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  1. So this only means our arena characters can't do the daily quests, and again just to sit at tavern. *sigh*
  2. Please remove the daily quest XP reward for the low levels, because we don't want to level up unintentionally.
  3. March of the Penguins What's your Wifi password?
  4. No I don't. What's your favourite pickup line?
  5. You take such matters literally? Zombies won't surely like you.
  6. As far as I've experienced farming, I got a drop of every heavy equips except gloves from lvl9 and 10 bosses at map1 firstborn. The gloves are quite rare and hard to farm, I guess, because my other lvl10 BD friends don't have it yet. I've got this before when it's sold from NPC This can be dropped by lvl10 boss. Hmmm my suggestion is: You could have this helm but lacks critical. If you like critical you can use leather helm or craft lvl10 helm with parry, crit, HP, but lacks accuracy. But I prefer this: I got from lvl10 dungeon. Good luck !
  7. Hmmm. 1. This is sarcasm / irony. -I'll salute you if yes. 2. You're an idiot. -the critical means the poison reached and hits your little brain and you're severely hurt. -get it?
  8. Nope, I'm a free player. Is the stun stat worth it?
  9. [spoiler=for Russellelf] LoL bro, I thought you'd know that according to the laws of physics and gravity that everything falls 9.8 m/s downward. Hence, a tank and a nail will hit the land at the same exact time. So if we remove the air friction, even a paper vs tank will land the same time too. Heavier objects that falls first is an Aristotle idea, an old logic procured by him. All the objects , disregarding air friction, will fall at the same time is from Sir Isaac Newton, a newer version and has proof. Too bad some people are still unaware of that No I did not. For you what's the best costume?
  10. Sorry, I don't have. My android is also my alarm clock. If you drop a tank ( military tank ) and a nail ( the ones we use on wood ) from the tallest building, what would be the one that will land first?
  11. A very biased statement just to show he's not a weakling and not an ultimate complainant. If you only please raise down your pride, and think about the Necro problem a second time. I know sometimes you ( or everyone ) are a little envy to the other class' progress.
  12. cigma


    You don't know how to use the flurry of steel skill. You can use it from stealth without breaking it. Means in PvP, you can still do damage while waiting under stealth. And rogues now have the chance to imitate the skill "taunt"- for mobs to aggro you in range even for a melee class.
  13. You're a genius Indian. Why pictures are quadrilateral ( square , rectangle ), when a camera's lense is circle?
  14. My dad is Cybernem. How do you think the humans have discovered that the Earth has a core?
  15. Ask the one who thinks he's the boss and king of the tavern section. Ask the one who, if a post is against him, deletes it in an immediate manner. No namedropping please. What is your greatest achievement in your entire life?
  16. Ofcourse ! not ! If genie, Gridaur, and anax are triplets, Whom do you think is their mother?
  17. Avatar : The Last Airbender Why should I hire you?
  18. A What do you usually do when you see an extremely cute person such as me?
  19. For the 2nd time, And please . . . for everyone, except the guy above,
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