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  1. Hello there, some suggestions: Why not do like Power of the Heaven and give it one fixed buff?(mana regen for example to not be same as the other, dont you dare give it max mana increase) Because I know you're not going to give like 30% speed even on 4/4 so it feels like it is such a waste of gold and points. I looked at this and already felt nostalgic (cough, cough...rogu...cough) and I should say, if it will not have a very good dmg add it some bleeding like dmg or it will be like the rogue one(useless and unused). For this one I will be blunt with you, IF IT IS NOT L
  2. By the way, nice event but too short, you know that horror circus is the most awaited event you have still jave, make it worth it, and I would like to complaon about the drop rate of this event, I know the dg were easy(the 28- ones) but please even if the difficulty have to rise a little bit raise the drop rate. Taking that out it was a fun event. Tku
  3. How interesting, so you're saying that instead of changing the chaos pot interaction with the flag and others you choose to change the dk skill interation with the flag because it's braking the game, but the teleport and guild patronage were discovered and reported 1st but waw, look, the dk wasmerfed 1st before the sentinels guild skills fixing, do you see the pattern here? (see why the people say you favour the sentinels side?) I'm really disappointed with you aingrid more and more, I'm not saying that you should leave the anti-gaming bug about the dk you allways prioritize the sentinels
  4. Kkkkk...I see you're a pala... I advise you to go 1v1 and 2v2 arenas versus 1/2 good bds and tell how was it... deal? Do you know how rogue suffers in the hands of druids, priests, bds, palas? (Because yes they also can kill you in stun combo, no one talks about it but I've seen e felt it) where is the resist skill? See where I want to get at?
  5. Eu ja disse aos outros e vou repetir... algum de vcs ja pensou em encantar seus acessorios com cristal de harmonia? Procure la na loja milagrosa pra ver o que ele faz.
  6. hm... in my opinion if you are talking about basic skills only maybe you're right, but adding the experts that you already have at your disposal that's another story and I think that pala only needs an area agro skill, that I agree. but in terms of durability, look around, if you cant tank its you build (in terms of durability) I can assure you, and that you said that pala as the lowest hp do I need to send prints here from palas with 10k+ hp?
  7. So these changes don't affect the current existing skills/build?
  8. Wow wow wow... hold on... with what now? Low hp? Ulalah... how do I say this... aren't you forgetting something? (Heal+max hp increase skill"that is another heal+THE SHIELD, yeah, you know what I'm talking about)
  9. Please nerf charmer... it was already a mistake you give players a pet skill but the're too much... make the heal bird not inflict dmg, is already anoying fight with the charmers and their dogs because yes they can spawn more then one amd now they use the charmers offensive attributes. And please see waht you can doabout the dogs because like someone here already said most cases they are stronger than the player. Please... stop killing the forsaken... dk is not a tank anymore for nowdays dgs, and when warlocks were starting to be good at pve you go and nerf it... Why? You already i
  10. I agree...+ stone skin ulalah... it will be a nightmare on the arena.
  11. Just like I said my friend... I dare anyone to point me any, I repeat, ANY bd counter with this new "adjustment". And I really think that they should think about what they are doing to bd because they wear heavy gear, so is a high hp defense and dmg class(and now with 4 100% chance +rush)
  12. 1- Tank a whole town of players for more than 40min not even buffed or using pot (and most with pve gear) 2- Going dgs, quests and other things without healer DO YOU AKNOWLEGE YOUR SINS?
  13. Are you aware that in these days its possible to a mage to get up 900 dmg? 1,2,3,5% ? Because more than that is almost like they did nothing(for high level players) have you noticed that this is the only skill that gives 3 certain buffs at the same time right? And think... the only limitation to dps classes is mana like I said in some post mage shouldn't havea skill with thatkind of buff... I don't know why they gave lock one too. And please... stop crying and enchant you accessories with harmony
  14. So... because you can "only cast" using an ally and giving you both an op shield is good? So the down side is to not give one but 2 ppl including you an op shield? Is that what you just said?
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