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  1. Interesting. Does this mean, no special update on februari because of this?
  2. And here we can see the average player asking himself "why". Why do we need to buy so many and not just 1? Why... Is this the beginning of understanding of how this game works? Or is it just a temporary confusion he has? Who knows. But one thing is for sure GM doesnt give a cookie about it.
  3. Im sorry but "its a minion. yOu cAn bUy iT aT tHe mIraCle sHOp"
  4. I hope GM has something for us in the next update in februari. A man can only hope....
  5. If GM won't do the OBVIOUS updates to Warspear, just like 1v1 pvps, mini games, more things to do on castles, equal fights etc etc. WS will die out, because skylore had imo a bit better gameplay than WS. Skill there is more valued than WS
  6. Agreed. This would make the trade flourish! and Nadir needs a beter purpose. I would love that this happen often at War days I played skylore, and amping there seemed less frustating. interesting indeed.
  7. Yes, resiliance is a awesome thing in this game. But the thing is not many things are in place yet, and the creators are taking a lot of time to fix it.
  8. Hello hello, How about a Red Catalyst/Substance that players could buy from either Arena points or Imperial points. With these substance it makes it possible for crafters to craft Arena equipment. Ofcourse these equipments will be personal. But it gives crafters a chance in to craft also arena Gear/Weps. More options for crafter should be available.
  9. Well yea that is called farming, which is totally normal. Besides lets be honest, Arena now is also broken. people go win/lose letting each turn each other win, can you call that real fight? Im just sugesting an option where people who are not 10+ have a chance in those gear.
  10. hmmm when I think about it it feels weird to play WS like that
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