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  1. @Cardinal pls check this if it bug or only palas are allowed to get buff while shield minion or shaman can't unlike the description of skills which says ally .ty
  2. I dnt ask to trim the skill but in the arena even if partner is dead pala can just use the skill on minion n kill or survive any other class . Minions last for more than 1 month during each event . Look the following pic what I mean . minion buff = pala buff.
  3. Dear developers I want notify there is a bug with pala shielding a miNion using sacred shield expert n getting shield while shamans can't pull any minion using ancestors hand n get the shield whereas both in expert skills it's described as same thing .it will be gud if u can check it coz it's much unfair if 1 class can get to use while other class can't .ty
  4. Why dnt u upload video of me loosing 10x as u saying . U were even worried to PvP n said battery . Each elf from US sapphire knows dragonskey is u .
  5. I dnt have 5% hp buff . Check my hp 5.6k always Check both pic hp
  6. vegeta

    Ranger vs shaman

    Self proclaimed god ranger destroyed
  7. Name = The lost Ghost The "Ghost" is a unique and rare costume . Made of antique fabrics in black colour .It wanders through the mysterious islands of arinar ,the one who finds him ; be careful she may seem friendly ,but make no mistake she has unimaginable powers ; never look in her eyes it makes her furious . Character name :- Buuuu Server :- US- sapphire
  8. U said % based buff are collective . Pot is 15% but wen used ; buff n heal is same as it was bfre without pot or with pot . But if u use scroll hp n test it it increases . Log ur rogue I will show u
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