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  1. @Arthas See the time when it was reported July 16 2021 and today is July 21 2022.
  2. Since the bday update is already out ;can we now get a reply whether something will be done or not bout this issue @Holmes @Nolan @Cardinal
  3. It's just for this 3 skill .Me being close to any or not doesn't matter . I have 100% resist why sHud I get displaced from my spot by enemy while my resist is on which is 100% Also if u think its coz near to some 1 or not I can show u a mc skill which when resist is on can't pull target or displace his position
  4. As the anniversary update is at hand and is gonna come this week I want to bring in view few skills in the eye of developers which make resist stat feel like abit useless and gives the class an upper hand in gvgs or arena and other aspects of the game 1. Switcheroo of warden 2. Tornado of druid 3. Repellant strike of paladin This 3 skills displace me from my spot even if I have 4/4 resist skill and even if I resist the skill I get displaced from the spot I m standing in . This is a great disadvantage in the gvgs or the arena . I will submit video for both the situations YouCut_20220606_160919232.mp4 Here is the video how the resist is on and I get displaced . YouCut_20220606_162535903.mp4 Here is how the skill benefits the class in the arena m standing above with my party to fight while the enemy party is standing below and I use my resist waiting for the enemy to make mistake but instead of resisting the skill I get displaced to where enemy is standing which can make them easily kill me . This makes me feel wasting points on chief resist skill and making 4/4 is a total waste unless the skills are fixed and can't displace me if I resist it . The same will be the case with barbarian resist or mage enablement or bd spirit of resistance . They all will get displaced from the position . Also this is abused in merman too warden can switcheroo and displace a merman crown holder spot too even if the crown holder resist the skill I hope developers look into this matter as soon as possible n try fix the displacement if resist works the char shudnt get displaced or else the resist sKill or stat is totally useless vs those few skills @Nolan @Holmes
  5. @Holmes will there be castle warehouse log in the next update ?
  6. 30 million gp and the guild got 0 auto attack book from dg. I dnt know how to define drop rates but seems like just complete waste of gold n coins on seekers . This thing makes people interest to do dungeons less n less over time. @Holmes
  7. Some gud amount of bugs were fixed or corrected during the spring event . Can we expect the blessing guild skill Templar orb bug to be fixed after spring end. @Holmes
  8. Did u watch that video carefully n check wat buffs were on him n moreover find the description of that skills which were on him in the video.
  9. I think pala already have def buff
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