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  1. FakeUser

    Secret Reserve

    before it give you a healing buff that heals you depending on your Health Regeneration Now it straight Increase your Health Regeneration
  2. FakeUser

    DeathKnight Skill Guide

    its been over a year sense i made this guide, and lot of changes happened to death knight i am trying to update the guide with all the crap they changed and adding the new skill to the mix while also trying to clean it i guess, (i find it a messy guide) its not the greatest guide, it could be done better... even thou i don't play the game anymore i will update this guide as long as i can for my fellow Knights out there
  3. FakeUser

    DeathKnight Skill Guide

    no secret reserve formula or how it work got changed now it increase your Health Regeneration Parameter instead of giving you a heal buff depending on your hp regen it still work, but i guess not as good as it used to be Read PvE build and Bonus armor build for more information of course level up dark shield, and aura of hatred, also the new skill blood protection is really good maybe secret reserve, but only if you have lot of hp regen. get death call to aggro mobs in dungeons, and getting some levels in provocation wont hurt maximizing your armor is an obvious thing to do, but don't neglect your damage i hope i helped love
  4. FakeUser

    Skill Description

    i know this topic have been around for a while and i my self created a topic before about such title but skill Description is really important, specially for old players there is probably a reason why better skill Description are not implemented into the game the devs might be holding it of for some reason, but knowing what a skill do in details is really needed i created a simple program to show of how in my opinion would be a good way of managing the skills advance Description Project 1.mp4 i used barbarian skill because it was the most skill with proper skill guide numbers are from this topic
  5. FakeUser

    DeathKnight Skill Guide

    I love death knight class because of that in my opinion i find dk one of the most diverse class in the game, there is so many builds and ways to go around skills and equipment its really depends on the user and the situation they are in thou i disagree on the taunt part having taunt 5/5 with a 60% taunt increase relic is just overkill in most situation, there is no need to have that much taunt sense you also have death call which also taunt, and spamming these 2 skills will keep the aggro for you but what i am saying is from my experience with the skill i always had it 3/5 and never did a healer or a damager took the aggro from me no one say there is a need
  6. FakeUser

    About expert skill detail

    you can find details about dk skills in the Russian forums if you dig deep enough but they are just speculation i guess, they are not real numbers by the devs, just some guy using the skill over and over and calculate the numbers anyway good luck finding watcha looking for
  7. FakeUser

    1h sword?

    you forgot blow of silence 1 - i was talking about in arena. 2 - why would a tank use 2 handed in dg when he is supposed to "tank" with shield? 3 - i don't know if i have to say this, but aren't we talking about 1 handed weapons why bring up spears and 2 handed axes? yes i play dk and again i said specially in arena i am not saying to go 400-600 magical damage and ignore physical, but to say that is just incorrect
  8. FakeUser

    1h sword?

    you must be kidding me, magical damage is useless for dk? 4 of the dk skills use magical damage and only 2 use physical dk need magical as much as physical, specially in arena when you will use sharp shadow, blow of silence and exhalation of darkness sure dk does not need magical damage as much as paladin or charmer but that does not mean there is no use for magic damage for dk as for your question if you are looking for auto attack damage, sure take sword cuz it have better attack speed but if you are looking for spamming skills, use mace cuz it have more physical and magical damage thou less dps
  9. FakeUser

    Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7

    i don't understand, is charge what make barb op? i mean sure, a 7 yard stun with relic, look op, but a class that revolves around 1 skill never really works if that skill is the problem, just counter it and your fine really just add some resistance + an already skill that doesn't have a 100% success chance, and when it fail to stun you, your good? i like how you make it look like barb are the only class that could hit you 700-800 damage couldn't other physical classes like rouge, death knight, hunter, ranger, bladedancer and maybe even charmer and paladin with the same high damage deal the same thing? or is there something special in barb? as high as your resil could go you are still a caster with cloth armor and low physical defense and he have penetration
  10. well the issue is that cc is not easily obtainable like gold or at least not at the same scale as gold or arena point, so adding stuff like consumables will make it tough for people to buy. only people who were in a winning guild will have the ability to buy them in masses and set their price in the market though i want better armor in cc shop
  11. FakeUser

    Remove axes from Bladedancers

    Sorry i saw a chance and i took it, please don't report me
  12. FakeUser

    Axe or mace - pvp

    barbarian have no use of magical damage so unless you have a mace without magical damage i can't see a use to it for you
  13. FakeUser

    New Skill Blood Shield

    oh its a disaster alright
  14. FakeUser

    New Skill Blood Shield

    when i first saw the skill i thought it will be great with 2 handed weapon because the skill will fill the lack of armor from not having a shield... after testing it i found out that the 2 handed weapons are useless in any aspect of their life.