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  1. thanks for the correction of the chest and update the image and I agree the rewards of the chest can be made a lot of gold by selling the runes and diamonds
  2. Of course, being +10 will make you get your first billion lol
  3. lol now i finished the guide to have your first million
  4. GUIDE TO HAVE EASY GOLD IN WARSPEAR MMOs and MMORPGs are often great games. And for newcomers to the genre it can be intimidating to start a lot more if you are someone who is 13 years old and you do not have the real money to buy everything you need. Here are a few tips to help you have gold. We are going to start by showing some places where we can get great loot depending on our level, regardless of the class of heroes we have. I will clarify that we will not take into account the dungeons since the chances of winning something good depends on the ti
  5. Muy bien yo aun lo tengo en una etapa donde este tiempo que dan me viene muy bien gracias warpspear
  6. I will run the risk of being thrown out of the contest, for a single reason that I am the one who created the king ACHACHI drawing, in my opinion it does not break the rules. It is not a costume of a boss that is in the game, it is not a copy of the internet, I clarify this although it is a past job it is not related to costumes, it was a with courses of bosses. I just wanted to do it in honor of that third place amount that I had.
  7. I did it in 2015 I am the author off KING ACHACHI I did it in 2015 I am the author of King ACHACHI. DO NOT POST IT FROM MY ACCOUNT THAT TIME BECAUSE I DO NOT REMEMBER THE MAIL 🤭
  8. well, I had the audacity to do it, because I am the one who performed in that contest (which they should repeat was a great contest) because of that I run the risk, being in some way the owner of the King ACHACHI work.
  9. Quiero verlo recreado en el juego 😍🔥🔥
  10. Muy bueno. Los colores son geniales . mucha suerte bro
  11. 😍3 cabezas seria espectacular si ganas. Lo quisiera ver en el.juego
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