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  1. Resist and need shield too . Mc side only necro have shield . Elf side evry other class have shield
  2. yes shaman heal dnt make any sense . But druid healing doesn't even make more sense . New druid heal skill much broken . Magic Pala heal 7k crit n sacred shield on 24/7 . Check the below video rogue vs druid where druid dint even use new skill or barrier and still rogue can't kill the druid. N people cry bout shaman
  3. Yea my party loves it . basically in st myth n cc myth party dnt get crit by boss 😄 if I drop the totem. Full party safe
  4. Cud make new skill 4/4 for 50 % damage reduction but skill last for 8 secs at 4/4 . In my opinion it's not worth spending that many on skill which will last 8 secs . I invest my point in weakness totem which helps both in pve n pvp 25 % pene reduction; 25% crit lowered n accuracy lowered too .
  5. I thought rangers are op in killing shamans as many rangers in US sapphire claim . I dnt know which friend of urs is crying . He hit the shaman 389 coz he was under the effect of weakness totem which lowers 25% pene at 4/4 Try gather info bfre saying more def.
  6. 4 days of waiting for merman event ;And ready with 3 star buffs but when event about to start there was a 2 min server reset { only US server not available } . And when server was back merman event reset n now it has a 4 days cooldown again . Will there be any compensation for it .
  7. All this fixes for skills and yet not news about paladin shield fix 10k hp paladin give 12.5k hp shield at 4/4. If this time no balance when will it be balanced .
  8. Us server raid boss. Pls remove the book and costume drop from boss body so people dnt farm it n just do events n add 10 mins respawn for boss same like last year. So both side have equal chance instead of 1 side which has much population overpowering the low population side. Warspear bday is for every 1 not only 1 side.
  9. Events last year were better . Population now matters at events .the side which has more population wins it. 1 side takes the book drop costume drop from boss + the chest . Evry update more imbalance
  10. 2019_07_10_23_46_00.mp4 Will ancestors hand skill shaman (pull) will be fixed this year. Because even if it's written moves ally from a spot to other and gives defense it's not same always. Below is a video which was taken in last year warspear bday time n till now skill is same. U can see in the video the shield from ancestors hand is on yet the barb gets killed. I hope it willbe fixed this year. 2019_03_28_20_06_47.mp4 2019_03_28_20_06_47.mp4
  11. @Cardinal pls check this if it bug or only palas are allowed to get buff while shield minion or shaman can't unlike the description of skills which says ally .ty
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