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  1. Non-class skill books are expert skill books which any class can use. Although, unlike ordinary expert skill books, these skill books can not be upgraded. Most of them grant only small improvements but few of them are actually quite powerful. At the moment, there are 33 non-class skill books, 31 of which are passive and two that are active. Only requirements to use these books are character level 18 and empty expert skill slot. These books can be obtained by killing raid bosses, participating in guild events and completing dungeons during seasonal special events. Some books can also be obtaine
  2. The fragrance of incense wafted in stuffy air of thin tunnels and corridors. I wandered towards it fumbling walls of seemingly endless halls. The smell was fairly familiar, sweet and iron. It was the smell of my own blood after all. We prepare our incenses from flour made of dried blood. They help us to navigate in these complex tunnel systems. Everyone of us have our own unique incenses, all of them with an unique fragrance. The smell led me through winding pits and low rivers. Finally, my abortive eyes sensed a gleam of dim light. I entered my chamber full of the smell of incense. I handled
  3. Katrina, that lady in grief, thrown into a dungeon, imprisoned in sorrow, abadoned in misery, waiting for her baron still with a strong belief. Maybe I can bring you some joy. Reminisce the gleam of candles, the fragrance of marigolds, the sound of guitars and all those colourful mantles. But all these blisses, unobtainable for you, would just be your fall and lead you to the darkness. Cry and you shall cope, mourn and you shall survive and for the sake of me, never touch the r
  4. It was dark and stormy night. I was sitting in the tavern ”Jolly Skull” preparing new arrows for my bow. ”248, 249 and 250! This should be enough for some time.” The innkeeper Arrax came to my table and said: ”Here is your travelling porridge, sir.” ”What? I haven’t ordered anything!” I told. ”Not you but the gentleman standing near the door”, he answered. Indeed, there was some suspicious man wearing a purple robe showing me to come outside. I put the porridge into my bag and went outside to see what that weird chap wanted from me. The man took off his hood. ”Barker! Is that you?” I said with
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