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  1. A minha dúvida e sobre o tempo de nascimento dos boss rainde ainda e 24 horas ou foi reduzido para 12 tipo ontem mataram kronus duas vezes 1 vez 11.23 a seguda vez antes da meia noite E sobre os 2 boss rainde Da T5 mapa 4 Como são 2 tenho dúvida sobre se algum deles tem alguma restrição em questão a drop exemplo so pode mata 1 vez etc.. Espero que alguém possa me ajuda nessa duvidas
  2. Please bring back hp boss in map starter back to 30k! At least the last boss in starter map. Lot of farmer now, especially in us saphire and eu emerald, they wont invite people, even a questor! I can tolerate about dungeon solo, its great idea, but, raid boss in map 1, now just making people getting greedy, Its different like Ru server or brazil, in eu emerald and us saphire, the community is bad, and this nerf bosses make more bad. I am a farmer, i am helping questor, and i am a questor too, this is happen when i made my Chieftain, also he ignored me and still farm solo. Rip community
  3. Eu nunca consegui depositar nada dos Bosses, eu só queria entender como dropa, quais os requisitos, por favor tudo a eu preciso saber. Obs sou levei 13 no mapa 1
  4. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  5. I play charmer on server tourmaline, I currently have some lvl 26 + 10 improved craft items, and even then I still do not see the charmer being a good support or dmg for a dungeon, It's really sad that you have to listen to the same question every day, '' What do you do in a group? '' and in the end I can not say the answer to the right, because the dmg is not equivalent to that of a dmg class, and its usefulness as a support is not as good as that of a shaman or necromancer. so I've come up with a few tweaks on the charmer's current skills targeting just the pve, and team fights, like guild castles. dark prism- if the charmer or his party members are attacked by enemies, there is a chance that dark prism will fail on them too. (it would be the same effect as harad's tear, this would help a lot in dungeons like TP, garden, kronus, tree, and would also be very useful in team fights, for example guild battles). call- The wolf of darkness is a somewhat random skill, sometimes it is well used, but most of the time it is an inutiu ability, both for his lowly life, so much for his phallus to attack any target. the evocation form of the wolf of darkness would change, from throwing it into an area for over a player. summon to wolf of the darkness in the character our an ally for x seconds. the wolf deal a physical damage to the enemy, would work the same way as the bird of the night, and now the wolf of darkness applies area damage around the enemy he is attacking every 3 attacks, also the basic attributes of the wolf would be improved to match the attributes of the charmer, defense, life, of the charmer would be applied in a certain% to the wolf, so it would be more used in team fights like castles of guilds, for example my charmer has 5000 life points, my 5/5 call would have 3500 or more life, around 75% of the life of the charmer, with 5/5 ability the same would apply to damage, and resistance of the wolf . battle cure - I do not see this ability as a good time cure, but her total healing is really very low, it would be really interesting to increase the amount of healing it instantly provides, for at least 60% more of the current value, I I have 669 magical damage, lvl 27 and i heal only 468 i should heal at least 700+ instantly, and 289 per time, it's really a negligible value when the monsters deal 700 or more damage in the tanks, otherworldly blessing- is a good ability to support, however the charmer can only use this ability in itself, it would be interesting if the charmer could conjure this ability on allies. otherwordly fire- of an animation to this ability, it is really strange to see stones falling without you having made any movement: D eye of the darkness - this is a great ability to support, however its duration is very short, could increase the duration of this skill by about 40 or 50%, so it would make it much easier to attack or buff the team. chaos help - really the best charmer skill for pve, much used for both damage and healing, however, the bird's life is very low, and on top of that he needs to get melee to attack, improvement for him would be simple, life-enhancing, based on the life of the charmer, and the bird of the night, would attack at a distance, about 3 or 4 meters, thus preventing him from dying fast for attacks in area energy manipulation - really a poor skill, both for pve and pvp, it is of no use, the amount of mana absorbed is insignificant, and on top of that it does not work in a boss, it would be good if it were a passive skill, Each ATK has a chance to absorb energy from the enemy. also thought of a new skill that would be very useful in pve and team fights, besides that it would value the use of magically damaged apples, sanctuary outcast, the charmer creates a magical area around it, causing physical damage to enemies and healing allies, the damage is based on the physical power of the character, and healing on magical power. the area of the skill would be the same as that of the necromancer, and would be a skill in the activation, you active and it consumes mana periodically, making its effect permanent until you deactivate or finish your mana. I hope you understand, because I am not fluent in English, and I used google translator to translate the text, I hope some adm, or gm look and read and see that charmer is really a class that needs improvement to the pvm regards Rhaast, charmer lvl 27 sever br-tourmaline
  6. TheCabbage


    Who was he? How did he betray you? How did he end up in his cave? I have mixed memories - please help. (Nothing special here. I just want to know what he was doing and why he had to be killed.)
