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  1. I don’t mean to be rude obviously you are trying your best to fix these issues but this has been a recurring issue. Every update iOS is later than other platforms to see new content and so it restricts gameplay I just suggest a layover period where iOS can catchup before you update the whole game. As for the pot I was asleep for most of one and obviously I noticed I did not have an oxygen bar but this is a new death mechanic how was I to know that oxygen was the thing killing me when I have no oxygen bar and I’m surrounded by new mobs with various possible debuffs and bleeds that also could have also killed me? ☺️.
  2. I have the same problem on all IOS devices we cannot see oxygen or level or descriptions of any of the new items. This makes it incredibly hard to quest since you just die randomly and don’t know when to use an oxygen tank. Why do you release an update when it isn’t fully working on all platforms. Unfair. Now I’ve wasted xp pots, life scrolls and repair getting to this point.
  3. Can I ask how mages will be able to use fireball and other fire based skills under the water? and classes with similar skills also
  4. Another arena video - this time some friendly 2v2 pvps against wild shaman and lordmohmed. Pretty even fights! Enjoy and remember to subscribe to my channel for more videos :)
  5. My skills were set up for pve for the event dungeon so hex was 1/4 i just didn't bother to use it haha (totally forgot about it actually that might've been useful xD)
  6. No you're right i would never miss if i could choose where to place it but sometimes the game bugs out (I call it bug position) where the enemy isn't where you think they are. Things like bds rush seems to bug it - like in the video the bd was stunned 2-3 yards away from the circle after he rushed
  7. Yeah I'm definitely careful around +10 rangers they can burst you down pretty fast if you miss circle
  8. The definition of kiting is literally "Kiting refers to keeping an enemy chasing you while also keeping it at a range where it cannot attack you" which i do believe is what is happening here - any range class can kite its the hitting at a distance that counts the stunning is just a bonus. You sound salty, as if a warlock has maybe mistreated you in the past?
  9. Vava don't be like that if you watch the video I say that it wasn't made out of disrespect toward you its just a bit of fun. Also wasn't running i was still hitting you so its known as kiting i believe as you should know since one of your characters (a warlock) is called 'artofkite' lol
  10. What do you mean until you experience the same?
  11. Hey everyone, me again. Heres a new video of me kiting two +10 magnacarta bds around with 10000 buffs on them compared to my 0 buffs all in the name of fun.
  12. Back again! Heres a video of us ganking elves outside the dungeon hehe Like, subscribe and let me know what videos you want to see in future!
  13. Level 28 dungeon finished in 3 minutes! It’s easy folks :P https://youtu.be/32AG_i1BQhk
  14. Hey everyone! This is a video of my friends and I completing the halloween level 28 dg in 3 minutes - hope you enjoy! Subscribe to my channel for more :)
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