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  1. wake up friends--

    devs are not lifeless zombies they need to eat, sleep, and have time for them self, maybe some with family's and children they also need a place to live and a place to go to work handing payment to artists, programmers and sound designers let alone warspear is not THAT popular, to have a good income
  2. Arena: Power of amp a Royal Pawn (Rogue)

    Correction, power of amp
  3. Some balancing suggestions

    allow me to leave some suggestions my self here 1 - whats the point of 2 handed weapons these days? tanks can carry these weapons(and recently seeker)but no one does because tanks need defense and shields are the choose for almost every tank + there stupid slow attack speed buffing such weapon will be in adding skills that need a 2 handed weapon to work, like barbarian shield strike that only work with a shield another way to buff these weapons is to increase the benefits that come from enchanting the weapons, while for example 1 handed sword can have 3% dodge and a class like bd can equipped 2 swords meaning 6% dodge, 2 handed weapons only give 3% 2 - change barbarian and mage immunity and how it work instead of giving 100% immunity for a specific time, why not make these skills increase the resistant parameter the characters have by lets say 60% or 80% at max level, this will make classes use the resistant gear/potions more to reach higher resis value
  4. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    its funny how the title is about classes balance and people are talking about women's
  5. Random game ideas

    i thought about that, but i thought it would be to op i mean what else could you give wizard other than staffs or rangers other than bows melee classes are the only class that can have verity of weapons i know that, that class was just an idea i had in my head and liked to shared, same for everything here
  6. Random game ideas

    Greater skills Greater skills are skills that will be unlocked after reaching level 30, each player will have 3 slots to choose from 17 different Greater skills to apply on his/her character Greater Skills will increase the character offensive and defensive parameter by the specific % depending on which one you choose from blow will be the list of the Greater skills Greater Evasion - increase the character dodge by specific % from current dodge - number of levels 1, meaning it does not need leveling - increase dodge by 50% of current dodge - mana cost 50 points - cool down 2800 seconds - meaning if you are a rouge with 40% dodge, then this skill will give you an extra 20% dodge to reach a total of 60% dodge this kind of skills will be on all the following skills Greater Critical Strike Greater Accuracy Greater Attack Speed Greater Penetration Greater Parry Greater Block other possible Greater Skills Greater Heath Steal Greater Skill CoolDown Greater Stun Greater Rage Greater Reflection Greater Resistant Solidity Ferocity and resilience are not included in the Greater Skills because that will effect arena and pvp to much as you can see skills like these are best used if the character use his/her normal states buff before using these New Weapon Types Rapier Rapiers are a one handed weapons that have the speed of an dagger but the strength of an axe, rapiers also have a unique/new effect that can only be acquired from them because of the weapon power, you can't equip anything in the offhand Now to the Rapier unique effect Pierce With the specific chance allow the character to ignore all defensive parameters the enemy have (Does not work on Defense and Magical Defense) note : by defensive parameters, i mean (dodge, parry, block, reflection, resistant, Solidity) Gauntlets What is the only attacking style in warspear that no one use? fist attack Gauntlets are gloves that will increase your damage but allow you to attack with your fists 2 Gauntlets can be equip in hand and off hand and they also have there unique effect note that no matter what type of gauntlets you have they all have the same attack speed Now to the Gauntlets unique effect KnockBack With the specific chance allow the character to Knock the enemy 1 yard away from you True Strike With the specific chance allow the character to ignore all positive buffs the enemy may have note Gauntlets can not have both of these unique buffs at the same time New Skill Iron Shell When Activated will increase defense and magical defense by a % and decrease moment speed by a % number of levels 4 skill progression deff/mdeff increase 70%/80%/90%/100% move speed decrease 30%/40%/50%/60% New Class Alchemist Alchemist are wizards who dedicated there entire life to study the art of Potionary, enhancing there art with magic they could deal incredibly amount of magical damage while help there team as well Group Support, Ranged damage, Weaken enemy's Skills 1 - Chemical Strike Throw a potion at a enemy target that deal increase magical damage and with some chance slow all enemy in a small AoE around the selected target 2 - Decaying Field Throw a potion at a target area, all enemy's inside the area will have decrease hp/mana regeneration while allies will have increase hp/mana regeneration 3 - Smoke Screen Throw a potion at a target area that will create smoke any enemy inside the area will have there accuracy decreased to 0 4 - Empowering when activated increase attack speed, move speed and accuracy of the character for some time 5 - Art of the Potionary Throw a potion at targeted allie that have a chance to be a energy or health potion each have 50% chance to happen after that there is a 50% chance for the potion to be a small one, 30% chance to be medium potion and 20% chance to be a large potion
  7. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    i guess by ignoring my points and start throwing insults at me only prove what i said is right what are you talking about? when you clicked on the ground after you clicked on the stones the bd moved immediately xD go rewatch your own video dude lmao
  8. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    there are soo many proves that what hes saying about shield strike is wrong the debuff under the character name, a video that shows the duration of the stun, the missclick he did, the skills brightness when get stunned but he still think that hes right and the everyone else here is wrong
  9. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    also what the hell is this lmao
  10. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    well ofc you didnt move because you were stunned but the moment the stun went off and you tried to move you missclicked on the stones then click above them to move because the moment you clicked on the stones was the moment that you tried to move while the fading animation still active and you failed think better dude, really leave it for the artist? that effect is there to show us that we can't use our skills because we are stunned why would they add something like that to the game if it is not for us xD a lot of mmos and other game have this effect when you are stunned, to show us that we can't use our skills and that effect clearly when off before the stun animation did if you think something like that is not important for us players, then you really need to learn the game and its mechanics :) don't dismiss my point by this stupid excuse
  11. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    about that video they prove that the stun end before the animation is the bd skills blow as you can see the skills go grayer when he get stunned and when they stun debuff end the skills go back brighter right before the animation end because the animation have a fading away effect to it and since that happen that mean that the character had no cc or stuns on it, you just missclicked the stones and if you think missclicking the stones is a stupid excuse why not you take another video in a wide open area to prove us wrong and that your right
  12. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    you missing the point, even if bd is "Weak or need a buff" as you say or that mc are more powerful than elf people who spent lot of money on there characters surely will not just leave, just like you although you always threatening of leaving you never did or if you do you will be back in less than a year, even if barb/dk/charmer stay overpowered as you claimed, people won't quit the game, they will just make one of these op classes if not all and pay even more to amp them to full, again just like your barbarian and when they consume us, they will yet again change the power spike to different classes so that yet again people like you will get triggered by these classes and spend more money making them if you didn't get my point, devs get more money by making new classes op, by making old players who stop spending because there character hits it limit re spend because there classes are not op anymore the point that devs "will lose clash if they did nothing" is just stupid that's my take on the situation, maybe i am over thinking it thank you for your time...
  13. Rogue skill Passive Dodge bug ?

    yeah that exactly what i was saying
  14. Rogue skill Passive Dodge bug ?

    its black magic! no but seriously i don't know what the problem there... is it that barbarian stun activated rouge absolute reflexes? if you look at the video, after you stun him you auto attack and rouge dodged that auto attack thus activating AR if that's not what you mean then sorry