  7. Today we tried with 20+ people to kill this shit boss and failed 2 times. When boss hp decreased to 200-300k hp it spams 10 mobs together with 3 wave that means atleast 30 mobs. Of course all the people died in that area but we did not give up and gather all people again to kill it. In the second try we killed that 30+ mobs first then boss hp decreased 400k and it happened again , wow 30 more mobs all together attacking and killing people 1 by 1 , if people in that area were not that much greedy we could kill the mobs and att boss and finish that achievment but all of them wanted the achi and forget to attacks mobs (IDIOT NOOBS) Now, I wanted to a good tactic to kill this boss. I write here what I know about this boss, you can help me to find more information and tactics about it. 1- Sometimes boss roots and attacks his own mobs. 2- Some mobs are not attack with others they attack alone , (I noticed some Blackthorns). 3- Different kind of mobs has different kind of buffs and debuffs. 4- Black elm cant be debuffed. 5- Black elm dont have basic attack. 6- Black elm creates red areas for debuff and attack to people. 7- The nearest area around black elm always get red area and root people so melee players must run away and come back otherwise almost constant root. Once Roland said 1 pt can kill this boss , so I want to know how to do that ?
  8. SakKiimil

    Npc Rank

    Hello I have a lot time playing warspear, but the first my archivements, can see i have complete "Bloody harvest III", "It's time for cleaning III" and "Easy job III" for this archivements need kill: -Monster Elite class -Monster Strong class .Monster Normal class My question is. How i know which is a Elite, Strong, Normal, Miniboss and Boss npc? but only know what the stun skill no have effect in boss.
  9. Intro! "Legend says, the days of yore ever lived a creature that has enormous power. Some say it was dead. But some believe that it was just being asleep, waiting to be awakened" Far bottom of the deepest valley of Ayvondil, living a creature that still asleep. A Horrible flame-haired black-eyed creature waiting to be awakened. After the war of spear, when all of the energies absorbed into the ground. These energies collide with each other and produce a great power that inadvertently release the sacred seal that binds the creature. Now she's back for revenge. With heart filled by anger and hatred, expert in using the "Hell's Blade" and ability to spew a giant fireball out from her mouth, she promised to kill everyone who gets in her way. Name : BEGAAL HP : 2.000.000 Energy : 2.000 Energy regen : 100 Physical attack : 500 Magical attack : 500 Appereance : Pitch black-eyed, Flame-haired, 4 black wings, with 2 blades that stick to her hand called Hell's Blade. Movement : Guarded by 3 Giant lava-ifrits, She moves around quickly, ready to kill anyone who enter her place. Location : Deepest Valley of Ayvondil *Skills* Active skills: (Old Skills formation) 1. Merciless Strike (Rogue's skill) 2. Illusory Chains (Mage's skill) 3. Elusive Jump (Rogue's skill) 4. Fireball (Mage's skill) (New skills formation) still use skill number 1 and 2, Just replace number 3 and 4 with my new skills concept. 3. Inferno Jump (new) [its like rogue's elusive jump but also setting fire to the enemy, while target is on fire it suffer magic damage for a periode of time] 4. Demon's Breath (new) [its like Mage's fireball but its appereance is much more bigger, causes damage to target and enemies located nearby. Also have small chance to stun enemies] Passive skill: 1. Rage of Hell (new) [When hp remains 10%, the Accuracy and Speed of attack increase to 50% and able to spawn "Fire totem" every 10 seconds] Note: Sorry for my bad english, i am not so good in english, also writing a story. I use Google translate, so if u find some weird words up there let me know. i will update this post soon. Feel free to give suggestion. please
  10. My Boss Is Kadom A Gigantic Evolved Tortoise Lets start the back story shall we? Young Jason worked the fields with the other elf slaves deep in the forsaken island with his father Scrivener.Jason Never was like the other elves and loved to disobey orders and hide in tuckoots inner realm. Having been caught by the guards of the house of darkness and sent to the overlord of forsaken himself The over lord found a interesting liking to this young boy and decided to wipe his memory's cut off his ears clean and transform him into a huge tanking death knight able to hold the front lines at isrelnort forever at the astral labyrinth. Young Jason washed and sent off to the front lines of isrelnort straight into the