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  1. really dude? useless? healing dew,secret link,invigorating stream, healing barrier, useless? please enlighten me, it seemes I'm very lost here.
  2. so you are saying that its fair to get 2 level 16 vs 2 full expert lvl 18? what kind of fight (what outcome) you expect there?
  3. hm... I don't know if you understood what I suggested... its not to "not meet lvl18+ players"... it's to get the fight chances even between a 0 expert skills char and a full expert skills char... have you ever met a full expert lvl18 being lvl16? or lvl15? did you know you can get a temple seals match that one party is full lvl16 and the other full expert lvl18? like I said... its just about fair play.
  4. Hi there... I'm not gonna complain here because you know why I'm saying this ... going straight to the point... please create a mechanics on what when high level players (18+) meet low level players(17-) on the arena matches the expert skills get disabled. It would get matches more even and I really think its only about fairplay.
  5. Instead of trying to say this and that and be ignored as "not so much important matter" I please challenge the devs to play in the "great city" they created using +8 chars and then think about the lower amped... think
  6. OMG please explain this to me (please don't be what I understood, please,please, please!!!!😢) OMG have you forgotten why you intrduced this in the first place?😭😭😭
  7. Hello there...I hope you'll read this and think about it... I understood that the halloween dgs from last year were easy and as you included new and worthy rewards to the Christmas event you wanted to make dgs to challenge the players a little bit more and estimulate some amps and the adherence of the items with *resistance* so you did what you did... But understand the dg it's not just difficult but it's demotivating because at least for me I go to the tower thinking "nhe...lets do it maybe I will drop but if don't at least I'll get some gp for the guild or something useful" but now it's "will this pt be enough? Will I het to the end? Ah forget it I'll try it later" My opinion: I liked the thought of giving the mobs some skills but think with me, ALL OF THEM? HEAL? WITH THAT KIND OF CD? WITH PLAYER STATS LIKE PARRY, BLOCK AND RESIST? ALL OF THEM? really!?! You know that that kind of stuff we only have at "mythical" dgs right? And you tried to nerf the dgs, I got it, thanks, but it wasn't enought the tower its hard by its nature and you did it even for the low lvl dgs, its hard for a 18- tank agro in that tower without an agro newskill, and yoh still label it as "normal" difficulty dgs. Think about it. Thanks for reading this journal. Ah and the map it's unnecessary big.
  8. necrotp1

    drop info

    Hi there fellow players...I have a question for all, about the drops... Does someone knows where the lvl20 acessories that dropped on termitary went? if they're not available anymore could you fix it? (devs) Thanks for the attention. lets make this a drop topic for those like me that don't know where or if some drop is available.
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