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  1. A minha dúvida e sobre o tempo de nascimento dos boss rainde ainda e 24 horas ou foi reduzido para 12 tipo ontem mataram kronus duas vezes 1 vez 11.23 a seguda vez antes da meia noite E sobre os 2 boss rainde Da T5 mapa 4 Como são 2 tenho dúvida sobre se algum deles tem alguma restrição em questão a drop exemplo so pode mata 1 vez etc.. Espero que alguém possa me ajuda nessa duvidas
  2. Please bring back hp boss in map starter back to 30k! At least the last boss in starter map. Lot of farmer now, especially in us saphire and eu emerald, they wont invite people, even a questor! I can tolerate about dungeon solo, its great idea, but, raid boss in map 1, now just making people getting greedy, Its different like Ru server or brazil, in eu emerald and us saphire, the community is bad, and this nerf bosses make more bad. I am a farmer, i am helping questor, and i am a questor too, this is happen when i made my Chieftain, also he ignored me and still
  3. Eu nunca consegui depositar nada dos Bosses, eu só queria entender como dropa, quais os requisitos, por favor tudo a eu preciso saber. Obs sou levei 13 no mapa 1
  4. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  5. I play charmer on server tourmaline, I currently have some lvl 26 + 10 improved craft items, and even then I still do not see the charmer being a good support or dmg for a dungeon, It's really sad that you have to listen to the same question every day, '' What do you do in a group? '' and in the end I can not say the answer to the right, because the dmg is not equivalent to that of a dmg class, and its usefulness as a support is not as good as that of a shaman or necromancer. so I've come up with a few tweaks on the charmer's current skills targeting just the pve, and team fights,
  6. TheCabbage


    Who was he? How did he betray you? How did he end up in his cave? I have mixed memories - please help. (Nothing special here. I just want to know what he was doing and why he had to be killed.)
  7. Today we tried with 20+ people to kill this shit boss and failed 2 times. When boss hp decreased to 200-300k hp it spams 10 mobs together with 3 wave that means atleast 30 mobs. Of course all the people died in that area but we did not give up and gather all people again to kill it. In the second try we killed that 30+ mobs first then boss hp decreased 400k and it happened again , wow 30 more mobs all together attacking and killing people 1 by 1 , if people in that area were not that much greedy we could kill the mobs and att boss and finish that achievment but all of them wanted the achi and
  8. SakKiimil

