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  1. Higgings

    Change Golds

    Nop this is not forbidden legally speaking, but the higher risk on this procedure is represented by scamming attempts. So be careful when you try something like this.
  2. Have you tried to open some skull chests? (Mobs of your same or higher lv drop them)
  3. There isn't. For now, you'll have to deal with the lv28 one.
  4. I'll do it if he draws a Snorlar
  5. Not like you need a prediction anyway xdd At least on EU
  6. Higgings

    Account o/

    Hey there! Well, this manoeuvre is possible only if your email is not bound to the account. If it is not, then you can remove the old email for a new one. Mind few things anyway: 1. If the account is bound to the email then nobody can change it, not even the support team (it worths a Pm to their address as a confirm, but I believe to be sure of what I said due to personal experience) 2. Replacing the Numerical ID of an account for an Email Address usually binds the Email Address to the account (which becomes your new login); henceforth, if you changed the Numerical ID to an Email Address you won't be able to change it a second time. 3. The case I mentioned above is not frequent: in fact, it is more possible that an old account (very old) who had an Email Address as login before the binding system came can see this case than a new account (created recently). I hope to have answered you and I bid you a nice day!
  7. Well... waw... Ehm... a request: are you also able to draw a Snorlar Suit in a pretty cool way like this picture?
  8. Am honestly confused about if you're using two accounts and chat on your same topic or you're two people. In any case, denounces like these are dealt by the support team, and not here. If you have proves of what you say, I hereby advise you to send them a letter and to wait for a reply. Mind please that it might take up to 5 days for a reply. [email protected] I bid you a nice day!
  9. My boy, don't forget you're not the only guy pming them for his problems: like you, there are several other players who also contact them for any reason. An answer might take up to 5 working days.
  10. Not the right place for this kind of things. Although as you stated you may hate it, the best option still remains the Support Team ([email protected]). Send them an email and wait for a reply; they'll definitely help you out with this (or at least you'll know more infos). Have a nice day!
  11. Hey there! Unfortunately there's no way to transfer a character from an account to another; if you lost datas of that account I advise you to contact the support team and to explain them the problem you're facing The situation changes if your account was blocked due to disciplinary measures, but even in that case you may try to contact them and tell if there's something you could do or to simply explain the reason of the ban. But in any case, the request made is currently impossible (technically speaking). I bid you a nice day!
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