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  1. I am so upset, because it seems unfair to me that nothing I say is listened to, I would not be so furious if we were not because I invested my money in this game to realize that it was useless, I spent a lot thinking that if I did it, the I would change something but it was not like that, every day that I play I feel more frustrated because I do not see any progress in my character as the fact that he has skills that do not benefit him at all, such as resurrection, in any case they throw 2 or 3 bubbles at me and I die, in the arena all the characters I face against, whether they are mcs or elf, beat me, what an unfair game they created, everywhere I ask for an adjustment to the character and nothing, and what annoys me the most is that the only stupidity that I always look at when I say something is: tell us your problems in the forum. To realize that they pass it through the lining. And then they come out with the justification crap that they evaluate the characters for months, what a bunch of lies.
  2. Because there is a spring event where there is a ring which is to do 1v1, not to mention that in arenas when I stay alone it's a sure loss without being able to do anything, that's frustrating.
  3. For everyone who intends to create a priest I advise you not to use it for arena and pvp, in pve it is best to have one in a pt, but in pvp it is by far the worst pj for 1v1, I have one full imperials and I am defeated by all the other pjs that I face, the little base defense and the defensive skills that the pj has to escape from an enemy make him an easy target to kill, I had to opt for life and not for cd for the weak and still can't take the damage.
  4. There is nothing more unfair than the artifice against an enchanter, for him it is so easy to kill me every time I go to the arena for them it is the easiest thing there is, they stun me from a distance then they focus the animals they lower my def and that's it dead just like that. I ask for readjustment to the artifice because the charmer's dogs and birds are supposed to be a skill and then why do they hit me if the artifice should defend me from them if the skill says of course that the enemies can't harm me and I can't harm them? PS: where is the balance in this game (I'm not going to get tired of writing this until I see an adjustment accordingly)
  5. I've been playing for a long time, and every time I feel more and more frustrated in the arenas, the rogues, barbarians, charmer, hunters, warlock, chieft and the darknigth kill me without a chance to respond, I have rings, necklace and armor of imperials And the only difference I see is that they take a little longer to kill me, it is super unfair that they continue to nerf elfs and the mcs do not do anything to them, but the mcs claim and nerf the elf, I do not deny that there are unbalanced elfs like the druids , paladin and seeker but the difference between damage and resistance is great. PS: nobody plays priest and necros because in arenas they hurt because they can't take anything
  6. Los pjs mcs estan muy rotos en compareción con los elf, skill en area un control de oleada insano y stats baces mucho mejores que los elf,y no conforme con eso solo los mcs pueden crear mobs a gusto haciendo mas disparejas las batallas.
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