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  1. ah... you achieved such high regen with the help of scroll and potion amazing health regeneration none the less you can still go higher😍, great job
  2. hmmm, that's quite interesting, i wouldn't be surprised if they changed it without telling anyone you shouldn't possibly have that much hp regen in battle mode... P.S 506 is a lot of hp regen😗what is your gear layout to achieve this much hp regen
  3. yeah, that's a good idea the only problem is, there is already a skill that stop your health from dropping below 1 hp barbarian last wish, and i don't know if devs want two skills to be the same
  4. thou i also consider it overpowered xD, i also don't see any harm, we have a 10sec immunity skill and a skill that heal you when blocking i wasn't thinking about balance much, i was just presenting an idea i thought of ways to balance the skill however, you could make it only block only physical damage or make it have 5 sec duration at max level to.
  5. Cover the caster with a protective layer of blood, rendering the target invincible to damage, but reduce it's damage and movement speed by 100%. Leveling the skill will increase the duration of the effect. this was an idea i had for blood protection when it was first introduced, to have an effect that will make you a literal fortress. to make things clear, in this state unlike stone body, a dk can still be hit by enemy's and you wont lose all the aggro you accumulated however all damage ( physical or magical ) will be reduced to 0, you will become a punching bag for mobs/players for the duration of the skill this skill will have a great synergy with secret reserve so when you get low and sr activate, you can activate this skill to give sr a chance to heal you. or you can aggro a big horde of mobs then activate it to take all the damage while your team kill them. or to use it when you think the enemy player will start his combo and use the skill to tank all damage without losing health
  6. having a lot of expert skills will be fun and will encourage the idea of not having enough slots for all of them, but making them somewhat have interaction with each other forcing players to think and come up with different skill builds instead of buying them all and spam them without thinking i having been suggesting new skill ideas for quite a while my self
  7. the skill now increase your health regeneration parameter by 75-100-140-180% and increase the numerical value of health regeneration to put it into practice lets say we have a dk with 100 hp regen and he regenerate health ever 5 seconds so 100unite/5sec, 5 seconds is the default for all classes in game when the skill is applied 100 + (100*1.8) = 280 regenerate health and 2.8 seconds regeneration rate so 280unite/2.8sec the skill have a cooldown of 120 seconds or 2 minutes i believe the regeneration rate will also increase depending on the skill level, but i didn't actually level it to try actual patch note of the skill: health regeneration and regeneration rate before skill: health regeneration and regeneration rate after skill: i have the skill at 1/4 hope this help ❤️
  8. Death knight old SR was absurdly overpowered, i understand the need for it to be nerfed, however the way devs handled nerfing it was also bad, making the skill absolute garbage(unless you dedicate everything for the skill). the skill need to find a middle ground old SR will by no mean bring equality but rather waves of people complaining about it's overpower look it at from another perspective instead of bringing the old SR why not nerf the other currently op healing skills, that will trigger people and make the game more balanced if you think dk can't survive without old SR, then you are playing the class wrong...
  9. In all honesty, seeker PvE prowess are terrifying
  10. Skylore online is releasing soon
  11. hmm, they didn't address changes to skills or did i miss it?
  12. there is absolutely no need for that, at max leveling Provocation 3/5 should be enough, in the first place we don't know if leveling death call will increase the aggro power the fact that death call aggro all mobs around you towards you is enough try it and if you still can't maintain aggro then i recommend this more than that its just an overkill or you want to steal bosses from others
  13. 8150 is not you base hp, this is how it work base hp + ( hp from gear + hp from guild + hp from buffs + etc ), now the skill increase your hp based on your base hp which you could know if you remove everything between the brackets. thou that's how i think it works, i don't have prove for anything i am saying...
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