war of the spear was sent down near the berengars caves and the astral labyrinth. The army named him Kadom the Tank when he arrived After the ancient dragons of lore for when the Legion decided to explore the astral labyrinth Kadom himself was the tank roaring through messengers he was left by his healers and his party to be knocked unconscious during the battle through the labyrinth. When he awoke he was held captive by the powerful torturer who wanted him to be his endless servant.After some weeks of working for the powerful torturer slaying The legion and the Sentinels he revolted versus the powerful torturer and was injured nearly to death and as he had not known that the forsaken overlord had put a powerful curse on him as well. A curse that would turn him into the ultimate dark tank not able to recognize friend or foe a beast to be feared throughout isrelnort all the way to the dark Elfs in Ayivondil. Kadom The Ultimate Tank was born a beast of the thickest armor and the ultimate tanking abilities. Having been resurrected he Slaid the powerful torturer in a fight and charged all the way to the back of the labyrinth deeper then even the mighty eye had gone and created his own sanctuary And had summoned the help of Assassin mercenary's to Protect the way there but he himself would fight on his own. Boss Location: 5 Spaces past Eye to the back would extend astral labyrinth make it a trail like other bosses to figure out Unlike most he'd be in a small area and have no mobs around him. Mobs:Assassins Outfits except Green 12k Hp each 170 base dmg lv24 Would Lace the trail Heavily Boss Stats Itself: 450 Base Damage Attacks every 4 Seconds in a Biting Manner. 1.3m Hp 10000 Defense Very Slow Movement Speed. Skills: Razor Fang 500 Straight Damage no Matter what your Defence is Roar: Exactly Same Stats as Barbs Maxed Dark Shield: Same % of Success as Death Knights Max Earthquake: in a 3 Block radius on all sides of the Boss dmg output 300 Drops: Unity Signs,Bars,Assassins Green Costume (Parameters Receiving)15% Dr,Any lv20 Armor Piece,Kadoms Costume 3% Dr, And Def and Dmg Spheres 3. Thanks For Reading I thought it was a great idea to put some action into the astral Labyrinth and Back against the Two Factions as well Hope This or something like this in the labyrinth is added Because everyone Loves Lab! xD
  11. Archelaos Lets start from day one, a man named Macedon who lived with the Chosen. Macedon was different from the other chosen, he caught on to the teachings of magic spells a lot faster than other students. He would learn the most difficult spells in just a couple days, When it took others Months to learn. Jealousy grew amongst the people of chosen, even teachers envied him. Other kids became distant by avoiding him, as time went on Macedon only grew in hi asceeding power, as he spent most of his life alone. Macedon promised to protect the chosen no mater what even if he was look at different or looked down on. He would practice his craft far from his village, where he could be most alone. This was Macedon's sanctuary where everything was peaceful. One morning, while Macedon was at his place of sanctuary, an attack took place back home, but because macron was so far away he didn't here a thing. When macron returned, he had seen the reckoning. He was so sorrowful and the people of the chosen blamed him . In result of a such an event, chosen outcasted macron forbidding his return. Macedon went on blaming him self for week, saying it was his own fault. He stubbled on a dark place on his weary journey, a place known as the Forsaken. there he found new family, where he was loved by everyon. People were fond of his powerful skills in witchcraft. After so long of feeling sorry for himself Macedon grew angry. From there on out Macedon sought to seek revenge for his out cast at such a young age. he Changed his name from Macedon to Archelaos a name with a lot more meaning than his old self. he studied every spell he could possibly learn, and developed his own wizardry. then the day came where he went own his journey to go back to the Island called Chosen and slay everyone. With Archelaos newly developed wizardry he took souls of the people that ever tried to appose or stand in his path making him more and more pwerful. .... As of this day no one know where archelaos is except that he was last seen in the cave of the pontifices..... chosen has to long prepare for the boy they turned their backs on.... Behavior: Archelaos is filled with rage very aggressive, will attack if with in 10 spaces of his area every 4 magic attacks he does physical damage by hitting the targeted hero Skills: