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  1. it would be nice to say which server
  2. semi retiring.

    hey look a 7k hp damage class :(
  3. semi retiring.

    I'm with you MC have to much stuns, although i am one, but you failed to mention that mc stunners need to be at least level 22 to have a good stun cycle, with there expert skills who might in the end fail sense there stuns are not 100% guaranteed, and a single mistake will cost that stunner his life because of elf crazy damage output. what does guild have to do with arena?, sure it give you good passive and active skills to use, but having a level 10 guild doesn't mean no one can stop you and you are talking about balance?, after all guild skills are just skills, like every other skill classes have. sure MC complained about counter attack and devs listened, but after how much time?, how much time did we wait, suffered and hoped for a nerf to the skills when devs told us "don't fight bd alone if you can't beat him" of course they wont change it just because you want it to change, you think its that easy to make a game balanced or making everyone one happy possible why won't you try and balance the game if you think so, instead of pointing on every class you don't like. they still have millions come on, give me a break... you are telling me BD a class that can equipped heavy armor and have a necro/priest shield and an aggro skill is a damage class the same as rouge who only have gouge and dodge :(, he was considered firstborn tank and just because warden appeared doesn't mean bd is not a tank if we are talking about balance then give rouge heavy armor a shield skill and stuns if you think the two are the same sorry for taking much of your time in reading what i have to say i will end in saying elfs you have war and guild tournament leave us something you can't be that greedy to want everything thank you
  4. as the title suggest can we get higher PvE gears with set bonuses at the moment the highest gear we have with set bonuses (not including arena reward gear) are kronus its dumb to see level 28 characters running around with level 18, 20 and 21 gear please devs implement higher PvE gear before we reach level 30! and add other states to set bonuses like parry, dodge, reflection, skill cooldown, block, lifesteal, rage, solidity and maybe resistance and stun
  5. Paladin setup

    i think @Gladiator can help you with this
  6. Christmas Costume Bug?(Steam DLC)

    its something like that, its not supposed to resemble female hair
  7. Join LeAcHe GUILD!

    well.... that was over dramatic
  8. Help new players

    i mean who really gonna do this quest unless it is very rewarding, also people are lazy to go map 1 when there is so much other quest around them people will help new players just to get the achievement and then forget new player ever existed and things will go back to normal or they will make new characters to get the achievement and never care about new players
  9. Small question about "Dark Shield".

    level, and armor they both matter i'm not really sure and i assure you no one does, the devs are not much of a talkers about numbers as far as i understand, level will only increase the chance for the skill to work with your armor, which surprisingly they talked about it and the chance for success at 5/5 is 80% unless they change it without telling us, ofc the more defense you have the more damage the skill will ignore, leveling it will only increase the chance of that happening
  10. Scammer youanoob/ibnoob

    yeah about that i hope you learned this time
  11. Arena 3x3

    they either planing for something amazing for it or they don't know what the heck to do with it i hope its the first one....
  12. Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    new players mostly
  13. Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    its a nice thought, someone looking for a balance instead of going back to overpowered its also nice that it can go well with bd parry skill, and will encourage more people to level up parry and give bd a new nice build thou that won't be enough for bd's sense you can't really get much parry bds wont stop until they are on top of every other class, like the old days! after all that why they made there bd's because it was overpowered (at least people who knew bd was overpowered)
  14. DeathKnight Skill Guide

    you can replace steel hurricane with sharp shadow IF you are going PvP sharp shadow will be good to life steal from 1 target or 2 at max, also the fact the it stun from a range make it amazing for PvP thou i would not take it for PvE, it will still work but steel hurricane will do better and bosses will most likely resist sharp shadow i mean even if sharp shadow steal 45% or even 50%, stealing 30% or 15% but from multiable target will be a huge difference it really depend on the situation and what you want to build your skills for