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  1. No point of Spaming TT for drops now. Go Spam Event Dungeons :-P
  2. Dermonologist is this new costume or u spelled wrong Demonologist
  3. All Suggestions are good except respawn in differnt town. Delay in respawning can make a lot of diffrence which is really good idea.
  4. I think us sapphire hav some serious problem. I cant loggin properly
  5. After update i cant login as fast as previous. Sometime It taking too much time to login like 4-5 min.
  6. if thy said 60 min then im pretty sure the maintenance ll take 120+ min. if thy said new Costume for 2 tournaments then im pretty sure tht costume remains for at least 3-4 tournaments :facepalm:
  7. its good tht devs gave casters same magic deff as thy as thy gave to to melees :tease: . I'm telling this bc casters can make thr physical deff max to 3k only whr melee attackers can increase thr deff to 5k+
  8. Dude locks and mages r made for war and 5*5 arena. thy suck at pvp. even if u hav +10 still u suck against healers in pvp. I killed many +10 locks when i had +7 weapon. after update devs gave us chance to increase our magic deff and thy increased casters heal also. but thy didnt gave anything for mages and locks. now both of these classes making less dmg at arena.
  9. :rofl: :rofl: lol ur comments r as shit as u. u r telling which never happend nor it going to be happend. xd :lol:
  10. lol coward. i saw u many times begging for hlp in mc side to kill us and u killed by us again and again. :crazy:
  11. lol Coward ganker for that u hav to win 2 tourny which u cant do.
  12. plz fix the bug in arena. sometimes 1 player face 2 opponents in 2*2 arena and sometimes 4 players facing 5 opponents in 5*5.
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