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  1. Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters STORY OF THE BOSS: In a beautiful forest named Botania Forest lived a warrior who has magic nature. His name is Zurrakh, he lived in the Botania Forest. (HE COME FROM BOTANIA FOREST) He became the ruler of the forest. He likes to protect nature. Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters During his life he was living peacefully in the forest. But everything changed since the forests disturb by the people, they are cut down many trees and hunt animals in his forest. He became nasty and angry with everyone. With magical powers, he made all the plants in the forest to live as a monster and attack the village. (HE WANT TO DESTROY THE VILLAGE FOR REVENGE) Adds The forest was now a very creepy, now the forest called Ancient Forest woods. Anger is difficult to stop, because he was very strong. He called Zurrakh - The Ancient Foresters by the warriors. Now he lives on an island called Ayvondil Island. Ayvondil Island To be able to get there, the soldiers must defeat the monster plants in the Hall of the Avenger to get a Dark Seeds. Dark Seeds *sorry i am not design the monster plants, yet. The soldiers must had to get the seed to get into the room Zurrakh. Seeds that only works for 3 hours, if the soldiers could not defeat Zurrakh more than 3 hours, it will automatically back out of the room and had to get dark Seeds again to try again. HIS BEHAVIOUR ON A MAP: He attacked everyone in front of him and grow plants everywhere. Description Atack: 700 Hp: 2000 000 Regen Hp: 1000 Energy: 300 Regen Energy: 20 Deff physical & magic: 4000 SKILL: Insect Swarm: A swarm of insects is released upon the enemy. The insect deal magic damage over a period of time, reducing the enemy’s speed for duration. Boss use this skill to Higher damage of enemies. Entangling Root: The plant roots entangle the opponent, holding them in place for a period of time. Boss use this skill to Higher damage of enemies. Forest Song: All enemies in the radius of the Forest Song effect, with an element of chance, may fall asleep. If they then receive any damage the effect is removed. Radius: 3x3 Boss use this skill at near area of Boss. Magical Pollen: Natutal flowers will spread its pollen, and the pollen will make all enemies reduce their health and energy in the radius of the Magical Pollen. Radius:3x3 Boss use this skill at random area.
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