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  1. yeah, that's what casting time is, no one said anything about cooldown also its an abuse able item, someone who has these scrolls can teleport masses of people to a location just by inviting them to a party using the scroll leaving the party and redo the thing with new people, i think to make it more balanced, the scroll should get destroyed in case the casting time get interrupted and even then i have my doubts
  2. considering its a mini "guild unity" guild skill, i think its casting time is about right imagining this scroll usage in guild event and wars is terrifying
  3. having more max mana mean you have more current mana if your mana is full
  4. FakeUser

    LV 32 Set

    now hear me out, you play as a tank character and equip 2 heavy pieces and 2 lightweight pieces and get these 2 buffs
  5. FakeUser

    Damager Tanks?

    bd was considered the firstborn "tank" before wardens came along, but still his combination of heavy armor and the ability to wield 2 weapons make him a damager/tank. you know i always see bd's with +1400 damage and +10000 armor walking around, it always make me laugh
  6. you should be able to have female hair cuts without changing gender, just a suggestion!, wouldn't harm to be a trap for a while of course it would go the other way around as well
  7. come on @Akasha grace us with your presence
  8. is that an official formula by devs?, also a quick question, does that mean if you have more accuracy than your opponent dodge then you are hitting them 100% of the time even if its 0.1% difference , if we didn't include other defensive stats? cuz if thats the case dodge became so much underwhelming to me
  9. i always believed it to work this way, each time you hit there is a chance for the enemy to dodge based on their dodge parameter, when a dodge happens then you have a chance to attack through that dodge based on your accuracy
  10. FakeUser

    Dk Reserv

    i mean, would you sacrifice stats that heavy armor give like block and armor for that? death knight are tanks after all and there are certain things that people expect from them. never used light armor myself but saw people use what you suggested, but they use it with 2 handed weapon and they mainly use it for damage output. these skills will never outgrow the important of armor for dk, no matter how hard we try, and even if light armor could achieve 8k , 9k or even 10k armor, still light armor give critical hit and accuracy and cooldown, and while these stats are useful, you are losing to much for them, does losing points as a tank worth countering these nerfs? at the end of the day you gotta ask yourself as a dk or any tank in general, what's keeping you alive, is it your skills or armor? ofc dark shield is another thing entirely, that skill is so amazing, if it was a girl i would simp to it.
  11. Yes! That a great way, my thought process was that if blood protection goes on a 5min cooldown then you will lose both blood pact and relocate damage for 5min which make you think twice before using that op combo of 3 skills
  12. you might be right, i did it that why because both skills are related to health somewhat, both in name and effect, so i figured it would be a health related effect xD lets not focus on numbers to much, and more on the effect, i am not the brightest when it come to it lmao
  13. it is low, but you gotta understand that for the skill duration of 8 second any instance of damage that you receive will heal you that amount at level 1/4 of the skill, even if they deal 0 damage to you because of dark shield and armor, cuz the skill doesn't heal you from damage, but max health, i can't even imagine broken that would be in dungeons and so on, beside im not good with balance and numbers, just giving an idea xD
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