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  1. yoshumitzuXbabyy


    Devs... Is this fair i have to argue with a player about thee guild i purchased. There is no reimbursement, its black and white with this inactive leader guild rule. Its currupt. I have to watch THE guild i created walking around in game i no longer own.
  2. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    Rolleyes emoji GeeKed

  3. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    [2018.03.06] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Release

    Server went down when i first atked boss in lv 28 dg, w/ a rare minon, and lost chance at chest. Died....... Um. Cool. Re-edit im alive! Outside dg w/ rare minon.
  4. yoshumitzuXbabyy


    Hi, US Sapphire my guild NEEDS members msg my char in game. Rewards for high gp etc. Lvl 2 guild waiting on active and fullfilling players to lvl up guild, easy to sell, easy to trade items, storage is big, resource etc. Dg spammers and farmers mostly. Msg. hybridtype/demendal/corbinn Live 24/7 zzzz need sleep, were still crafting.
  5. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    New Costume Ideas

    Scythe daggers as skins
  6. yoshumitzuXbabyy


    Looking at forum while new update taking place. Anyone have any good pics of your char.
  7. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    post what you're listening to right now

    Soundcloud Search Title: "21.//jayyflow" Its trapdupstep instramentals Has raislin' profile picture on it "Attracted my attention to sharing"
  8. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    The whole reason i suggested this is too make gold easier to earn. The lower lvl bosses could have some sort of reward for lvl20+/ lower lvl mobs in map2 still drop quest items, i can sell thos to lower lvls.... Farm Anything map2 but the bosses sir.
  9. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    Ill resort to crafting for extra gold. PS. I own a guild named CRAFTER
  10. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    PvE gear with set bonuses for higher levels

    Warspear needs this update asap. Im strugling with gold making within the game. Thus selling these weapons/gear to players who cant afford to amp would be a pleasent exchange. Crafting items takes a lot of time.
  11. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    Help new players

    If there were someway that the high lvl player could recieve a gold reward for this otherwise,
  12. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    new weapon sets in cc shop

    I aswell like this idea
  13. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    I believe since i have already beat these bosses as a questor and in size of lvl i should be able to come back for a chance at a item to sell to novice players,,, they're wearing crafted items mostly. Once in a blue moon i will see a low lvl drop item on market. I understand spawn's mobs drop bars. It usually takes 1hour to make 5k. If there is any way farming gold could become easier, otherwise i resort to selling mcoin items, or reselling items. As a high lvl warrior, helping novices should be a positive reward. Frankly an acheviement is not worth my time. I highly recomend coming up with more ways to farm gold and bars for pro players.
  14. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN