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  1. I will run the risk of being thrown out of the contest, for a single reason that I am the one who created the king ACHACHI drawing, in my opinion it does not break the rules. It is not a costume of a boss that is in the game, it is not a copy of the internet, I clarify this although it is a past job it is not related to costumes, it was a with courses of bosses. I just wanted to do it in honor of that third place amount that I had.
  2. I did it in 2015 I am the author off KING ACHACHI I did it in 2015 I am the author of King ACHACHI. DO NOT POST IT FROM MY ACCOUNT THAT TIME BECAUSE I DO NOT REMEMBER THE MAIL 🤭
  3. well, I had the audacity to do it, because I am the one who performed in that contest (which they should repeat was a great contest) because of that I run the risk, being in some way the owner of the King ACHACHI work.
  4. Quiero verlo recreado en el juego 😍🔥🔥
  5. Muy bueno. Los colores son geniales . mucha suerte bro
  6. 😍3 cabezas seria espectacular si ganas. Lo quisiera ver en el.juego
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