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  1. Almost 2 days passsed, this topic was put as "hot". 1,7k views, over 100 replies. I havent seen this in forum for so long, yet theres no answer about this from a dev/admin. Charmer being able to perma crit on dogs is way too overpowered, them spawning 3 dogs, before something respawn without rage effect on is ok, but why would these 3 dogs be count to the relic? as the relic says, charmers dog should only be able crit(with the relic) while the dog was spawned on Rage effect. once again, we are not asking a nerf to the charm, only to the relic. We are waiting answers for this, I dont know how long you want to delay this. thanks @Nolan
  2. lie more? do you even play a charmer? anyway. the damage of charmer doesnt matter. What matter is, How can a relic allow to crit 24/7 on 3 dogs? In the Relic description, its explained as, When YOU spawn a dog during "RAGE" effect, it is a guaranteed crit, however.. A charmer can spawn 3 dogs before the rage activates, once rage activates, all 3 of them crit the boss/monster. I doubt its supposed to work like that, its way too broken. I see this as a serious matter, I dont need people to come here telling me im lying. a video to prove my state. No rage was activated before the dogs hit the Dummy, but when rage activated, all 3 could crit. Record_2022-03-27-19-55-48_c919c9a1cd92b191011af9968d4bf81f.mp4
  3. Charmer is supposed to be a tank/support class, at every raid boss, charmer abuse this relic. Once boss spawns, they have their 3 dogs prepared, once their Rage activates, every dog does more than 5k crit damage, x3 5k, 15k damage each 2-3 secs, Now imagine theres 5 charmers in a party. Theres no way to outdamage this class with that relic, its either bugged or too overpowered. I find it impossible that 2 rangers, 3 seekers with full world event buffs lose to a 5 charmer pt with 0 buffs at all. (Charmers can reach over 50% rage with rage pot, thats perma crits to dogs) I dont think that this relic is supposed to be like that.. Changes to this Relic: 1) Add a chance % for this relic to work. or 2) Allow the dogs to only crit IF the Dogs were spawned during the "rage" effect. This would evade the perma critting on 3 dogs. only 1 dog would crit and it would actually take time to kill something. (due to the Relic description, it should work like this.) This Relic already been a issue before in pvp, it used to ignore resi.. is there a chance that this relics ignores def as well? Thanks for your time, hopefully something will be done against this relic. 
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