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  1. Cyber, you're on the right track. What you calculated right there is how fast you can attack, but not necessarily which one has the better dps. Dps is an average of your overall damage divided into each second. So yeah you may get to attack more times with 2 daggers, but you're not putting out as much damage. You're attacking less times with dag/axe, but you have more damage. Now we also would have to put into calculation how many times your attacks missed or how many times you had crit hits. But excluding those variations, dag/axe has a higher dps. I did the math using lvl 12 weapons I fo
  2. I totally forgot dungeons even existed. I left right before the update that brought those in came out. Are they timed dungeons, or is it more of a "take your time and collect loot" kind of thing? And yeah I've noticed the whole accuracy thing is needed. I'm only level 8 atm and it's ridiculous how many times my attacks are dodged. I may get sword/Dag combo. The total dps difference when I tested all the numbers wasn't that big. Only a couple of hp. And considering how many attacks that I have dodged every other time with my axe combo, you're probably right. Also, yeah I used to be a druid befo
  3. I actually did some math to test which would be better for dps. Double dag, double axe, or combo. I tested it with lvl 10 axe and dag, along with the attack speed for each. In 30 seconds. The dags would do 1202 damage total. Axes would do 1550. But a combination of the two got 1700. I'm gonna have to test with more weapons, but I do think that axe + dag would be the best for dps. I didn't even know absolute reflexes existed, but that sounds incredibly useful in any situation. And the same for poison. Anything with DoT helps. It was the same for bee swarm on a druid. Adding in that DoT to
  4. Thank you for your replies! So I believe that my best bet would be to go for axe + dagger (and putting whichever one is currently amp'd to a higher damage in the primary hand) because that gives you the highest dps. I just did some of the math based on lvl 10 weapons. Now, Cybernem, you said that as a tank I should lean towards highest damage + life steal. Does that mean I should go with 5/5 merc strike? And what other skills should I use points in other than that and stealth that would benefit me the most as a tank? Thank you Fkum and Julia for your input! Fkum, I will be trying to t
  5. Okay so I've still got questions. I read over all the skills and looked at a lot of threads, but I'm still having some trouble. But to any older players who read this, I kindly ask that you assess the following statements and reply if I'm wrong or right, and explain why if I'm wrong. 1. Skills Okay, so I get stealth and merc strike should always be 5. Now, here's where it gets tricky. I may be making another rogue for PvP purposes, but this one is more for playing with my brother in pve. Now I know dodge really doesn't help either. But I do know gouge is to stun, run, and stealth. Which i
  6. Demonhyde

    New to Rogue

    Thank you so much! +1
  7. Demonhyde

    New to Rogue

    Hey guys, so before the big update that included levels past 20, I played as a druid. Was lvl 18. Nothing too fancy. But now I'm coming back, and my brother decided to come back as a shaman. I figured I might as well live the life of my #1 enemy: rogues. So I have some questions. What are the best setups? Are there PvP AND PvE rogues? Or just one universal setup? Should I stick to double dag, sword, axe? Or should I use a combination? What's the recommended gear I should use as I'm going through the game again? Thanks for the help guys! Hope to see some of ya in game.
  8. You don't understand delta. In order for a druid to still be any good you have to have a high amp'd staff. There were druid that had +10 staff and astral set that had max heal but only 250ish damage. Now they get 375+ damage and like 300 heal, but I have a +1 arena staff astral set. I healed 252. I was invited to near every hunt and I solo'd like a champ. I only had 150 damage though. Now I have 250 damage but 190 heal. 190. You know how shitty that is? Only high amp'd healers are OP. The point of astral was for hunting, but most druid cant hunt anymore cuz our heal is shit. The devs didn't ba
  9. See that's what I was thinking, but I wanted to make 100% sure, because I don't wanna do this and have the possibility over my head of the admins banning my account. I wouldn't like that :/
  10. I have a question, and would actually like a dev to answer if possible. I know trading acc's is definitely against the rules of Warspear, as in every other game. However, I know some of us, to include me, do not have a credit or debit card to put on my acc to buy mcoins for say, costumes and such that you can only get from the shop. I didn't see a rule saying that you can't trade mcoins. Say I have 100k gold, but I have no access to real money for mcoins. Would it truly be wrong to trade someone, say my friend that I personally know that plays Warspear AND has mcoins, my 100k gold for a set a
  11. I wasn't doubting you mate I was just saying I've only ever seen a handful of palas be able.to solo
  12. Lol uhm I dunno... I know only a handful of palas that can even solo marak... Without minion... Druids are superb when it comes to soloing bosses. With 2500 def and 270 heal, plus the 20% or so crit, you got a baddass druid that can solo pretty much whatever and whenever (unless its like...bg...where little mobs crawl around).
  13. Its not a bad idea, but nobody has ever thought about it. Try it out and tell us what you get!
  14. That's along the lines I was thinking. Thanks :D
  15. Hey everyone, Demonhyde here. So I've recently gotten into hunting bosses a LOT. I'll solo marak and Dinalt and party with a tank for kratt. My problem is, though, is that my solos are never constant with dinalt. One time I may kill him easy, no pots. The next time it may take 4-5 pots, which really pisses me off. Since I'm soloing, I pretty much get sphere drops every time(half the time being damage), andaybe 1/10 times an equip drop, so I'm still making a bit of money but I hate using so many pots. I have 213 heal as a level 16, 1313 defense(20%),10% crit and 15% dodge. (yes, that's with run
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