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  1. Respect is earned not granted for free, i can't respect someone that defends disgusting abusing money leeching mechanics like the ones implemented in this update, no one in the right mind can respect a person defending that, no one, only people that are IN or have something to lose or are part of the scheme defend this. Moderators like you are always fanboys that defend the status quo of games etc and will always support the fanboys and ban and prohibit criticism. It is really stupid how you take the word fanboy as an insult you even know that being called a fanboy is BAD, you know deep inside you that fanboyism is bad but instead of acknowledging it you prefer to silence people that points out the fanboyism because fanboys know their behavior is wrong but are to weak to change their sick behavior, they lost all moral values and decency and funnyly enough are the ones calling for "respect" when the fact is they are the ones defending sick,disrespetful game mechanics.
  2. You are not fooling anyone and if you bought stuff with gold it is because you already are rich obviously because you are a p2w player it doesn't matter when was the last time you bought miracle coins because the fact is you did buy and because of that you have now tons of gold and even thenyou have no way to prove that the lasttime you bought miracle coins was in 2016 and I already told you how much time you have to wait if you don't buy oygen. Doesn't matter if you bought the Oxygen with gold (gold that you generated by p2w means) the fact is that Oxygen is bought via miracle coins, someone had to buy the Oxygen from the miracle coin shop in order for you to get it with gold in the first place, the fact is, Oxygen tanks need to be bought with miracle coins FIRST and then with gold and the only reliable way to make gold in this game is to buy Miracle coins.
  3. You finished in 8h because you are a p2w fanboy, to be able to play 8h as a f2p player you have to wait 48 hours and not even 48 hours disconnected NO, you have to wait 48 ducking hours INGAME doing NOTHING. Your cinism and blindfold is DISGUSTING.
  4. GUIDE: Don't even install the game, p2w fest, everything in this game is designed to get your money one way of the other, if you play you will feel the need yo do it sooner or later, it is impossible to get anything done if you don't pay, don't bother, invest your time and money elsewhere. You have been warned.
  5. Yeah why?, WHY she asks... The cinism or the blindfold is big on this one.
  6. Feels? Please, it doesn't "feel" IT IS 100% P2W content, they designed it that way ON PURPOSE and by keeping playing the game you are telling them that it is ok to release that type of conent, STOP PLAYING THE DAMN GAME, when they realize they have lost players to greed and bad desicions they will reconsider their sucummy game mechanics, until then i will not log in into the game, I don't support this type of content.
  7. P2W Update nice way to put another nail in the coffin of this game.
  8. I bought a potion to a person that was selling it in 80k and i thought it was 8k and suddenly i lost 80k this is UNACCEPTABLE, i demand a solution or i will no longer play this game and i am a regular MC spender, you will lose a customer. I WILL NO LONGER PLAY THIS GAME UNTIL I GET MY MONEY BACK. This is YOUR responsability, you didn't make the numbers clear enough so you are facilitating people doing this SCAMS, i have seen it multiple times people put prices like: 11111 to make people believe is 1k but is in reality 11k this is stupid, is a DESIGN FLAW. This happened on EU server on elf side.
  9. Six shadows is still needed. Also im playing on EU but finding a party to do those places that locks the story is a nightmare due to the low population or because the low amount of people that needs to actually do it or because highlever players don't want to help, either way finding a party to do them can take HOURS or not happening at all, a group of 5 people...
  10. You need to remove this dungeon quest requierements that block you from advancing the game, I would understand having them with a MASSIVE population but this game population is really low, finding a party is ridiculously hard, guildmates can't always help, and a lot of people will quit the game the moment they find themselves blocked from continuing their quests because they need to go 3 times to a dungeon in order to continue unlocking new zones. This needs to go, with the current game population makes 0 sense, it will make new players leave.
  11. Shield of the Arcane Valley: I have been trying to get one but some people sell it WAY overpriced. I have a lvl 26 shield like this already but I would rather not wait to lvl 26 to get an upgrade...
  12. I have: -Heaume of TEMPLARS of the dominan coalition -Plate mail of DEFENDERS of the dominant coalition I'll buy the armor for the TEMPLARS set or the helmet for the DEFENDERS set. Message me ingame: Fosforo EU-Emerald (elf).
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