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  1. Did you see the new equips? Bd going at least 60% auto.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. They gave plenty of stuns to seeker but they DONT WANT to give any to chieftains kkkkkk
  3. "Dead" knight.... I was trying the dg with mine 15 min to complete it because of the low dmg and almost died sever times so... This says a lot... Farewell DK see you on the next defensive buff #ripdk #nerfbd
  4. Don't say that... They will think it's an idea lol
  5. Hello there... Could you please provide some numbers? Simply "increased/decreased" doesn't say anything...(specify how much it was before the 1st change and how much is now) I'm the oldest brother in the house so I know this trick, treating us like children, taking our 100 bill to give us 5 shinny coins.
  6. OMG kkkkkkk. Normally I would write a journal with proper arguments and everything but it seems like we're just writing for other players to know our opinion and not the people who we want to know our opinion. Like the other guy said... I was thinking that it was too good to be true for mcs to get that many buffs... So I'll just say: #R.I.PWARLOCK #HAILTHEFULLSTUNSEEKER #WCTANKCHARMER #R.I.PDK #R.I.PPVPRANGER and last but not least #nerfbd
  7. Lets make a little exercise... If you agree that bd needs nerf. In your comment add in the end #nerfBD. #nerfBD
  8. I fell you bro... We already gave up on the buff necro side... At this time we just wonder about when bd will be killable Hello there my friend... I would like to introduce you to wisdom and harmony. Make a good use of them. You can thank me later. But leaving the jokes aside... The mana problem is in all dmg classes, is what prevents them from just kill you with the burst dmg (and ho look, rangers lose for none on that part).
  9. Kkkkkkkk wow... You do you realize that what you saying is contradictory and proving other guys point right? Shaman+brb? Thats a specific combination and so sentinels have theirs too, bd+druid for example but ho look... Bd full resist full dmg and very good control +druid heal and heal and heal and heal and ho, here is a shield... that heals (5 heals if you didn't noticed ) and lots lots and lots of control. And by the way these 2 (and others) have a way to counter the "speed focused" builds (sap and bees both lower the attck speed of the opponent) its just that sentinels dont use them. And if
  10. Just waiting for my journal to be approved I really want your opinions about my opinions.
  11. You see? this is how I see that you(devs) ignore the non russian suggestions, but I'll repeat, you already made the mistake of making pets a skill stop buffing them, they're very very annoying already, now you're making them deadlier than the player that casted it. And by the way, as you do it why don't do it to necromancer too (and the already have the disadvantage of needing a corpuses to summon and that means someone dying so it work) maybe creating an passive that creates corpuses stored each one able to summon only one skeleton soldier. Simp
  12. Hello there, some suggestions: Why not do like Power of the Heaven and give it one fixed buff?(mana regen for example to not be same as the other, dont you dare give it max mana increase) Because I know you're not going to give like 30% speed even on 4/4 so it feels like it is such a waste of gold and points. I looked at this and already felt nostalgic (cough, cough...rogu...cough) and I should say, if it will not have a very good dmg add it some bleeding like dmg or it will be like the rogue one(useless and unused). For this one I will be blunt with you, IF IT IS NOT L
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