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  1. Just trying to be critical, there is nothing nonesense about it. You are stating that many players find themself in the exact same conflict (many same posts are created) means there is really something that has to be fixed. And from experience, this is going for really a looong time. Being a bit satirical on to situation should not be something that you guys should feel offended about it. Go look for EU wars for example, the last 10 wars were all won by Elfs. Doesn't this ring a bell? Players are frustated by this, and calling it nonesens shows that you just don't care listening to the players.
  2. Damn I thought I was, anyway thank you akasha 😁
  3. Thank you for pointing this out, it seems GM doesnt do anything about this. Higgings u can defend all you want, when are you going to write the dev team a letter conserning this? 😣😣😣😣😣
  4. No GM? I think GM isnt fan of crafting... then why add it to the game in the first place...
  5. You got my point. This is what Im talking about, Idk that the map is underwater or not, you litterally have to pay to play this map xd They should add new skills. BUT they should definitely add buttons in the game!!
  6. thats the thing, but GM isnt listening πŸ˜„ But you are right, they need to do something about that CC and such. My proposal would be something like a exhange place where people can trade their CURRENCIES. That would be awesome πŸ˜„
  7. They should make something like to buy miracle coins, gold and imperials with CC That would be awesome!
  8. Good day to y'all, I like crafting but i hate it that it is so bad organized. Here are some tips to make crafter funner and user friendlier: - When crafting resources let people choose the item they want to craft and How many times they want to craft it. This way the player doesnt have to scroll everytime down to craft the same thing (for example) 5 times. So something like this: When you click on the item u want to craft a button appears that says: "How many times u want to craft this X" - And u choose how many u want to craft of X item. - Next, the whole menu is scrolling and scrolling, u really have to look very closely to find the level of what item u want to craft. Cant this be easily solve by making a list like for example: " ...... Level 11 Craft item 1 --- Craft item 2 --- Craft item 3 --- etc. ....... Level 12 Craft item 1 --- Craft item 2 etc. ...... " What do you guys think of this proposal? Let me know. And Gm please do something to make crafting more fun. Thanks.
  9. Seriously u guys should let people vote, NO ONE LIKE THE WATER MAP!!!!! You guys should focus on making Mini games, Wars more fun, PVP more intense like dropping gold, Exhanges of currencies. AND MANY MORE! Come on GM Listen to the people, just like you say!
  10. There is clearly a Harbor WITH SHIPS at Nadir! WHY CANT WE GO FROM THERE TO AVONDYL GM PLZ open the doors of Nadir Harbor! 😬😬😬😬😬
  11. Can we travel from Nadir Harbor to this new part of the island (pleaaaseee)
  12. XreaperX

    Arena 5v5

    Nobody replied not even the GM, but its awesome that they put it in the game tho. Idk if it was thanks to you but ty anyway
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