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  1. Maybe a rank based on player stats, while in arena blocks gear so no one can change its equipment
  2. Have used some arena pots and some of them to trash There's a chance of secure some arena battles for each pot? They're not free With 5 runs/pot I'll be happy
  3. Read all this thread... I feel like Mr. Gladiator is reading my frustration every time I tried to play arena (what is funny). People kills me like I just where nude, then, teammates gently told me: "don't demand u noob!" Arena is a prohibited zone to new players, there's no newbie level. This is a key:
  4. No! What are you saying? Many times, in arena, we die without even cast nothing If PvP is unbalanced it's not to elf side
  5. EU Emerald server down at 20:30 It's planned or not? I was questing with buff, lose buff?
  6. I tried to join some pt but no, impossible, they always ask 800 min Well, I have 520
  7. Being lvl 13-20 in second island it's difficult if, like me, you play mainly alone. Hope I can survive
  8. Hi You can join Karasuno, it's a nice guild with friendly players. When started playing they always helped me. C'mon, join Kara
  9. No no no have no espend any $ and have save enough gold to buy equipment and ampy some stuff you can buy coins for some thigs but, you don't wanna play? I'm new here and I think this game is fun even without paying have fun
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