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  1. I agree this would help a lot on our guild -while we do events- it is also a chaos cz sometimes ppl want to give their opinion of what it should/shouldn't be done or start giving commands, which leads to misunderstandings for other members cause, even if they not heirs, ppl will just follow any comand they see at guild chat. Ignoring them is not a solution cz even if as heirs we know their opinion its not relevant at those fighting moments, other members can still see what their saying and get confused. I think maybe should be a feature only for lead/commanders cz Im gonna be honest, if we as heirs get that feature... outside of guild events ik it will just be a tool to bully/joke around so maybe leaders -as the responsable person of a guild- can decide when its actually worth to use it or not.
  2. What you mean they are perfect kinda.... as long as im not afraid to click on skill
  3. I had another pic with the hat on the other side but someone cough cough said no
  4. Hello here my entry trying to look as much as I could to my char using coquette which is actually one of my favs To make it I used some stuff I already had and modify it a bit so it looks just as the costume! The hat I made it myself with some boxes I had (shopping online boxes finally helped a bit ) Hope you like it!
  5. As a costume addict... now that I've seen the battle pass costumes and noticed that neither of them is this one... then where does this costume that was shown in the preview comes from?
  6. As the castle-item seller in my guild, I would prefer the door of dg to be at the left side of castle just as the first day of test Since each castle will have more people walking around, if the door of dg is near to the dealer it makes it more difficult for me as seller to know if they trying to scam the items Im about to put at dealer or if they just afk near it. If the door was at left side, at least the person who Im trying to sell items to, will have more time to tell me if some enemy char is getting near it. Ik its not exactly scamming since they would be paying but why would u sell supplies to your enemy guilds?
  7. I was just gonna post this too till I saw topic existed and I was wondering if anyone else noticed too I tried analyzing other classes auras to see if was necro aura problem or mermen but no one else seemed to have it or not that I seen I add a picture to show the difference between them
  8. Does this mean any guild can try the castle dg even if its not their castle as long as all the party members are from same guild? Or is it exclusive for the guild that owns the castle?
  9. Thankss And congratulations to everyone else too, such amazing works
  10. For ur interest I planned everything you see on picture days before even taking the shot although the original plan was making a shadow with either ws logo or a spider web but that didnt work. Yeah a pengu didn't tell me the idea, sorry your wrong The dragon ate it and that's why he is my prisoner now till he gives it back.
  11. He is my prisoner now #SorryNotSorry Adding this pic here cz didn't consider they wouldn't be fully visible cz of camera flash, made them myself the most similar I could to logo
  12. Being a witch is not an easy job, you need to have talent, style, personality and a black cat . P.d. As a witch I do have my own black cat but didn't know if I could include him but it was the crocodile cat from pet's contest
  13. I think I prefer it the way it was before now I dont like this costume anymore
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