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  1. Я согласен, что печать исцеления совершенно бесполезна для тамплиеров, когда бос сражается.
  2. How much knowledge is required to learn all talents?
  3. Dk's Dark Shield is outdated. Sometimes he's weak against t5 monsters, unless you have mermen gear.
  4. We've all been disturbed by AFK players. To stop such behavior, an effective rule must be established. I suggest judging by the amount of damage the player deals. When a player hits 0 damage 5 times in a row, the player is banned from the arena for 5 minutes, the second time for 10 minutes, and so on. Five times in total, you are not allowed to enter the arena on that day. We need a clean and fair arena .
  5. My English is not good, so I use a translator. I hope you can understand what I mean. Dk lacks first hand offensive skills. When using Threads of Darkness to trap an enemy, you can't immediately cast control skills, allowing the enemy to break dk combo.
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