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  1. Hii @Higgings Well you can't use 2 characters of the same account at the same time and we already got a shared personal warehouse for each account right? Simply we get allowed to deposit our personal stuff in that storage and withdraw from other characters of the account. I believe even coding wise it shouldn't be that difficult, also why would you buy the same armor or weapon over and over again for each character that you own, while u got it already inside your account but in other character's storage and don't forget the enchantments and amplifications for each gear over and over again the real never ending suffering. This way would make it easier for the players to try different characters from the same side like this feature would probably be implemented between the characters of the Elf side of your account and same goes for the MC side characters of the account.
  2. I suggest adding the possibility to use private equipments freely inside the account shared between characters of the account with all the enchantments and amplifications, this way we dont have to buy the same gears over and over again for each character inside our accounts.
  3. Sad.. I love MC Classes more than Elves but this game sides with Elf Side more... I dont think of coming back to play anytime soon
  4. Nice, I'm glad physical chief got some attention, that would make me think of playing the game again after quitting for a while.
  5. Sad.. Another Masked Costume, we need more costumes like Fatum
  6. Let's hope it will be better than this year's Horror event, I'm wishing for something new and different than last year's Snow event, like something less repetitive?
  7. Bruh, Physical chief can't use Most of his Magical AOE skills, only eagle skill which deal Bleeding as physical damage, also Seeker got AOE Auto Atk skill which could be even better in many situations and they are even nerfing Eagle in Snow update soon, Almost All other Damage dealing classes got 2x Stat buffs skills even BD got Atk speed + Cooldown while it's supposed to be tank at first place, Bestial Wrath for Chieftain is like a nerfed version of that skill cuz u need to wear different weapon type to get different stat buff.
  8. Horror event this year had much potential but idk why we didn't get most of it, like we wanted to see new Armors with stun bonuses or accessories with Stun other than Rings, why we didn't get new Amulet and Cape with stun bonuses and no Crafted Stun Accessories Tasks even for the new stun rings ?
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