really for casters its easy, especially druids if you're quick enough. Just spot the rogue and root him before he has time to stealth. Then bees when you know root ends, and loop. It slows AND stuns them,  no chance of escape. Casters > Rogues...when played right.

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I am a rogue too but i see enemies a lot earlier than 5 range. I never said "random stealth". It isn't needed either. I play with a normal device, not a tablet. And my druid has that experience too. I see most rogues using stealth a long time before i can attack them (normal attack 7 range). Maybe the orientation of the screen is an issue here?

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Lol quit complaining rouges have disadvantage too it could be worse rouges could wear heavy armour but they cant so can ur pie hole and move on


In truth before they downgraded rouges our cooldown time would start in stealth but now it wont cooldown till after rouge leaves stealth so your lucky

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