Fetters of Justice: Blind all the enemies, in a certain radius, around Archelaos. They cannot move or use their skills, and their damage is reduced. Harad's Tear: hits everyone that is targeting him no matter the distance for instance- if u hit archelaos and your health bar blinks showing ur in combat when he activates his tear u will be hit no matter the distance Exhalation of Darkness: bewitches the hero's weapon in order to deal increased magic damage during the next common attack. The target will be stunned for a few seconds. Sap- Sapped header causes reduction of enemy's damage and attack speed. Calling: Summons 3 siprits spirits stats health 5,000 def 2,000 mdef 1,000 Damage 400 physical Archelaos stats : Health 1,000,000 defense 3,000 magic resist 2,000 magic damage 500 physical damage 300 should drop costume that looks just like archelaos also a staff skin such as the one archelaos weilds The last pick is what his ghost minions would look like :[ Hop you guys like the concept like my boss please vote and thank you very much
  12. Kuamok high priest died and wrote in moments of pain and despair that our ancestors found new hogares.Construcción of houses and temples, which were eager to appease and glorify without knowing the mystery that was to come, KOREAGUNBA a chief warrior raised from the ashes of the city MALIAT (Capital of Ayvondil) which was destroyed by the army of Orin, Koreagunba has dark magical powers, in addition to controlling elements fire, earth, water and air. This new threat trying to take possession and destroy all its inhabitants Ayvondil, this is how this magical world is again threatened by this great danger, and factions that inhabit it must be put to work to defend and defeat this new destructor . Boss Name: KOREAGUNBA Level: 30 HP: 2.000.000 SKILLS:: 1 - Promulgate darkness (DK) 2 - Poison shield (necro) 3- Quake (shaman) DAMAGE:700 MAGIC DAMAGE:300 Drops: Essentials, Catalysts, bars, equipment level 29, level 24 accessories. Costume: Demon of purrpurr Guard Demon of Bloody Guard Demon of shadow Guard
  13. The Avenging Ent Neparhu Long time ago, the inhabitant of the eternal forest used to worship an ancient tree. many creatures would rest under its shade and had shelter on its branches. They believed the tree was protecting the forest and granting it an eternal life. But all of their beliefs and hopes were crushed when the forest was torn apart and tainted due to the unleashed fury during the war of spear. The inhabitants and creatures of the forest would cry and shout out curses while looking at the ancient tree as they lost their hope of protection while they took their last breath. The Ancient tree incaged the pain and agony of the people who once believed him as a guardian and was reborn as an avenging ent, tainted and furious with the sole purpose of guarding the forest from any trespasser. The ancient ent would show mercy to no one, the visions of past had blinded it. The inhabitants would sometimes hear the screams and whispering curses coming from the tainted part of the forest which is believed as the screams of agony let out by the avenging ancient ent. due to which the forest is also known as cursed forest of ayvondil. The Avenging ent (NEPARHU) would listen to no one and has only one thing to say "Die foolish creature the only thing you know is to disrupt the peace and start a war, I will never let the past repeat again, the Forest has suffered enough." Neparhu resides in a dungeon and is guarded by 3 small ents and all of them attacks when enemy is near the aggro range. Abilities Entangle: Neparhu roots all of its enemies in place stunning them for 5 sec (casted after every 35 sec) Scream of Agony: Neparhu sends out a shock wave which deals certain magic damage 3-4 times and decreases defense of nearby enemies by 50% (or any appropriate amount) for about 20 sec Thump: Neparhu Hits the player with aggro causing 900 physical damage Bonus Ability: Ent-To Rage: Neparhu summons 3 small ents again if he is not killed within 10minute (or appropriate time based on its Health)
