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  1. Finally horror 👻 I already quitted and deleted this game 🤣🤣
  2. Bye warspear 🥰

  3. I have been reported for a week I have been reported for a week but they not reply
  4. Swift rage. Increases the attack speed of a character by 10% under the effect of Rage
  5. how mods can threatened chinese and they got banned? maybe 1-2 years ago they banned the guy Justgan who went against Themercs guild.
  6. HAPPY EASTER 🥰🥰 Name : Adiasasin Server : US-shappire _Large.mp4
  7. More than 700 unique items of equipment, sets of stunning heroic armor, absolutely deadly accessories and much more are waiting for you in the Dungeons: more items but bag still same 200 slots
  8. ya cuz this week t4 castle. later mercs will cry for remove it
  9. ya all guild skills active should be banned. throne just 50k and cant heal it now
  10. i got warning point spamming cuz moderators created a topic by my post and how moderators can removed my photo cover on profile ? no have bad words or something bad on photo
  11. i hope they remove castle buffs - potions and scrolls cant be used during arena make fair fight and real fight for arena
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