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  1. czsd


    No just make it harder to use -.-. Cuz when you fight a rogue (not in arena) it crosses 2-3 times and stealth again.
  2. czsd

    Bulgaria players

    Hardx : ::) ::) :dirol:
  3. czsd


    8 SECONDS :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: . For skill that makes you totally invisible it should be like 15 seconds. :crazy:
  4. czsd


    Yes, but i think the cooldown must be more seconds. I dont know how many seconds it is now. :mega_shok:
  5. czsd


    Rogues are too much damn OP ! They can do stealth anytime and anywhere,and their stealth almost dont fail. :shok: So please do something about this and balance them.
  6. czsd


    Choosen quests are way way harder than elfs quests. At the beginning you do 10minute quest for 3xp. In elf you get same xp but much faster than choosen and the elf map is easyer than choosens.
  7. and why u " :facepalm: " i am newbie lol
  8. can u add more " :facepalm: " ?
  9. make their attack faster its too slow for their dmg
  10. czsd

    server down

    I am worried that they even don't know this is happening. :( :unknw: :'( :facepalm:
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