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  1. XreaperX

    Buying lvl 2 Guild - EU

    yes deh i will pay with gold. Wish the GM made trading guilds a lot easier, u know, alot of scammers and stuff in game.
  2. XreaperX

    Buying lvl 2 Guild - EU

    NOTE: IDK if this is legal or not xd Hey, If you are in the EU server with a lvl 2 guild but you are a bad leader or not that active im willing to buy your guild.
  3. Well there is alot to it, but lets start with the easiest example, the signs amping system. Even if you pay money to this game there is no guarantee you will get 10+, you just put more and more money to the game. But well I just gave a honest opinion.
  4. Yeahhh true that bro, if they only gave ear and did something about the sugesstion the GM gets in this forum, this game would be way more epic. But it seems they only want to earn money to the MAX. They dont care to make a fan-base of this game. The truth is in long term creating a fan-base is more profitable than milking the rich gamers in the short term.
  5. yea solve the whole button problem, toooo many skills and only 9 hotkeys... Maybe an Idea to ''save'' different settings of hotkeys. Like one for PVP one for PVE and just swiitching it with one click to make it simpler.
  6. XreaperX

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    Bro stealth isnt just a rogue thing anymore, it still awesome skill because u get also dmg bonus, but as you said it isnt same as it was before. Now there are even pots to detect the rogues in stealth when coming close. But in my opinion it isnt that bad, we can jump and make the first strike if you are fast enough. If you wait then ofcourse you will die in no time. But lets say a druid spotted u, he will stun u in 1 second. and then its all done for rogue. This skill will give the rogue 1 last chance to free him self and atleast hit the target once. Because its long cooldown, the enemy should finish him of fast. This would make the fight more interesting. So saying stealth is the only way to bring back the rogue class, is far fetched bro. Elfs need a stealth class too, and not to see your enemy is also not fun for others, it has to be fair 😛
  7. as an MC I agree, and I'm not talking about skill differences but about choosing sides... in Eu-Emerald, for example, we have lost a lot of wars against elf, not because elves are GM's favourite, no simply because MC are outnumbered by Elves.
  8. XreaperX

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    Didnt knew it was forbidden 😱
  9. XreaperX

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    why edit my text xD??
  10. XreaperX

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    I see. Anyway, anything just to get rid of that BD stun.
  11. XreaperX

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    Do you know those potions that can be made in Castle? U can use the potion to remove negative effect even if you are stunned, this new skill will be used the same way 😉
  12. XreaperX

    New Rogue Skill Suggestion

    Hey, As a Rogue player myself I cant stop getting irritated by the stuns we get. There is no question, every other game character have skills to find where the rogue is in stealth mode. And when we get stunned, its pretty much game over. To counter this, i would suggest a skill similar to the priest skill: ''Redemption''. However different is, that the rogue can only use it for himself (because we aint support class). The Rogue can use this skill when he is trapped/stunned to become free. The name could be: "Exemption:" meaning: freedom from responsibility 😂 The cooldown would be long of course. Like 40 second or something? There is also a castle postion who has the same effect, i forgot the name of it. The same thing with this new skill redemption.
  13. XreaperX

    [Dun] - [Eu - Emerald]

  14. Can we still post a card here today?