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  1. city suppose to be a shelter and comfort..not just shop and people gathering .. with this fountain all hp n energy will be generated instantly for ..
  2. dude,, whats wrong with u??
  3. sigh,, no offence i said,, some kid just feel disturbed.. go fetch your milk
  4. i could ask liqhtr to do it,, but.......i'm lazy too :snorlax:
  5. sorry in advance,, and no offence.. but 'abc' is just a really stupid name for 1 of the strongest guild in eu emerald... cant hold this much longer,, been in my heart for so long.. wish the prosperity of this guild :snorlax:
  6. i mean,, why do i need to ask sumthing that i already know ::)
  7. lol,, not u panchen :snorlax:
  8. most suited would be all 3 dragon cstume,, im myself enuf with just my pure angel dress and orange hair :drinks:
  9. thats why many people make 2nd character range class solely for farming ;D
  10. i luv to giv idea,, inv me too if u create wateva group for this :snorlax:
  11. yes.. bored coz always lose to rich amp lvl20.. but wats the point winning over noob lvl14? i dont feel any satisfaction when killing anyone lower than lvl17, most of the time i let enemy below lvl15 slip over me like i saw nothing lol.. but they sumtimes sneaking atk n kill me saying they kill lvl20 n bragging about it,, but giving excuse when we kill em back coz they low lvl.. are u 1 of them?? :wacko:
  12. 'warspear the movie' will hit the box office on the 1st day its out :yahoo:
  13. kill or be killed,, thats the rule here.. if u cry that means u r weak..so amp like hell n beat him :yahoo: :snorlax:
  14. dont come back,, coz it will make u look like shit after saying farewell this serious.. bye :)
  15. heyy,, anime would be great too.. like 'attack on titan' anime :yahoo:
  16. i suggest this before,, n i really want this .. ragnarok already make this happen.. love to see warspear did too :snorlax: :yahoo: warspear already have the great storyline,, it wont be hard i guess..but please do it in english :good:
  17. put more sets item,, like bg or lvl 18 gears..collecting always be my hobby :snorlax:
  18. icewind

    For Newbies

    spam new movies please,, Thor 2 for example... duhh :facepalm:
  19. hey kid,, the mob do drops gold,, just need a little work to do it... kill mob-pick wateva drop(like skull)-go shops-sell skull-got 2 GOLD tadaaa :yahoo: warspear is unique in its own way,, thats why i stay playing for 2 years already... just hoping could get gold when killing opposing faction even 1 gold per head would be good.. tq
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