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  1. The first time I saw this costume I loved it cause it looked like a ballerina and when I saw ballerinas around that horror map I was happy to see that i wasnt wrong So I wanted to make this costume for a while and finally decided to do it for this contest, hope you like it! Ik only first picture counts but i still wanted to add some other pictures For the materials I used some left overs of a black dress, white fabric, paper, paint and glue. The tutu I already had it cz Ive been dancing for years And well my reference for hairstyle is this but without glasses 😅
  2. May 21 in what time zone? I dont like to post at last minute but just in case...
  3. "A vampire, like a lady, never reveals her true age" 🧛🏻‍♀️ Gave it a try to the animal blood but just wasn't as good as the real one 🤭🩸
  4. This means I still got today to post right? 🥲 but on what timezone? Cest?
  5. Ill totally love to have those I understand getting drops from raids its not something that should be easy to obtain but the relics they drop... they usually just end either on npc or at guild's warehouse; so getting a skin from raids could be something cooler to get in between easy to get relics/craft item and something as amazing as books/costumes. Love this idea!
  6. I agree this would help a lot 🥲 on our guild -while we do events- it is also a chaos cz sometimes ppl want to give their opinion of what it should/shouldn't be done or start giving commands, which leads to misunderstandings for other members cause, even if they not heirs, ppl will just follow any comand they see at guild chat. Ignoring them is not a solution cz even if as heirs we know their opinion its not relevant at those fighting moments, other members can still see what their saying and get confused. I think maybe should be a feature only for lead/commanders cz Im gonna be honest, if we as heirs get that feature... outside of guild events ik it will just be a tool to bully/joke around 🤣 so maybe leaders -as the responsable person of a guild- can decide when its actually worth to use it or not.
  7. What you mean they are perfect kinda.... as long as im not afraid to click on skill
  8. I had another pic with the hat on the other side but someone cough cough said no 🤣
  9. Hello 🤗 here my entry trying to look as much as I could to my char using coquette which is actually one of my favs 🤭 To make it I used some stuff I already had and modify it a bit so it looks just as the costume! The hat I made it myself with some boxes I had (shopping online boxes finally helped a bit 😅) Hope you like it!
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