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  1. Let me talk about secret backup skills. The previous DK was very weak. I believe everyone can see that although the current DK has been strengthened, there is still a gap between the current DK and other tanks. He still can't bear too much damage. He just strengthened PVE to get him back on track, but he didn't care enough about PvP and GVG. Although the time to change skills has passed, I still want to say, because I've been waiting too long. DK is slow and bulky, which is well done, but now DK doesn't trade for strong skills because of its bulkiness. I think this is the biggest problem now
  2. OK, let me talk about my idea. Firstly, the skill of Knight curse looks very good, but it is difficult for him to release him to the position you want in actual combat, and the damage interval is too long. I wonder if I can delete 25% of the damage effect of 6 seconds and turn it into a specified area casting and shorten the damage interval to once a second. The second point is the silent bash skill. Don't you think it's very weak compared with other classes? 4 / 4 5 second silence and 25% damage bonus. I don't want to point it, but I have to use it in PVP. Maybe I can consider increasing the damage bonus from 25% to 100%? Third, this is my selfishness. I hope death call can become a permanent skill, which can reduce the damage by half. After all, this skill is really cool
  3. I hope more people can see and give DK some care
  4. I think DK should be slow and strong, but he is only slow now
  5. To be honest, I don't know why I don't add the injury free effect of secret reserve to PVP. As a loyal DK player, I have been enduring this outdated tank for a long time. Even if it is strengthened now, it still can't change the fact that it is very weak
  6. No, there is also death call, and his skill data is not sure. The actual bonus of 4 / 4 death call may only be 50%
  7. Hard work, I really want to know what strange formula DK's skills have
  8. I don't think these data are accurate because I have also done relevant tests
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