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  1. I just received everything 😍 loved the prizes and what I got from chests tysm 😎
  2. I actually checked this post daily and the one in fb to see if anyone had the same problem but as I see no one saying anything I thought prizes weren't send 😞 I actually realize till I went to the Br forum and used the translator to realize they were sent and I didn't have anything. Didn't wanted to wait that much on purpose, sorry 😞
  3. Mood: (see link lol) when u realize ur not receiving ur prizes 🥺 should I tag Akasha or what else can I do? 🥺 Btw do I have to be offline for receiving it? Cz I have even been more hours at game than sleeping and I don't know if that makes prices not to appear 🥺
  4. 😞 I didn't and actually I even tried to look for the other participants of my server to ask them but I coulndn't find them online when I was so I assumed that prizes werent delivered yet 😭
  5. Sure 😔 nickname: Tikolina Server: Us-Sapphire And yeah I always leave around 15 and 25 slots free cz I dont like seeing my bag full and I didnt received that or either the miracles 😕
  6. Not trying to be annoying but may I ask what happened to the prizes of this contest? 😔 I know they say few days but its already almost 3 weeks 🥺
  7. Yeih thanksss 😍 and congratzz too to the other winners 🤗 saw a lot of creativity in this contest!
  8. May I ask if international contestans are also competing against the one's in the Br forum? 😳 and also what happens if the participant with more likes is the same that the person chosen for the first place? 👀
  9. Thanks @Emerald and @Akasha for your wishes 🤗🙆🏻‍♀️
  10. This is my entry for the contest 😊 Broken porcelain wicked doll 🤫🔪
  11. I still have time left? Im almost done but not yet 😫 and bcz of the time zone idk how much time is left 😫
  12. I just asked in the Br forum if this was an international contest and now I find this lol so in case of participating do we post our picture here or in the Br forum?
  13. Is this contest for people of other servers too or just for Br- Tourmaline? 😅
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