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  1. XreaperX


    Exactly, that is why im against this idea. However, Im in favor for the idea to trade currencies. You knows gold for Miracle coins or Gold for CC's etc.
  2. Counter? Are you kidding me? Shaman vs Druid, druid wins easy. Rogue vs Ranger, Ranger wins easy. etc. on equal grounds the skills the Elfs got is just overpowerd. Specially the warden once! I totally agree with you ?? Some people are lazy and some not. Some people even play both sides. The thing is elfs are in majority! There is an unbalance. Its like China vs. Luxemburg kinda thing.
  3. Please Game Moderators, look at the sugestions the players make. There is an ingame unbalance betwen MC and Elf side. Elfs are winning a lot of wars in all servers!! Doesnt this say something to you?
  4. Gamecrashed. It is easy to defend Arinar if no one can play and attack Arinar
  5. Drinks from me Title says for it, MC side burst your frustrations out. From un-winable wars to a 1 stair where MC cant move during wars to a tank called W*rden who literally gets HP of just blocking... Just What the heck lol
  6. Im reading this... What a BC compared to warden who literally gets instant health of just BLOCKING!!! GM come on man..
  7. XreaperX

    1v1 Duel

    Yeah oke I get your point of view. But, we should keep in mind no STAIRS. Elfs love to wait MC to come to them. No. The dual place should be fair as in there is fought in the center. Not waiting in the corner..
  8. Question: do we also need to make side picture and back picture of it?
  9. Deep Diver The Underwater Town in Avondyl brought me inspiration for the latest costume for Warspear. The skin of the costume is made from the deadly needletooth fish. The skin of the needletooth fish is crafted together to make the "Deep Diver" Costume. The needles of the needletooth fish are used again to keep other fishes away from him. The costume helmet is made of the pearls that can be found near the mermens of the Depth teretory. Giving the diver clear underwater vision to survive longer in the underwater world. Every pirate from the thunderbird port knows this costume, and they all are all aware that it is the best costume to survive these dark and wet places of the underwater world of Avondyl. By Dun from EU-Emerald
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