  14. Naaharag, a powerful ally (Developers can change it to be Garahaan only brother) of Garahaan before he came to power! One day Naaharag asks Garahaan for more power so Garahaan proposed a deal that if he allowed his most powerful Warlocks and and necromancers to experiment on him so Naaharag gains more power Naaharag will serve garahaan for eternity so they did just that after the experiment Naaharag got just what he wanted, more power but he was disformed and a freak to society! But Naaharag found out he didnt get more power! Just experimented on by the ones he trusted the most! One day Naaharag confronted Garahaan about what he did and challenges him to a duel, Naaharag lost (Due to Garahaan trickery) and was sealed in a cave for eternity! As time goes by the magic that seals the deadly Deathknight gets weaker and weaker and Naaharag wants to exact his REVENGE! (Garahaan knew if Naaharag got more powerful he would defeat him and claim rulership of the legion) Boss will have 30-50k HP Forsaken Map (Possibly can be located in map 2 in a cave) By 20k and below Naaharag will activate Spirit Cry -Doubles DMG -Each 10 seconds 500hp-1000hp will deplete of the boss. Aggressive boss In a cave by himself of bones of great warriors who tried (DEAD) to slay him. (bones on the ground like in regular caves, swords.) A quest given to you by the great Garahaan himself, forsaken and Mountain Clan can complete it. -That move that you can do magical damage from DK Skill. Link to Picture
  15. Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters STORY OF THE BOSS: In a beautiful forest named Botania Forest lived a warrior who has magic nature. His name is Zurrakh, he lived in the Botania Forest. (HE COME FROM BOTANIA FOREST) He became the ruler of the forest. He likes to protect nature. Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters During his life he was living peacefully in the forest. But everything changed since the forests disturb by the people, they are cut down many trees and hunt animals in his forest. He became nasty and angry with everyone. With magical powers, he made all the plants in the forest to live as a monster and attack the village. (HE WANT TO DESTROY THE VILLAGE FOR REVENGE) Adds The forest was now a very creepy, now the forest called Ancient Forest woods. Anger is difficult to stop, because he was very strong. He called Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters by the warriors. Now he lives on an island called Ayvondil Island. Ayvondil Island To be able to get there, the soldiers must defeat the monster plants in the Hall of the Avenger to get a Dark Seeds. Dark Seeds *sorry i am not design the monster plants, yet. The soldiers must had to get the seed to get into the room Zurrakh. Seeds that only works for 3 hours, if the soldiers could not defeat Zurrakh more than 3 hours, it will automatically back out of the room and had to get dark Seeds again to try again. HIS BEHAVIOUR ON A MAP: He attacked everyone in front of him and grow plants everywhere. Description Atack: 700 Hp: 2000 000 Regen Hp: 1000 Energy: 300 Regen Energy: 20 Deff physical & magic: 4000 SKILL: Insect Swarm: A swarm of insects is released upon the enemy. The insect deal magic damage over a period of time, reducing the enemy’s speed for duration. Boss use this skill to Higher damage of enemies. Entangling Root: The plant roots entangle the opponent, holding them in place for a period of time. Boss use this skill to Higher damage of enemies. Forest Song: All enemies in the radius of the Forest Song effect, with an element of chance, may fall asleep. If they then receive any damage the effect is removed. Radius: 3x3 Boss use this skill at near area of Boss. Magical Pollen: Natutal flowers will spread its pollen, and the pollen will make all enemies reduce their health and energy in the radius of the Magical Pollen. Radius:3x3 Boss use this skill at random area.
  16. Vindictive Executioner Vindictive Executioner come from a distant land with his servants. Vindictive Executioner is a man with two Ancient Blade, have one horn at his head with the wedge neck. Long time ago he is a Repairman, he bored ordered around by a lot of fighters and treated as inferior and servant in his country. He hated all warrior and now he revenge on all warrior, and he called "Vindictive Executioner". Finally he decided to leave the country and moved to the island Irselnort. He lives by sucking the human soul with his mouth. That make him more strong. He came to the Isertnort Island with his servants, that is Wedgehead Shadow Executioner, Wedgehead Bloody Harvesters and others. He disturbing all person on the island by abducting a person at Nadir for take their soul. He wanna be the strongest. He built a residence near the nadir near the mountain. He will kill anyone who approached or interfere the residence of him. The nadir people fear the presence of him, and decided to ask the help of all warrior to defeat him. State Health: 1 800 000 Health regeneration: 1 200 Energy: 200 Energy regeneration: 40 Attack Physical: 650 Magical: 0 Critical hit: 25% Accuracy: 40% Attack speed: 20% Penetration: 0% Defence Physical: 5000 Magical: 4000 Dodge: 15% Resilience: 30% Parry: 20% Block: 10% Life Steal: 5% Skill: Poisonous Blade(rogue), Roar(Barbarian), Nightmares(Neromancer)
