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  1. Here they lower time and saved 40k gold of people . No sense to buy it anymore haha
  2. The resist time needs to be extended for chieftian. They already have 0 control and besides that they can't can't even use the control relics.resist at 4/4 shud last atleast 12 secs since it has 0 control skills + relics
  3. This 3 important relics chieftian can't use . I hope it's resist duration will be increased as it dnt have control skills + control relics
  4. Pls increase the resist time of chieftian. This class has basically no control compared to other classes 6 second resist at 4/4 is not enough to survive without 0 control. It also can't use many control relics like other class
  5. Nice update preview .Just 1 question will there be any fixes to Guild blessing skill in which under the effect of blessing skills mages n paladin's can damage the enemy vs them ( can damage flag pylon and castle door and thrones )too just by using jump and banner . This bug is frequently used in Irselnort wars n GVGs . I hope there is a fix bfre the snow update n coming few fixes of templer n chieftains . Hope Guild blessing will be fixed soon n fast as dk skill was fixed in a short duration . Ty @Holmes @Peony
  6. Since no stun skill was added for chieftian I tHink the resist shud be 100% chance to work same like blade dancers spirit of resistance else it's too easy to die vs other control classes
  7. . Give pala shield to bd bd rush with 3 resist on .keep on attacking try break 10k hp shield.
  8. Resist and need shield too . Mc side only necro have shield . Elf side evry other class have shield
  9. yes shaman heal dnt make any sense . But druid healing doesn't even make more sense . New druid heal skill much broken . Magic Pala heal 7k crit n sacred shield on 24/7 . Check the below video rogue vs druid where druid dint even use new skill or barrier and still rogue can't kill the druid. N people cry bout shaman
  10. Yea my party loves it . basically in st myth n cc myth party dnt get crit by boss if I drop the totem. Full party safe
  11. Cud make new skill 4/4 for 50 % damage reduction but skill last for 8 secs at 4/4 . In my opinion it's not worth spending that many on skill which will last 8 secs . I invest my point in weakness totem which helps both in pve n pvp 25 % pene reduction; 25% crit lowered n accuracy lowered too . True the amount of heal skills and the new halo skill on top of head
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