    Npc Rank

    Hello I have a lot time playing warspear, but the first my archivements, can see i have complete "Bloody harvest III", "It's time for cleaning III" and "Easy job III" for this archivements need kill: -Monster Elite class -Monster Strong class .Monster Normal class My question is. How i know which is a Elite, Strong, Normal, Miniboss and Boss npc? but only know what the stun skill no have effect in boss.
  9. Intro! "Legend says, the days of yore ever lived a creature that has enormous power. Some say it was dead. But some believe that it was just being asleep, waiting to be awakened" Far bottom of the deepest valley of Ayvondil, living a creature that still asleep. A Horrible flame-haired black-eyed creature waiting to be awakened. After the war of spear, when all of the energies absorbed into the ground. These energies collide with each other and produce a great power that inadvertently release the sacred seal that binds the creature. Now she's back for revenge. With heart fill
  10. My Boss Is Kadom A Gigantic Evolved Tortoise Lets start the back story shall we? Young Jason worked the fields with the other elf slaves deep in the forsaken island with his father Scrivener.Jason Never was like the other elves and loved to disobey orders and hide in tuckoots inner realm. Having been caught by the guards of the house of darkness and sent to the overlord of forsaken himself The over lord found a interesting liking to this young boy and decided to wipe his memory's cut off his ears clean and transform him into a huge tanking death knight able to hold the front lines at i
  11. Archelaos Lets start from day one, a man named Macedon who lived with the Chosen. Macedon was different from the other chosen, he caught on to the teachings of magic spells a lot faster than other students. He would learn the most difficult spells in just a couple days, When it took others Months to learn. Jealousy grew amongst the people of chosen, even teachers envied him. Other kids became distant by avoiding him, as time went on Macedon only grew in hi asceeding power, as he spent most of his life alone. Macedon promised to protect the chosen no mater what even if he was look at differen
  12. Kuamok high priest died and wrote in moments of pain and despair that our ancestors found new hogares.Construcción of houses and temples, which were eager to appease and glorify without knowing the mystery that was to come, KOREAGUNBA a chief warrior raised from the ashes of the city MALIAT (Capital of Ayvondil) which was destroyed by the army of Orin, Koreagunba has dark magical powers, in addition to controlling elements fire, earth, water and air. This new threat trying to take possession and destroy all its inhabitants Ayvondil, this is how this magical world is again threatened by this g
  13. The Avenging Ent Neparhu Long time ago, the inhabitant of the eternal forest used to worship an ancient tree. many creatures would rest under its shade and had shelter on its branches. They believed the tree was protecting the forest and granting it an eternal life. But all of their beliefs and hopes were crushed when the forest was torn apart and tainted due to the unleashed fury during the war of spear. The inhabitants and creatures of the forest would cry and shout out curses while looking at the ancient tree as they lost their hope of protection while they took their last breat
  14. Naaharag, a powerful ally (Developers can change it to be Garahaan only brother) of Garahaan before he came to power! One day Naaharag asks Garahaan for more power so Garahaan proposed a deal that if he allowed his most powerful Warlocks and and necromancers to experiment on him so Naaharag gains more power Naaharag will serve garahaan for eternity so they did just that after the experiment Naaharag got just what he wanted, more power but he was disformed and a freak to society! But Naaharag found out he didnt get more power! Just experimented on by the ones he trusted the most! One day Naahar
  15. Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters STORY OF THE BOSS: In a beautiful forest named Botania Forest lived a warrior who has magic nature. His name is Zurrakh, he lived in the Botania Forest. (HE COME FROM BOTANIA FOREST) He became the ruler of the forest. He likes to protect nature. Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters During his life he was living peacefully in the forest. But everything changed since the forests disturb by the people, they are cut down many trees and hunt animals in his forest. He became nasty and angry with everyone. With magical powers, he made all the plants in the
  16. Vindictive Executioner Vindictive Executioner come from a distant land with his servants. Vindictive Executioner is a man with two Ancient Blade, have one horn at his head with the wedge neck. Long time ago he is a Repairman, he bored ordered around by a lot of fighters and treated as inferior and servant in his country. He hated all warrior and now he revenge on all warrior, and he called "Vindictive Executioner". Finally he decided to leave the country and moved to the island Irselnort. He lives by sucking the human soul with his mouth. That make him more strong. He came to
  17. Bakhtiaar The Stinkydemon HP: 2000000 HP Regen: 700 Mana: 1500 Mana Regen: 150 Bakhtiaar is also called The stinkydemon because his body decomposing and gives a foul odor. He comes from the depths of Hell, is one of the most powerful demons. He doesnt have wings, but he can levitate. He is a tribal warrior who uses spells to increase their combat skills. He was corrupted by the power of Garaan, it has become a Forsaken, this increases his strengh, so he was kicked out of Hell to Arinar with his friend Sandaar. Now full of anger, try to stay calm by meditating somewhere in Arinar.
  18. This is Goron He was a shaman who remained zarodljen years in the catacombs that are found in Ajvondil island. One of the warriors lost in the catacombs Ajvondila very soon find a way out ran into the ancient stone gate. When he opened it dropped out chains that have captured a brave warrior and Goron was able to get out of the cave and begin to rage against all the inhabitants Ajvondila. He is very dangerous, has shamanic powers. Its main magic ,,paralysis,, cast a spell on nekogratnika, he starts to play around and then go to sleep for about 10 seconds, then the next six minutes while comi
  19. Trolls wild Ayvondil are renowned for their cruelty, dark mysticism, and seething hatred for all other races. However, an exception among the trolls is the Darkspear tribe and its cunning leader, Phixxuã. Marked by a history of subservience and exile, His race was on the verge of extinction when Warchief Thrall and the powerful forces of Berengar's landed in the home of trolls, a remote island in the seas near Naddir during a violent storm. Where to live up to our times, angrier under the existing races that almost became extinção. skill: passive: REGENERATION Trolls have a natural hea
  20. Um dos Maiores Generais de Ayvondil já conhecido com grande habilidades extraordinária, foi corrompido pela sede de poder, ele passou a ser um guerreiro muito temido pelo povo, pelo seus atos de destruição em todos os cantos do mundo de Arinar. Por conhecer grandes técnicas com duplas espada ele se tornou uma grande ameaça jamais detida. Hp: 2.000.000 Dmg: 600 Habilidades: Lâminas envenenadas(Rogue) contra golpe(bd) Passiva: Roubo de vida 20% por golpe.
  21. Gorden Gorden was a brave warrior elf during the boom war, blessed by Naudu and admired by Harad, during the war the dark army of Berengar destroyed without mercy Gorden and his army .. just doing his wandering spirit in Nortland as a Wisp together with his brave warriors to the end they did not give up ... once Donkor passed that place .. and saw the Wisp warrior and decided to take his land Moraktar - Island of Outcasts and brought the warrior elf back to life in a demon more Donkor did not leave that island because his flesh was outlawed more his soul was elf, so they refused as a mem
  22. Farahazi - Son of Zarion A long time ago in a lineage of elves was quiet which was ruled for many years when one day has arrived to the manor house with a lovely fairy Lindia Which one race of dark elves dark secrets concealed. She was sent by the Wizard Zarion instruction placed was a brother of the King of the Elves Gariaza. They had a dispute with each other since passed the instruction placed on the wrong side of the Black Magic. Instruction placed wanted his daughter enamored of one of his sons Enemy to get across to the castle and pick up the book with the strongest witchcraft and bl
  23. Story refers to a long long time ago... Long time ago, "Gar Shasb" was one of 3 Warlords of Forsaken army. His father was one of "King Orin"s Warlords in the great War in Gods Grove and Spear Base's War.and then his son "Gar Shasb" served forsaken leader. Hi was so professional in his job.great combat control,Killing Talent and his agility turns him into a serious commander. But sentries passed and he became very covetous...he wanted the leadership...he wanted to become the king...so he gathered an army and attacked the leader and his loyal army. But,he lost.forsakrnleader could get him
  24. HISTORIA/ STORY: Many warriors in Arinar know this legend, but no one know that it is real, i will tell you everything but you have to believe, so now is the moment, let me take you to a great adventure. Many years ago, during the huge war, an old man from the east was about to die and his son listened about a lake that could heal every injury, but this place was protected by a giant beast called IGNIS and many dangerous places in the way, the young warrior knew this, but was ready to save his father, the next day he began the travel to the lake, he was always a brave warrior, but this t
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