  17. Bakhtiaar The Stinkydemon HP: 2000000 HP Regen: 700 Mana: 1500 Mana Regen: 150 Bakhtiaar is also called The stinkydemon because his body decomposing and gives a foul odor. He comes from the depths of Hell, is one of the most powerful demons. He doesnt have wings, but he can levitate. He is a tribal warrior who uses spells to increase their combat skills. He was corrupted by the power of Garaan, it has become a Forsaken, this increases his strengh, so he was kicked out of Hell to Arinar with his friend Sandaar. Now full of anger, try to stay calm by meditating somewhere in Arinar. He will try not to unleash their anger as his strength could threaten all existence. He doesnt have wings, but he can levitate. Behavior: He will be in a deep trance (so dont disturb him), meditating all the time and in this way keeping all his power in control, until we interact with him and we show the collar of Sandaar. He couldn't contain his anger, then he will attack us with his blades (normal attack). Also wield their swords in a powerful attack, that increase significantly the damage caused. He throws hellfire balls and voodoo rituals to attack his foes and increases his physical defense. Skills -Hellfire: Fireballs throwing, that burns and cause damage for a time. -Rush: Fierce attack with swords to deal high ammount of physical damage. -Voodoo: 5 yards of reach, poison the targets in the area. Sandaar The guardian of Hell HP: 500000 HP Regen: 300 Mana: 1000 Mana Regen: 100 Born in the deepest place in Hell product of hatred of centuries of wars and conflicts, because of this is very aggressive and fierce. His eyes reveal the unquenchable fire that is inside his breath charring everything it touches. Its bite is feared throughout the underworld. Its a fierce servant and guardian of Bakhtiaar, who considers his best friend. Behavior: Its guards the path to his boss, lurking for intruders wanting to disturb his master meditation. It has a breath of fire devouring their enemies and reduced to ashes, and its powerful bark which it terrorizes those it faces. With its powerful jaws crushed and devours the bones of the intruders. Skills: -Fire breath: Powerful attack, sets to the target that causes damage for a time. -Bark: Can stun the target -Bonecrusher bite: use his fangs to deal high ammount of physical damage.
  18. This is Goron He was a shaman who remained zarodljen years in the catacombs that are found in Ajvondil island. One of the warriors lost in the catacombs Ajvondila very soon find a way out ran into the ancient stone gate. When he opened it dropped out chains that have captured a brave warrior and Goron was able to get out of the cave and begin to rage against all the inhabitants Ajvondila. He is very dangerous, has shamanic powers. Its main magic ,,paralysis,, cast a spell on nekogratnika, he starts to play around and then go to sleep for about 10 seconds, then the next six minutes while coming around him a lot of energy decreases.
  19. Trolls wild Ayvondil are renowned for their cruelty, dark mysticism, and seething hatred for all other races. However, an exception among the trolls is the Darkspear tribe and its cunning leader, Phixxuã. Marked by a history of subservience and exile, His race was on the verge of extinction when Warchief Thrall and the powerful forces of Berengar's landed in the home of trolls, a remote island in the seas near Naddir during a violent storm. Where to live up to our times, angrier under the existing races that almost became extinção. skill: passive: REGENERATION Trolls have a natural healing power that constantly replenishes the hit points, even when they are in combat. RESISTANCE TO MAGIC The troll has a natural resistance to magic active: TORRENT TROLL The troll can disrupt spells, briefly silencing all spellcasters enemies around and restoring some of their own resources SPIRIT Wisp When he died, he takes the form of spirit of flash in the pan, with 50% of its life, sailing in the world much faster than ordinary spirits. Hp: 2.000.000 Dmg magic: 600 Regen p/50s: 2.000hp and 200 energy
  20. Um dos Maiores Generais de Ayvondil já conhecido com grande habilidades extraordinária, foi corrompido pela sede de poder, ele passou a ser um guerreiro muito temido pelo povo, pelo seus atos de destruição em todos os cantos do mundo de Arinar. Por conhecer grandes técnicas com duplas espada ele se tornou uma grande ameaça jamais detida. Hp: 2.000.000 Dmg: 600 Habilidades: Lâminas envenenadas(Rogue) contra golpe(bd) Passiva: Roubo de vida 20% por golpe.
