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  1. Forget about this... It's something that everyone is asking for ages and it seems like they don't like the idea... The castle update gave us hope and...its what you see now... But here is a suggestion: How about the castle mkt be fo both sides and other players can put their items there to sell and normally there is a 10% gold tax for each sell, make half of this tax go to the castle owners.
  2. Ho really... Waw.. and doesn't that tells you something? And whats worst it's getting worse... Every skill "balance" the elfs get a new OP skill and mc lose one usable one(or getting a useless one) follow the updates and you will get what I'm saying. I was surprised when brb got buffed that I am already waiting for the nerf. I WOULD REALLY LIKE FOR #nerfmage (shield/eye) #nerfwdn (fortification and block healing) #nerfpala (that shield...oh that shield).
  3. OmG I forgot about OP pala shield... WD infinite skin stone+ pala OP shield + mage escort... PLS devs give us some light here
  4. By the way why mages are the only dmg class that gets stun bonus working on a continuous dmg skill?
  5. So does that mean that there will be the so awaited skill balance? Because from what I see Warden takes crown escorted by Mages=GG. Aff!!!
  6. I'm not one of those but I can asure that it's not how it works. I've been keeping track of the weekly ranks at mc br server and I can asure you that its not happening like that. And I saw some players give up on spamming dg to only use the free stam because guyz were getting rare drops with just that (5/10/50- runs)
  7. Hm... I'll mot say that it was great but it was an interesting event. My suggestions: -you already made the mistake of giving pets as skill now try to balance them because the things I've seen happening with "Norbert" aren't fair and players shouldnt rely on them, they should rely on them selves or on other players(as for now make charmer and druid pets don't hit wilhe the target is stunned the classes are healers+full stuns no one has a chance when they start combo) - I have an ideia of how the drop system works but it is still unfair and makes the dungeons unworth grinding, because as other palyers said there were guyz who got the rare drops at the first run and some that made 300runs and didn't earned none (rare ones). I suggest you do something because makes buying coins for stam unworthy. - As for factions reputation they spook new players, the game is getting old and new players are precious, I think that at least when doing the main (yellow) quests for advancing from one town to another to not have reputation restrictions and the difficulty of the town it self will make the players fell the need for better gear. Ask yourselves anyone, the reputation is a boring mechanic for leveling/new players.
  8. Thank lord that boring event is over... I know that there is no way you'll remove potions from the dungeons but pls do not put useless potions like in this event, many times it felt like the dungeon was punishing and not rewarding the player for completing it... I saw that it was already told but I will repeat *PLEASE NO MORE EVENT PET SKILL IN ARENA* it is already bothering the charmer's zoo and druid's pet (by the way I tell you... It was a mistake to add pets as a skill but anyway). Next time reduce the craft lvl required for event items. And for the next time include the heroic gear on the event dgs because it serves as incentive even if the drop rate is 0.001%. Please bring back the killing mobs rides, in my case the other ones are just boring. Please rework the mythical difficulty for termitary dungeon. I know you love elfs that you even nerfed the nerf you gave warden (and look at the walking totem they'll show you what you did with the pala shield) but here's a suggestion... Make it that block healing only works with normal hits and not with skills. Nerf the charmer pets at least make so that they won't hit you on stun. Do you know what limits the dmg classes from being too op? Mana and skill cd, so think about it, why give a dmg class a great mana skill so they only invest on cd crystals? Imagine what that would do to a rogue, a seeker, a ranger, just imagine...yeah these are mages... Just think and tell me if that makes any sense. #nerfmage
  9. So about this skill.... I've seen that the discussion is old it's still valid... I'll not compare the skill with any other one since that is not even conceivable because each class have it's own flaws. But...Could you pls do some of these (decrease the cd/improve the dmg/increase the number of dots) so this skill have any use and not just be a waist of mana (that is very precious for hunters).
  10. Anyone pls answer this... I have the same questions.
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