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  1. FakeUser

    Deathknight pve/farm. Need suggestions

    I'm glad it worked, and that i have been of use
  2. FakeUser

    Deathknight pve/farm. Need suggestions

    i don't know about blood protection, i asked some people and they said it work with dark shield... as for getting hurricane 4/4 its really up to you, making saturation 4/4 or hurricane 4/4, if you get enough life steal that you can survive lab then we achieve what we are looking for, there is no need to level the skill anymore, otherwise level saturation
  3. FakeUser

    Miracle coin

    i tried buying yesterday and there still issues with steam option to buy mc
  4. FakeUser

    Deathknight pve/farm. Need suggestions

    secret reserve got a nerf and a hard one at that, the skill is basically pointless right now, multiplying your health regeneration by 180% at 4/4, meaning even a hardcore hp regen dk with 300 health regen can get around 540 health regen instead of its previous over 1k-3k a tik heal if you have Halloween or any life steal accessories then i suggest 4/4 saturation and 2/4 steel hurricane, even without accessories the 25% life steal increase is really good, specially in lab for cuz of number of mobs around you combining that with steel hurricane, you will get the heal secret reserve lost other than that blood protection might offer useful giving 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds with a 13 second cooldown?(forgot the cooldown number)
  5. FakeUser

    Skill Description

    no i can't know that so sorry
  6. FakeUser

    Skill Description

    thanks! took me 5min to write the code for it Have i told you how much i love you before? love you batman i didn't understand what you mean, is there a way to find such value, i used barbarian cuz there was an already established numbers for him, and i just wanted to make a point, the thing about the second page is you can fill it with as much as you want with information without confusing new players or overwhelm them i really love how it took since last October for replies, thanks eveyone none the less
  7. FakeUser

    Court Harlequin

    @Reivenorik can you tell me if the costume meet the rules of the contest
  8. FakeUser

    Court Harlequin

    The Harlequin role is that of a light-hearted, nimble, servant. often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest the Court Harlequin costume consist of a number of colour that are easy on the eye normal being light blue, green and yellow to make people feel comfort around the Harlequin and enjoy being around him. while the colour also work as an attraction, making spotting a Harlequin from a log distance easy. do to his unique set of cloth and their colours, Harlequin stick like a sore thumb in middle of masses. a Harlequin wear a mask so that his identity stay hidden, not for his safety but for his king safety
  9. FakeUser

    Vlaconan New 2 set Awards

    the armor took it time to go +10 :3
  10. FakeUser

    about Steam payment

    i think he meant that the problem is from steam not warspear i can buy mc from steam, no problem here were you able to buy before and now you can't? also this post should be in support you might get better help
  11. FakeUser

    Paladin Defensive skill?

    its such an amazing skills, i didn't know its that good
  12. FakeUser

    Paladin Defensive skill?

    wait, does that mean a 4k hp pala sacred shield absorb 1.6k damage? or am i getting it wrong
  13. i knew someone who think like that