  21. Gorden Gorden was a brave warrior elf during the boom war, blessed by Naudu and admired by Harad, during the war the dark army of Berengar destroyed without mercy Gorden and his army .. just doing his wandering spirit in Nortland as a Wisp together with his brave warriors to the end they did not give up ... once Donkor passed that place .. and saw the Wisp warrior and decided to take his land Moraktar - Island of Outcasts and brought the warrior elf back to life in a demon more Donkor did not leave that island because his flesh was outlawed more his soul was elf, so they refused as a member, then Donkor hid in a cave in Ivondil forgotten by god Tlalocs near the village in fear for their existence .. no warriors want to go to this place to see the monster that was once the pride of our gods Boss Name: Gorden Level: 40 HP: 1000.000 skills 1 - Lightning Strike (Blade Dancer) 2 - promulgate darkness (DK) drops: Demon Warrior costume. Essentials, Catalysts, bars, equipment level 20, level 19 accessories. Check my Boss, and indicate possible improvements in images or more details about its history, I am new to posts with photos and stories. Taikrost
  22. Farahazi - Son of Zarion A long time ago in a lineage of elves was quiet which was ruled for many years when one day has arrived to the manor house with a lovely fairy Lindia Which one race of dark elves dark secrets concealed. She was sent by the Wizard Zarion instruction placed was a brother of the King of the Elves Gariaza. They had a dispute with each other since passed the instruction placed on the wrong side of the Black Magic. Instruction placed wanted his daughter enamored of one of his sons Enemy to get across to the castle and pick up the book with the strongest witchcraft and black magic wanted to introduce on the agenda because it Gariaz banned because it was behind the bad effects. When Lindia into the realm of the Elves Gariaz did not recognize her because I did not know that the daughter of his enemy. One of the sons Gariaza fell in love with her and after a while started to plan instruction placed to take the desired effect. He wanted his daughter to enamored in itself one of the sons Gariaza to have access to information as to a secret passage into the realm of the forbidden books. But it was not only plan one who wanted to reach the instruction placed also had a son who was killed in a duel with his son Gariaza - Yazariq that loveth Lindia. He wanted to revive his son using a Yazariq's heart. When Lindia Yazariq brought together under the pretext of meeting with her Father Zayron he unleashed on him Yazariq Cerebruses with whom he had no chance to deal with and was killed. The plan instruction placed came to an end now that Gariaz was devastated over the loss of his son he could no longer attack the kingdom except that it did not foresee that his undead gave himself up in his hands he had to perform the ritual at the right time and not undead alive. Instruction placed noticed that he did not find the second part of the book. Now it's time to avert the instruction placed and take his book because otherwise the kingdom will be destroyed !!!. (im using google translator) Boss Information : Health Points : 1920000 Mana : 550 Damage Psychical : 440 Damage Distance Magic : 550 Skills : - Great Life Exhaust (Life stealing players who are in the environment) - Mental Pit - Panic Boss should be surrounded by 4 cerebruses that deal only physical damage and skill poisonus shield. Skills and moobs skills can be changed.:0 Drop : Staff of Forsakens God's ( Magic damage, Critical, Life insurance, Stun), Boss can be at new city for 26 lvls
  23. Story refers to a long long time ago... Long time ago, "Gar Shasb" was one of 3 Warlords of Forsaken army. His father was one of "King Orin"s Warlords in the great War in Gods Grove and Spear Base's War.and then his son "Gar Shasb" served forsaken leader. Hi was so professional in his job.great combat control,Killing Talent and his agility turns him into a serious commander. But sentries passed and he became very covetous...he wanted the leadership...he wanted to become the king...so he gathered an army and attacked the leader and his loyal army. But,he lost.forsakrnleader could get him under control.but since his father was a respectful commander, forsakenleader refused to kill him.so he sent"Gar Shasb" to deeper prison and prisoned him for ever. Time passed.Gar Shasb could gather his strength and gather another army, an army including many monsters and demons and imprisoned legends in Deeper prison.he created this armor for himself and decided to rise.for revenge after "3000" YEARS! he met "GARRAN" God of forsaken.Gar Shasb tried to free him,but he realized that Garran is locked with magic chains. He promised to return with great mages, in order to free Garran.after he Captured the World. Yes...the world.his coming for whole Arinar.so what are you waiting for? STOP HIM BEFOR YOUR HOMES BURN. HP: 4M (look at his armor then decide it yourself) DAMAGE:Only physical. No magics.but wisely usage of FIRE. (Developers decision for amount of damage) Skills: _Area Fire Damage _A high damage every minute _Stun the target for 1sec _every minute he activates his Magic resistance ring.so he will be secure from any magic damage for 3sec BEHAVIOR: he has an army.some troops are near him He just stands until battle begins. His troops are mostly demons They guard his way.you need to kill them first in order to reach "Gar Shasb" Troops hp:around 10k (i prefer your decision) LOCATION: he was im deeper prisons for 3000years.so he can not match himself with arinar's mild weather so hes located in a warm place decorated with fire and Lava.(your decision from here) LOOT: 1.the fire Axe you are watching in the pic (Create it if theres no axe like that) 2.a plate armor decorated with Lva 3.Fire Dagger 3.a great magic resistance ring 4.a Great HP registration cloak
  24. HISTORIA/ STORY: Many warriors in Arinar know this legend, but no one know that it is real, i will tell you everything but you have to believe, so now is the moment, let me take you to a great adventure. Many years ago, during the huge war, an old man from the east was about to die and his son listened about a lake that could heal every injury, but this place was protected by a giant beast called IGNIS and many dangerous places in the way, the young warrior knew this, but was ready to save his father, the next day he began the travel to the lake, he was always a brave warrior, but this time he knew that he needs help, so he went with some partners and they walked a lot, when finally the dark sky began to appear, our warriors began to look for a place to sleep, but there was a problem, they were in a desert, so they had to sleep in the ground, the next day in the morning the young warrior dissapeared and all the others were looking for him because he was the guider and nobody else did know the way back. The young warrior did wake up in a strange cave and he tried to escape, but he could not, so he began to look into the cave, 2 hours later the warrior finded a beautifull lake surrounded by some trees, and when he tried to get closer, a huge beast appeared and the warrior protected himself, the beast tried to kill him but he did not give up, after 1 hour fighting the beast finally killed the young warrior. One hour later the partners finally finded the cave and inside there were the young warrior dead, so they took the map from his bag and they ran away back to the town. When they did come back to the town, the old man was dead and they told the truth to everyone. The big problem with IGNIS is that he is hidden in the darkness waiting to kill and many people say that IGNIS is the son of the evil and born from the pure magma but we will not know never. Muchos guerreros en Arinar saben esta leyenda, pero nadie sabe que es real, te diré todo pero tú tienes que creer, así que ahora es el momento, déjame llevarte a una gran aventura. Hace muchos años, durante la gran guerra, un viejo del este estaba a punto de morir y su hijo escuchó sobre un lago que podría curar cada herida, pero este lugar estaba protegido por una bestia gigante llamada IGNIS y muchos lugares peligrosos en el camino, el joven guerrero lo sabía, pero estaba dispuestos a salvar a su padre, al día siguiente empezó el viaje al lago , fue siempre un guerrero valiente, pero esta vez sabía que necesita ayuda, así que se fue con algunos socios y caminaron mucho, cuando finalmente el cielo oscuro comenzó a aparecer, nuestros guerreros comenzaron a buscar un lugar para dormir, pero había un problema, que estaban en un desierto, así que tuvieron que dormir en el suelo , al día siguiente por la mañana el joven guerrero desapareció y todos los demás lo buscaban porque él era el guiador y nadie sabía el camino de vuelta. El joven guerrero despertó en una extraña cueva y trató de escapar, pero no pudo así que comenzó a investigar la cueva, 2 horas más tarde el guerrero encontró un hermoso lago rodeado de algunos árboles, y cuando intentó acercarse, una gran bestia apareció y el Guerrero se protegió, la bestia intentó matarlo pero este no se rindió, después de 1 hora peleando la bestia finalmente mató al joven guerrero. Una hora más tarde los socios finalmente encontraron la cueva y dentro yacía el joven guerrero muerto, así que se llevaron el mapa de su bolsa y huyeron hacia la ciudad. Cuando volvieron a la ciudad, el viejo estaba muerto y contaron la verdad a todo el mundo. El gran problema con IGNIS es que esta siempre en la oscuridad esperando para matar y muchas personas dicen que IGNIS es el hijo del mal y nacido del magma puro pero no lo sabremos nunca. INFO: damage: 650 Lvl: 30 hp: 1500000 energy: 1000 DROPS: Dropea armas lvl25, traje, catalizadores, esenciales y esferas. It drops weapons lvl25, custom, catalysts, essentials, and espheres. COMPORTAMIENTO/ BEHAVIOR: IGNIS lay in a cave surrounded by 4 towers that deal damage (100) to everyone who use skills so ignis always stay in the middle of the towers and if ignis go out of the towers area he will try to scape coming back to the area. IGNIS se encuentra en una cueva rodeado por 4 pilares, a la hora de batallar ignis se mantiene dentro del radio de los 4 pilares, ya que si se utiliza un skill dentro del area de los pilares estos realizaran un daño de 100 cada uno al objetivo que utilizo el skill, si ignis sale del area de los cuatro pilares este intentara entrar otra vez intentando escapar. HABILIDADES/ SKILLS: Threads of darkness (Death knight). Shattered stone (Mage). Elusive jump (Rogue).
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