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  1. FakeUser

    Warspear must make revolution in mobile device

    i guess you don't know the weight of rewriting a entire game code from the start for a simple thing as movement that's your opinion, i like the click control much more, at least it is better than having a huge analog controller covering third of my screen i don't know what you mean by that, can't we play it every where now?
  2. FakeUser

    Warspear must make revolution in mobile device

    an analog won't work for warspear because the characters in the game walk in a fixed 4 direction, while a analog is for a 360° movement, and switching the movement to that will mean rewriting the entire game. probably a D-Pad would work for warspear movement, thought it won't look good or feel good, and it will defeat the purpose of finding a better controlling way
  3. after reading this topic by @Parentez, i wanted to create my own new class so here we go Alchemist Alchemist are wizards who dedicated their entire life to study the art of Potionary, enhancing their art with magic they could deal incredibly amount of magical damage while help there team as well. Group Support, Ranged damage, Weaken enemy's Skills Chemical Strike - active Throw a potion at a enemy target that deal increase magical damage and with some chance slow all enemy in a small AoE around the selected target, leveling the skill will increase the damage, the area of effect and number of target effected by the slow. Decaying Field - active Throw a potion at a target area, all enemy's inside the area will have minor decrease in hp/energy regeneration while allies will have minor increase in hp/energy regeneration, leveling the skill will amplify the effect and duration. Art of the Potionary - active Throw a potion at a friendly target, there is a 60% chance for the potion to be a small one, 30% chance to be medium potion and 10% chance to be a large potion, leveling the skill will increase the chance of medium and large potion, while decrease small potion chance. Smoke Screen - active Throw a bottle of dust at an enemy, rendering him unable to move for sometime, leveling the skill will increase the duration of the effect. Armor Fatigue - active Apply a debuff on an enemy that increase the penetration of any attack on the character, leveling the skill will increase the duration and the amount of penetration applied against the character. some expert skills :) Mana Control - active When activated increase the mana regeneration of the character for sometime, if the character is in a party the effect will be decreased by 20% for each party member, and in the same time the skill will drain all mana from every party member then disrepute it evenly among the party members, leveling the skill will decrease the energy penalty for being in a party while increase the energy regeneration amount. Potion affection - passive amplify the effect of potion on the character leveling the skill will increase the duration of potion the alchemist use( with the exception of some potions ) and the effect. Teleportation - active Teleport the alchemist a short distance with a short cooldown, after teleportation, apply a debuff on the alchemist that increase the cooldown of the skill by 20%, leveling the skill decrease the duration of the debuff Healing Wave - active Throw a potion that bounces between target healing each target it bounces on, with each bounce the effect of the skill will decrease by 10%, leveling the skill will increase the healing effect and the number of target the potion bounces between
  4. oh really?, i guess there is no avoiding it i hope that doesn't stop you from making yours, i would love to know about the rise and fall of our higgings
  5. Disclamer i had to cut some of the story to meet the 3000 character rule i had fun making this story and recalling the thing i did in this wonderful game sorry if the story was long i just started writing and without me knowing i wrote this much Words count : 503. Character count : 2025 ( without spaces ). Character count : 2527 ( with spaces ). Clutching to the handle of my mace, fighting off the hordes of Alliance as they are attacking the Flag, within my last Breath my life started flashing in front of me as if it all was just a dream, a dream filled with memories, happiness , friends, rivals and enemy's. It all started when I woke up in front of a house in a dark, rotten and "Forsaken" land, I spoke to the first person I saw, he greeted me and said that there is a chance that the resurrection is preformed incorrectly?, he then congratulation me for joining the house of blood. I then spent my days Working for the house of blood, fighting monsters, delivering letters and getting the help from others to kill strong monster commonly known as "Boss Monsters", after a while I gained strength, wisdom and trust in the house of blood, then the day came when I got told that there is nothing left for me here and I was instructed to travel to a far land, with the strength I gained and some gold in my pocket I set sail to a far land. Irselnort, the name that was giving to this vast land, I was a stranger in this land, but to survive I needed to work, gain trust and get some gold, the land was big and filled with all kind of people, I won't forget the first time I saw someone kill a boss with one hit as if it was nothing, it blew my mind, but I knew how strong I can get if I just tried, a spark lit in my eye as I found a new goal for my adventure. Then a day came, that I would never forget, a horde or rather let's say a sea of weird looking people that I never saw before was moving in a line toward the city of Armor Cliff, I was confused, I didn't know what I was looking at, but I knew one thing they were killing anything in sight, they were like a swarm of grasshoppers eating a field of wheat, I didn't know what to do aside from hiding until this horrible day was over. While asking around and getting information from people, I found out that these people were called Alliance and they were two tribes known as FirstBorn and Chosen, and that we are in a war since the day a spear fell from the sky??, I was stunned by the information, it was like a whole new world was opened for me. A while later I woke up to a sound of a horn echoing in the skies as a I hear a call or rather a plead for help, war was starting, and we had to defend our flags while attacking the Alliance flags, and this bring us back here, where here I am falling in the middle of the Alliance watching with my last breath the legion flag fallen, knowing that we have lost. Thanks for reading with all love, Ogull
  6. FakeUser

    Suggestions about skills of bladedancer

    i wonder why they give bd a skill that increase dodge if dodge doesn't work for them🤔
  7. FakeUser

    the memes / funnies

    almost all classes can do them now, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. FakeUser

    the memes / funnies

    I'm not bios against barb, they are just a memeable class i guess...
  9. FakeUser

    Lf guild

    well the game sure have enough players the main reason that no one invited you to a guild is your level, you are to low to bring any benefits to the guild that you might join also guild need active users, and GP(guild points) makers, they also need people for dgs or bosses. just keep asking if anyone is willing to invite you and you might get lucky or you might have a friend who owns a guild Hope you find a guild!
  10. FakeUser

    the memes / funnies

    My dad made this one
  11. FakeUser

    the memes / funnies

  12. FakeUser

    the memes / funnies

    some one had to do it
  13. FakeUser

    the memes / funnies

  14. FakeUser

    The new level up system update 0.7.6

    What challenge are you talking about, its just boring walking :(
  15. FakeUser

    Press F to Pay Respects