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  1. Why dnt u upload video of me loosing 10x as u saying . U were even worried to PvP n said battery . Each elf from US sapphire knows dragonskey is u .
  2. I dnt have 5% hp buff . Check my hp 5.6k always Check both pic hp
  3. vegeta

    Ranger vs shaman

    Self proclaimed god ranger destroyed
  4. Name = The lost Ghost The "Ghost" is a unique and rare costume . Made of antique fabrics in black colour .It wanders through the mysterious islands of arinar ,the one who finds him ; be careful she may seem friendly ,but make no mistake she has unimaginable powers ; never look in her eyes it makes her furious . Character name :- Buuuu Server :- US- sapphire
  5. U said % based buff are collective . Pot is 15% but wen used ; buff n heal is same as it was bfre without pot or with pot . But if u use scroll hp n test it it increases . Log ur rogue I will show u
  6. But I test with pots n scrolls too . Buff hp n heal doesn't increase if pot 15% hp used but it increases wen u use hp scroll
  7. Does power of earth shaman skill not work including arena season buff . Or is it bug . My hp right now with season buff is 5973 and when I use skill power of earth on myself my hp becomes 7017 at 4/4 which says 25% hp increase of total hp . But as far if we see by description my hp shud be 7466 . It shud give 1493 buff but it's giving 1044 buff . Is this bug or arena season hp buff dnt count . Pls check it
  8. We tried do dg after update tp myth but after enter inside we found out barbarians taunt aggro n warcry aggro not work . It dnt attract a single mob . To confirm whether it's bug or not we tested taunt and warcry outside dg on a single mob . But it's same aggro dnt work .
  9. Which PvP pala keeps feather 3/5 or 4/5 . All PvP palas 5/5 . Now the forbiddance of skill use by other players under fetters is back with the new 50 % heal of characters hp with a cd of 23 Sec. So class was gonna be nerfed now being buffed . Great update . 3k 4 k heal while PvP ๐Ÿ‘ in 23 secs cd time + add cd crystal .
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