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  1. It's been 2 months since castle update, and with that a bug that doesn't let some people connect with mobile data, even though it's high speed lol, can I get update on this bug from GM pls? I can only play on wifi >:(
  2. don't trust neither one of them, they scam accounts, gold transfers and then once their exposed they try to ruin the person exposing them names.
  3. @Julie, I think expert skills are made to be unique for that specific class.. not always powerful
  4. @Raezer, you know how warlock has life exhaust? Ik it's not really a heal skill but it's something.. what if devs made mages Sun armour into a skill that boost mages HP recovery so both classes would have atleast something and in general what mages in all games don't have heal skill or something
  5. Thats what I was trying to say, no mc can use bows, Ranger weapon.. but elf can use daggers.. a mc weapon
  6. 1. How Tank classes are able to use heavy armour but can also use light armour.. (what tank would use light armour) 2. How mage and warlock cannot use light armor.. which would make sense if they could.. 3.Bows/crowbows dropping in mc dg.. but can't use.. 4. Daggers dropping in elf dg.. but can use.. 5. How necro skill Panic 4/4 can fear 5 away.. but warlocks skill 5/5 can fear 1 away.. (Shouldn't necros expert skill Panic be warlocks default skill? And warlocks skill Fear should be necros expert skill..) 6. How BD's skill hamestring basically stuns them and does damage ov
  7. What if they made a update where WORLD CHAT is actually world like ALL faction can communicate.. and Faction chat you can talk with MC/Forsaken or Elf/Chosen would be so cool tho and advance the game, so no more switching to elf and raging the person pm because he gank you in cave
  8. Why?.. did fyber stop paying yall because ppl would rather buy mcoins than do the free offers
  9. Does anyone know any? I think we should give credit out to those who made it in this p2w game without buying mcoins, and note, doing free mcoin offers does not mean buying mcoins.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's not my phone because all was working until yesterday afternoon then I logged off and and tried and said "Connection has been lost with host" even tho before that It was working fine even tho I've used up all my data plz be a bug and fix.
  11. For me it keeps saying "connection has been lost with server" other people has been experiencing this also, please help.
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