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  1. well how about that! it just happened to me lmao it also happen to me in chines and Russian
  2. yeah what does it do? @warspearfanatic it look to me as some sort of minion that is stuck to you, wouldn't benefit dk that much depending on what it do well if its some kind of armor then it might work, here's my take on it! Dark Guardian Envelope the death knight with a skeleton armor causing any damage received to be transferred to the armor. any skill used by the death knight will instead be casted on the armor, the armor attack the same target the death knight is attacking and will deal damage to all enemy's 1 yard from the initial target, although the armor is melee it will have 2-3 yard reach do to its long hand's, leveling the skill will increase the armor health and duration of effect, if the skill is maxed, any skill used by death knight will be casted on both him and the armor might of went overboard but hey its a suggestion
  3. i never actually screenshot it, but i will do the next time it happens the way it happen is that i get send a notification in some language i don't know and when i remove the notification it get immediately resend to me in another language that happens like 3-4 times or so before it stops, ofc English is 1 of these languages, i don't know the others...
  4. hmmm, i receive notification in 4 languages lmao
  5. lets not press on @Reivenorik to much ok? he said he would see what he can do, plus i don't think its entirely in his hand if even he have an influence over what happen in game at all he tried his best to buff dk but the other devs might saw otherwise
  6. this has been suggested before, and i would agree something like that is great to have but i will add to your suggestion by saying that this should be an option in settings to enable or disable double tap to cast on self
  7. FakeUser

    Death Call

    !!!! oh, its not as bad as i might thought so at 4/4 we could assume it deal over 400 dmg per tick for 4 ticks... not the best but great if you have lot of life steal and are covered by mobs, like at dg or elm thou getting 500mdmg might be a tough one, making a dk just for 1 skill might be iffy, have to think this over
  8. FakeUser

    Death Call

    just wanted to know how good is the new death call is and how high the damage/crit is is a magical damage based dk a viable option now and how good is it
  9. oh wow... is that me? are you guys talking about me? i didn't know i did something worthy of being a "Legendary Mentor". great thanks for the admins for picking me. also thank to @Higgings for being a great dk and a moderator, not to forget the others ofc I will do my best to be a good representative that won't disappoint his senpai's thank you for creating such a great community, and congratulation to everyone and happy new year!
  10. all raid bosses can be killed with a 5 people party now, none the less chernobog is the hardest of them all he take soooo much time to kill, he have soo much armor, fk chernobog
  11. the skill got an update. it just use more energy to cast now xD F for dk
  12. i would say this for the last time don't rush getting an expert skills no matter how exciting it might be upgrade your gear and accessories, get a shield and amp them, and runes, crystals and relics but if you are still insisting on getting an expert skills then its your call, and i recommend getting sharp shadow for PvP or a defensive skill for PvE, blood protection, secret reserve, aura of hatred death call would be great for crowds like in dungeons...etc
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